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Vintage Taboo

Flip the switch on the time machine and go way back to the time of pinup girls and burlesque dancers with vintage porn from the pre-1920s through the 1970s.
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Complete review published on 06.06.2010
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Gas up the DeLorean! Itís time to step back to a time when people found sensuality in sepia-toned photographs. Vintage Taboo has a collection of vintage porn pics and movies that date from the 1890's all the way up to the 1970's. Youíll find famous pinup models like Bettie Page and beautiful burlesque stars like Tempest Storm all in their naturally curvaceous glory. The site also has 700+ vintage porn movies and a new movie is added every week.

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Porn isnít something that just started yesterday. Long before people had cameras, they were sketching nude images onto cave walls and painting nude canvasses of their mistresses. Vintage Taboo has dusted off your fatherís collection (and your great-great grandfatherís too) and uncovered some true retro porn finds. The site is curated by a true vintage porn collector who has scoured basements and attics to gather these erotic images of nude burlesque stars, Ď70s pornstars, and anonymous women of the early 20th century.

If you were expecting a lot of bells and whistles from this site, you wonít find them. The layout and design of this site is as much a throwback as its content. Itís decidedly low-tech and compared to other sites, can be a bit aggravating to navigate. You will find the most recent updates listed as text links on the home page with links to previous updates back to 2007.

Itís hard to get an accurate count of how much content is inside this site. The photos are divided into many different categories and the low-tech way of moving through them doesnít make counting easy. However, I will say that I was more than satisfied by the numbers and many different types of images and movies that youíll find here.

The content is broken down into several categories, but the most important ones are the year categories that allow you to browse through pre-1920ís, 1920s-1930s, 1940s-1950s, and 1960s-1970s vintage porn. Once you choose a time period, you can then choose another action category like blowjobs, spankings, fetish, etc. Inside each of these areas, youíll find a collection of photographs that show couples and singles. Depending on the time period, the photos could be in either black and white or color.

The images from pre-1920ís are absolutely fascinating to see men and women who look as if they stepped of the set of a Civil War movie. Some of the most interesting images from these sites are the things that would have been taboo in an earlier era. As early as the pre-1920s category, you can see images of group sex, lesbianism and interracial sex. In one shocking photo for its time, a young white woman sucks the cock of a dark black man. You can just imagine the scandal that image would have caused at the time.
Of course, the quality varies with when the video was shot. Early videos are very grainy, but you can clearly see 1920ís flappers with their bobbed hair sucking cock and their unshaved pussies when they get fucked. If you ask me, the graininess just adds to the taboo nature of this kind of early porn. If you think things like shaving and fisting are more of a modern porn creation, then you have to see a video titled "Fun Times 1920" where a man shaves his girlfriendís pussy and then shoves his whole hand inside. The movie continues with a girl getting creampied, then scooping it up and drinking the jizz from a champagne glass. These movies are mind-blowing and as raunchy as any current-day porn youíve been watching.

Before there were pornstars, there were burlesque stars. If youíre a fan of pinup girls and burlesque dancers, youíll probably know the names Bettie Page and Tempest Storm. Well, this site goes even deeper and introduces you to stars like Kitten Natividad, Candy Kane, and Chesty Morgan. Havenít heard of them? Donít worry. You wonít be able to forget them once you see these curvy stage goddesses in their vintage pinup pics. One thing you may notice when you compare these pinup girls to the models of today is that women back then had a little more meat on their bones. A woman like Candy Kane was all-natural, with huge boobs and even bit of belly. These days, we would put a woman with her body type in the BBW or chubby category, but back then, the beauty standards for centerfolds were much different. Overall, these women are a little bit curvier than your modern day model and I love them all the more for it.

If your love of busty women started with the menís magazines stashed in the back of your fatherís closet, then the "Magazines" section will take your senses right back there ó minus the musty mothball smell. Youíll find 6 pages of nudie magazines with names like Stud, Fling, and Gent and an almost universally buxom collection of covergirls. Unfortunately, we only get to see the covers of these magazines, but looking at the cover models and occasionally reading the titles of the articles to be found inside will thrill you like the smell of ink on your fingers.

In addition to the various types of photographs and movies, you will also find a section of naughty illustrations. Many of these drawings are pre-photography and seem as though they could date back as far as the 1700ís, while others come from cartoon books of the 1950ís and 60ís. The illustrations are pro quality and so well done that sometimes you may think youíre actually looking at a photograph.


Vintage Taboo gives you a fascinating look at porn through the ages. The images are varied and youíll probably see quite a few things that were shocking for their time period. If there is one complaint I have about this site, itís the layout and lack of features. Itís almost impossible to find the most recently added images and the functions to move through the galleries could be improved. That said, the content speaks for itself. This site is a welcome stroll down memory lane that all porn fans can appreciate.
Inspector: Montey Woods
Attention: this site has been closed
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