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Unscatched Corpse

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Sometimes you'll find even in the world of sex that the most strange titles will bring you some of the best content, strange…..but good.
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This is one of the more different sites that I’ve ventured into. There are write ups about what Unscatched Corpse is all about the one that fit the nicest says, “This is a blog of links to weird, sexy, funny, crazy and interesting sites. No editorial commentary whatsoever, just links and nothing but links.” They go on to say that practically ever link takes you to the truly weird and sexy.
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[v]Latest Unscatched Corpse news
Date: 02.12.2016
7 years of Geekography, (backstage). Photographer: Exey Panteleev. Style: Lana Panteleeva.17 Models: Darina, Natalie, Olya, Denis, Natasha, Sveta, Kristin, Kristina, Margo, Lera, Nadya, Dasha, Polina, Stasya, V., Olga, Yulya.1654 shots 2013-2015 years, 39 published and 13 unpublished ideas. [Previously: Geeklendar 2014-2015 backstage] read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
Humorous interventions by Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson. read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
Nawa Kitsune and her vision of ropes as a model and as a photographer...(via Violet Blue)[Previously on... shibari at Unscathed Corpse] read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
quote [Julia Fox, artist and head designer of Franziska Fox, recently released a graphic, autobiographical art book titled Heartburn/Nausea. The book acts as a character sketch, exposing flashes of intimate details that add up to mold a vision of a troubled girl. There is no hesitation between honesty and story telling, as this book is a collection of literal documents from the artist??s life. The book is extremely raw and almost devastatingly personal. She invites us into her own past, for just a moment, allowing us to truly have an experience through her memories]. ???I just wanted to take something bad and make it good. For myself, but also for anyone else that has been in a fucked up situation?? Julia Fox(via Beautiful/Decay) read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
quote [That artist is Paul Oberle, whose sexy nude Leia is unnamed in the original photo. His entire Star Wars themed set is here. He previously featured it with even more photos on his blog, DC Discombobulated, in a post titled Star Wars: Macros and Models].(via Violet Blue) read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
Four Chambers by Vex Ashley is a fledgling pornography project, making short films with sex and cinema. Part art project, part erotica cinemascope. The aim is to make interesting, aesthetic content that subverts an established archetype of what videos featuring sexuality should be.Patreon Four Chambers - Four Chambers @ Tumblr. quote [ From a background in art photography and alt-porn, Four Chambers works to make aesthetic, creative shorts about sex through the mechanics of cinema. All existing in the age of screens and their intrinsic relationship with modern sexuality. Independent, DIY, Erotica Cinema. Based on the idea of an artist's co-operative. We aim to make our content as accessible as possible. We work with friends and people we find interesting. If you want to get involved let us know].[Previously: Crucible by Four Chambers - Crucible by Four Chambers - Exchange: Kim & Vex] read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
Since the official website seems to be down, here's the new blogspot portfolio by LA-based artist Soey Milk. read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
quote [Jake Fried (1984) began his artistic career as a painter, but as he went through the process of layering and modifying images, he realized what truly interested him was the way the images metamorphosed in the course of making a painting and he changed tracks to become an animator. In recent years his films have been widely shown internationally, including at the Tate Modern, Sundance Film Festival and on Adult Swim. Fried works with ink and white-out, sometimes adding gouache, collage and even coffee to generate hallucinatory vistas, modifying and shooting the images over and over to create mind-bending animations that evolve at a frenzied pace. He currently teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Art Prints available at society6.com/jakefried]. More video work. read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
quote [Chas Ray Krider's photographs are part of a tradition of erotic art that employs exaggeration, mystery and the guilty pleasures of voyeurism. His photographs are about the forms employed in narrative based erotic art. Chas Ray's work is widely exhibited and published, including two solo book, Motel Fetish by TASCHEN (2002) and Do Not Disturb by La Musardine of Paris (2007)].Portfolio at Tumblr.[Thumbnail model: Sophie King] read more »
Date: 02.12.2016
Steven Klein shot Stoya for Richardson Marazine (Issue A5).[Previously on... Steven Klein @ Unscathed Corpse] read more »
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