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Unscatched Corpse

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Sometimes you'll find even in the world of sex that the most strange titles will bring you some of the best content, strange…..but good.
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This is one of the more different sites that I’ve ventured into. There are write ups about what Unscatched Corpse is all about the one that fit the nicest says, “This is a blog of links to weird, sexy, funny, crazy and interesting sites. No editorial commentary whatsoever, just links and nothing but links.” They go on to say that practically ever link takes you to the truly weird and sexy.
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Date: 06.27.2016
quote [Created by miniaturist artist Dan Ohlmann, the Mus?e Cin?ma et Miniature presents two rare and exclusive collections: first, over 100 miniature scenes exquisitely crafted by world-renowned miniaturists and reproducing daily life settings with hyperrealism;second, a film exhibition, one-of-its-kind in Europe, that focuses on special effects techniques. Featuring over 300 original film props and artefacts, this educational display uncovers the magic behind the greatest film studios]. read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Rimel Neffati, born in 1984, Rouen (France).quote [I started by making self-portraits because it was an easy way: full control on time, ideas, (no) limits, model, and then because I never had the idea of ????being a "proper" photographer even though I work with a camera. I just wanted to create images as one might do in painting or drawing]. read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
"A Toupee and a Gun" is a drama written and directed by award winning Filmmaker Guillaume Campanacci.Here is the campaign, contribute now!Cast: Guillaume Campanacci Vedrana Egon E. Sean Griffinquote [A waiter working at a political party headquarters, the night of the election, equally loathes the candidate, and his job. He accidentally discovers a gun moments after the candidate's victory is announced. He is left with an agonizing Shakespearean choice]. read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Elliot Brown is a figurative painter, illustrator, sculptor, based in Los Angeles, California. read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Photographer Nick Knight recreate Kate Moss using 3-D imagery. British photographer Nick Knight is using 3D printing to change traditional perceptions of photography. He calls this technique Photographic Sculpture. More at CNN.[Previously on ...Kate Moss at Unscathed Corpse] read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Fifty Shades of Pain by Alva BernadineFour Hundred and One Blows, by Alva Bernadine  Spanking as Art ?? Slow motion flagellationApparently we are now living in the age of Fifty Shades of Grey, where previously vanilla women, are now demanding to be tied to the bed and whipped. The plot, is about an unprepossessing woman who is ravished by an impossibly handsome billionaire who falls in love with her. All she has to do is to endure a regular thrashing by a man who is a love god in the bedroom.Never one to go for the obvious, I began to wonder what happens at the moment of impact. These pictures, a taxonomy of blows, were taken with a sound activated switch and captures that precise instant.Harold Edgerton was the inventor of high speed flash, which he used to capture things that were too fast for human vision, such as his famous bullet passing through an apple or a crown of milk caused my a single droplet. I had become fascinated by his work and acquired a sound activated switch and began experimenting, taking portraits of a friend with bursting balloons and exploding fruit and bottles, shot with an air rifle.While in the midst of this, a friend phoned me and asked what I was up to these days. I told her and she commented on once seeing a video of a woman being flagellated in slow motion. In that instant the project, Four Hundred and One Blows, was born. I had first met her when she bought a print of The Most Scurrilous Washing Line in Christendom, an image of a nude woman standing in a kitchen with the family laundry hung out on washing lines attached to her pierced nipples. She hung it in her own kitchen. My friend had two degrees and three children and had a penchant for being whipped.She came round with her partner and a sports bag full of different thrashing implements. In a darkened room the camera shutter is opened and when there is a noise the flash is activated. My switch had two dials, one to control its sound sensitivity and the other was a delay you tuned to achieve the moment of maximum impact. We went through the bag of canes, riding crops, tawses and cat-o-nine-tails and then I threw in my kitchen spatula and table tennis bat for good measure. When I showed the first photographs, some people, much to my annoyance, thought I was doing it with a sheet of glass or something.I then decided to photograph different shaped arses and would ask women of my acquaintance and those I met at parties to aid me in my scientific endeavour. Surprisingly 50% said yes. It is a wonder I did not get slapped in the face ?? but that would have made an interesting sound activated picture as well. [Previously on... Alva Bernadine] read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
quote [Imagine a primal erotic moment spilled out onto canvas in unmistakable tones, unique to you and your lover; patterns bursting with colour, telling the tale of a sexual journey that you shared together ?? immortalised forever. ALLURE ART kits allow you to be the Dali of your dreams and create a masterpiece of your own making, all while enjoy the pleasure of each other??s bodies ?? a real expression of your love displayed in glorious strokes and colours.Everyone should be able to express themselves and there??s no better way of doing so than by making love. Forget paint brushes and stencils, for couples looking to making lifelong memories while spicing up their sex lives, the allure of erotic art must not be resisted.Once the dance has been done, the paint has dried and the creation has been hung on the wall, what remains will be an intimate moment will last forever]. read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Neil Krug is an American artist based in Los Angeles. Tumblr + Instagram.[Previously: Pulp: Joni Harbeck & Neil Krug] read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
7 years of Geekography, (backstage). Photographer: Exey Panteleev. Style: Lana Panteleeva.17 Models: Darina, Natalie, Olya, Denis, Natasha, Sveta, Kristin, Kristina, Margo, Lera, Nadya, Dasha, Polina, Stasya, V., Olga, Yulya.1654 shots 2013-2015 years, 39 published and 13 unpublished ideas. [Previously: Geeklendar 2014-2015 backstage] read more »
Date: 06.27.2016
Humorous interventions by Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson. read more »
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