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Vintage Erotica

It's a good time to be turned on, and what better generation of juiciness than those before us, where the real stuff is stimulating and sexy!
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Complete review published on 11.12.2015
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Arousal is ageless! This site is going to show you how things use to be, and probably make you wish they still were! Itís the Vintage Erotica to the rescue, for those that feel theyíve been drowning in dirtiness that all looks the same, now is the time to bring back to the past, from the early 1900ís and forward for fornication, with high content count and more promised within membership.

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When opening the main membership area to, Vintage Erotica, two things immediately came to mind. The first one being, thank you to those that have preserved the porn for us to be admiring today, in some cases over one hundred years later, and the second thoughtÖ.just go ahead and take a few minutes to erase the thoughts about how your parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents actually had sex! Just the thought of that I know, will send shivers down your spine, but get over it, hardcore enjoyment didnít just begin when you reached puberty, so allow this time capsule for your cock to take you back to when things were natural, real, hot, horny, and stimulating to watch!

Letís face it, porn turns people on, whether you watch it secretly from your mobile device, or you invite friends over for some new stash of swingers on film you picked up at the local sex shop, thereís something about viewing others doing what you want to that willÖ.make you want to. Who knows, maybe 50 years from now there will be a reviewer such as myself, sitting and writing about the retro presentations of the year, 2012Öwhat will they say, will there be a positive report or will they call out things that lack in the lust of presentation. Well, for me, in going back to the good olí days of dirtiness, it only reaffirms why I enjoy old fashioned porn so very much.

With the squiggling lines going through the film, you can almost hear the reels turning as someone put an old white sheet up on the wall to view their taboo material from. Maybe hidden in a lunch bucket and the exchange made during the mid day meal, with the anticipation of being hardly able to wait until they got home to watch it. You can almost smell the musky scent of age as these films play, all of those wonderful attributes that make vintage what it isÖ.wonderful! So many things are a pleasure about this porn, but the personalities and the amateurs themselves truly feed the fire. Many of the women will giggle with shyness or embarrassment as they first begin to experience being felt up by another woman, but when those silk stockings and pointed cupped bras come off, suddenly theyíre totally oblivious to the camera, and thatís where the reality really comes through.
It will bring a smile to your face to view the women in the 1910 era, wearing dresses that nearly come to the floor, careful not to let their ankles show, and then moments later, theyíre naked and fingering another womanís vaginal area, or bending over with their bare butts on display for the pictures to be taken and hopefully played at some stag party in the near future. I bet a lot of masturbation took place to this naughty footage back then, and it will Iím sure have the same effect today. The women in many cases carried the robust body builds, not so much the BBW of some sites we see today, but very curvaceous, and they were proud of every pound, which was wonderful to see.

The vaginal areas were covered in thick muffs of dark pubic hair, some going down the inside of their thighs and up their butts to the point of giving true appreciation for how it once was. There are full breasts, and small ones, with huge nipples, being unveiled from those scratchy lace bras that shaped them like torpedoes, and the panties, those are something to behold, with elastic pulled up over their belly buttons these bloomers were saggy and baggy and part of the allure to the Vintage Erotica. There is softcore in the fact they have a lot of posing and masturbation, along with lesbian content, which does include more than one woman getting together for some estrogen projection, and then they certainly depict the juiciness of the hardcore. These men are rigid hard and ready to take it out and slide it in within a momentís notice.

As you go through the different eraís of time from this site, and they do a beautiful job of having everything broken down to you, youíll find thereís much more content held from the 1970ís than what they have for 1910, but that only makes sense. Just the fact we have anything at all to reflect upon from all those years ago is an amazing find. I went into many, very many of the videos to witness the unleashing of amateur reality from an earlier generation, and what I found was streaming footage. The length of clips were actually better than I expected, and Iím not surprised to find itís all browser viewing.

I could name of some of the faces youíll see in the most recent content, well, what feels as if it should be recent, where as in fact it was a culture shock to me to venture into the 1980ís section and have it look retro as well, and to be considered vintageÖwasnít that just yesterday? But, giving you names will spoil the joy of what youíll find once you log in, itís like a special pornographic holiday has been created and membership to this site will be the gift that keeps giving. They claim through the main page that there are thousands of images, but I found no stand alone galleries, so, Iím assuming they consider the pictures advertising each set as their count for this arena.


Vintage Erotica should be placed in a time capsule somewhere, protected and revealed in another 100 years to keep the world abreast of the fact that naughtiness has been around for much longer than you would think. Changes happen, things will progress through time, but now and then, itís so nice to look back on how it use to be, and it use to be wild as this site shows. Itís softcore, hardcore, well presented and downright hot!
Inspector: Missy
Attention: this site has been closed
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