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Tickle Torment

They're bound and determined to have a good time, and in doing so, that means their ribs, feet, and more will be the center of arousing attention.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Softcore
Complete review published on 05.23.2014
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

Itís laughter with your lust, and the giggling sounds will go right to your gonads! Tickle Torment is a fetish that will make you happy with horniness, along with sharing in the enjoyment all of their pledges of the membership area. For a bit more on price youíll have access to the network, but, they say all material is exclusive, there is no DRM to muss with, high quality and easy navigation.

[v]Content Amount(3)Last updated on July 26, 2015.

Over 74 videos about 8 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (1570kb/s, 640x480)
WMV (770kb/s, 320x240)
WMV (360kb/s, 320x240)
+ Video captures
Over 27 stories
Bonus Sites, Games

[v]PricesLast updated on July 26, 2015.

$24.95 / one month (recurring)
$34.95 / one month multi site (recurring)
$99.95 / one year multi site (non-recurring)
Billings: CCBill, Epoch
Payment options: Credit Cards, Online Check


The first thing I noticed when opening the main membership area to this site was, it is, as promised, easily navigated, but the simplicity shows as almost a lack of creativity here and there to give some real pizzazz to their porn. Itís good, itís simple, and they do offer nice write up/descriptions per set, which will stimulate the mind before you even begin the clicking process, but, I just wish with them carrying the type of fetish they offer, that there had been a bit more thought go into how to really make it pop for those signing in. As I found through tour, they presented a long list of promises, however, in going through the material, Iím finding not all of them are panning out as nicely as Iíd hoped.

In many ways this site would fall under the heading of softcore, since weíre not seeing penetration per se and all of those naughty cum building acts of arousal that says a facial shot might be in the future, but, luckily, they do know how to make these girls crazy in a number of ways that always has it fitting nicely into a fetish category. There is bondage, which of course guarantees these gals canít crawl away from their captors, theyíre bound by wrists, ankles and more to have them spread into the position that will give them the best access to those giggle wrinkle areas of pleasurable porn.

From there, they get the ribs, the tummy, under arms, inside of the thighs, bottom of the feet, wherever they have the slightest notion that motion will bring an uncontrollable laughter to them when stimulated in the right fashion, and these girls do enjoy the torment they receive. Besides being tortured in such a fun filled manner, they also will receive vibrators to their clits, making sure just about every type of sensual sensation is going to roam through their naked bodies, which gives a great display of the fetish youíve come here hoping to find.
Once your funny bone-rs have been awakened to this act, it will be up to you to choose the sets that will have you stroking quickly. There will be female and male inflictors alike, making sure orgasms are on the agenda. Iíve never really considered laughing my way into wetness, but this site does display how easily that can be done. The footage in film will run long enough to give you a good look at how much punishment they put these pretty girls through, and, as Iíve mentioned before, they do include descriptions of what each site holds, most of which are long in length and nicely done. They laugh, they moan, they cry, they cum, itís every fantasy wrapped up in one for a kinky way to spend a Saturday night!

I have to admit, this site was enjoyable to explore, and as I said previously, navigation is not an issue in finding your way around what they have to offer. However, that brings us to through the good, the not so good, and the disappointing features of this fetish installment. Tickle Torment is on the right track with what they offer and how they offer it, but, like so many other sites, the ball will be dropped somewhere along the way and then it makes my job, as a reviewer, much more difficult. Iím fond of their footage, but there are items that will bring down the overall star count. They keep their formats limited, which isnít such a bad thing when you think about it, sometimes there are membersí that appreciate the ease of not having to make a lot of choices, which they wonít have that problem here.

From the one format, you can stream or download. Hence, this brings us to our first flaw within the promises of their tour pages/sign up area. It states there is no nagging DRM to contend with. But, when clicking on the clip for download, what pops up but the box for username and password to be enteredÖyes, DRM. Also, they claim to keep updates regular and in a timely fashion, which in places, they strive to do that, but, not enough to make it what it should be. For instance, this site began adding content in 2008, this is now, the latter part of June, 2011, and they are nowhere in the ballpark of where they should be for content count, itís more than disappointing. Also, at the time of this review being done, itís now been 5 weeks since anything new has been added, so, that shows how quickly things can change.

The quality of video clips is fair, nothing close to being HD, but average. The lighting is a bit dark in places, and sometimes I wish they had opted for a different angle to the filming, but, itís still enjoyable and does get the tormenting point across nicely. The images are pretty much more of the same, which does include many sets holding a darkness that will make you strain a bit to see the delightful details. Iím actually torn between these being considered screen caps and high resolution, they show movement, but, given the fetish they offer, thatís not unusual, so, they could go either way. I do know the JPEGís are coming in with pixel sizes of, 654x480, very modest, and with no sign of ZIP download choices. There are stories and games included.


Tickle Torment definitely has the right idea, fetish sites are hot, and this is one thatís much more popular than you might think. They girls are cute, their giggles are real, the digging into their rib cages and armpits are demonstrative of this desire, and of course, adding a vibrator to their clit certainly doesnít hurt the cause of wanting to create an orgasm. Tour promises didnít hold up all the way through, flaws were found in the system, and the content quality was at the average mark, maybe a smidge below in some aspects.
Inspector: Missy
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