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Unscatched Corpse

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Sometimes you'll find even in the world of sex that the most strange titles will bring you some of the best content, strange…..but good.
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This is one of the more different sites that I’ve ventured into. There are write ups about what Unscatched Corpse is all about the one that fit the nicest says, “This is a blog of links to weird, sexy, funny, crazy and interesting sites. No editorial commentary whatsoever, just links and nothing but links.” They go on to say that practically ever link takes you to the truly weird and sexy.
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Date: 11.29.2015
Sequence GENIE SHARK ATTACK by Los Angeles based photographer and film maker Disciples Of Desire. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo, has created Break the Silence, a new gallery of celebrities who appear brutally beaten, to raise awareness of the violence suffered by many women. The faces of Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson, Madonna and Angelina Jolie are the protagonists of this campaign to celebrate the International Day against Gender Violence. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Jason Lee Parry Polaroids - quote [Self-taught photographer Jason Lee Parry first picked up a camera at age fifteen. Caught in a whirlwind of travels and endless moves as a child, he needed an artistic outlet to express himself ?? and to unload the extreme visual stimulus that accompanies living in over fifteen states. Jason is known for his mastery of storytelling and his ability to capture raw, natural beauty. Mostly shooting film on location with all natural light, he approaches each shoot like he was making a movie, pushing the model into character. His images evoke undiluted sexiness mixed with a feeling of youthful freedom]. [Previously: Jason Lee Parry Photography] read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
YAF Magazine (You Are Fire) is a world of photography, eroticism and style through print, digital and live events. Founded and curated by Spain based photographer and editor Kike Garc?a.The project stems from the idea of gathering together the photography and the nude. It??s about the relationship between the photographers and the models.[Thumbnail model: Stelladiplastica by Davide Ambroggio] read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Miho is a Japanese housewife who loves cats and an artist crafting and selling her very special handmade Cat bags. You can buy them online @ Ameba. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Andre Josselin is a freelance photographer based in Cologne, Germany. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
quote [Undisputed protagonists of Handiedan???s sculptural hand-cut collages, her vintage pin-ups immediately recall the burlesque genre. However if we look into them further many sources of inspiration are revealed: the Neo-Classical and Victorian ages, the Parisian Belle ?poque, up to the 1940??s and Post-War sexy imagery. But none of Handiedan???s ???models?? really existed. In fact each of them is composed through by assembling anatomical parts of different pre-existing images]. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Welcome to Molly??s Daily Kiss! Molly Moore is a Blogger, Photographer, Published author, Public speaker and Podcaster.quote [Here on my blog you will find a variety of different things. I am a self-portrait artist and much of my work is displayed here. I also write openly and frankly about our relationship and the kinks that we enjoy as well as about other sex related issues and topics. I review sextoys and I write erotic fiction. I am very proud of the work that I do. I am aware it is not to everyone??s taste but the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same. Please always remember that our relationship is based on consent, nothing shown here is done to me against my will. I am a happy and active participant not a victim]. read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
Tara Sinn is a NYC-based GIF artist, web designer and illustrator living in a black hole... read more »
Date: 11.29.2015
E. E. Spurrier Photography (...fetish stuff) and Ezra Spurrier Photography (...photography), two nice Tumblr blogs by Ezra Spurrier, a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Pasadena (California).(Previously: Ezra Spurrier Photography) read more »
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