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X Rated Milfs

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They've packed the lunches, kissed everyone as they walked out the door and now the time has turned to their needs, wants and desires!
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Complete review published on 04.27.2017
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House chores lead to horniness, just ask any wife that sways with the dust rag and leans against the washer during the spin cycle, those juices are doing to start stirring! With X Rated Milfs theyíre doing a beautiful job through tour display of showing these hot married babes that are finding some extra curricular activity just what they need! Nothing but HD and high quality with bonus sites too!

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Over 458 videos about 6 minutes each (download and stream)
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Over 10 stories
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites, Games

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Normally I always use this first paragraph to give you a rough idea of what Iíve found when first opening the main membership page of a site, and this review will be no different, well, maybe in some ways it will be because thereís quite a bit of information that I need to offer. First of all, never assume anything, even after doing hundreds and hundreds of reviews in the past and becoming accustom to most any and every sort of layout, there will be that one to throw you off of your comfort level.

Iíve had sites that have confused me past the point of even wanting to continue with my review, but Iíve hung in there and then projected the issues good and bad in my write ups. For this one, from the very first second I logged in, I found myself lost and there were no trails of bread crumbs to follow, but, at the same time, I just knew this site was something extremely special and so I was going to fight like a dog with a bone to get all of the information for my review.

Luckily, and professionally, at the bottom of the page was a nicely supplied customer service number, and I will openly admit, for the first time in all of my years of writing, I opted to make the call and pick the brain of someone familiar enough with the navigation of this site that could assist me in my endeavor, I wasnít about to just post that maneuvering my way through was a nightmare and maybe not display a correct count, etc. and I was determined.

With a couple of rings, a very sweet young lady by the name of Lexie was like my Ms. Knight in shining armor, riding her white stallion phone to my rescue! This girl was an absolute doll, which speaks highly for the customer service offered by this site, she was not only very polite, very nice, and very helpful, but she just went out of her way to explain how much material actually pertained to this intended site, where their tour promises played out truthfully and then how much was extra just for a thank you for your membership. Lexie, if youíre out there reading this, ďThank you so much, youíre a sweetheart!Ē

My first assumption of this site being something special, hence my gut feeling for hanging on for dear life to find all of the information I wanted, was right on the mark! As promised through the tour area Ė saying there would be downloadable and HD videos, they were speaking the truth, so when you first log on and find only flash offered at the top of the page, donít panic, just keep scrolling down, because thereís so much here for you that youíll be sitting there saying, ďWow!Ē over and over again. Keep in mind to stick with the first main page, because if you click on any links, youíll be taken into the world of their extras, and if itís X Rated Milfs that you came here for, then everything you want can be found from this first page.
Do understand that when I type in my content counts, etc. for this review, I am going only from this first page of material, which will include the flash only features, as well as the downloadable HD videos, but there is so much extra added excitement, you are going to be overwhelmed. As I mentioned, there are the flash movies that include photo sets, which buffering is immediate and the quality is very nicely done in high and low. From this area the images are outstanding! Yes, thereís so much going through my mind about this site, Iím going to go ahead and cover the picture information as well. The folder counts are high in most of these sets, coming in with hundreds of beautiful displays, offering full screen perfection to the tune of, 1331x2000 pixels. You can download any picture individually, but Iím not finding a ZIP option.

As you scroll further down the main page of this site youíll find their listing of updates, showing that multiple additions have been made on nearly a daily basis, so kudos to this site for that step as well! Now donít stop scrolling, because just an itsy-bitsy bit more will bring you everything they had promised through the tour area, meaning the downloadable HD material, and from here, youíre going to get hundreds of lovely choices, all featuring women that I would say range in age from early 30ís to maybe mid 40ís, but they are all outstandingly beautiful and they all seem to have this perkiness about them that projects beautifully through the filming, showing that these ladies are having a great time!

These HD installments are streaming (DSL) or downloadable (HD), and a nice little box will pop up to show you where to click for just what you want. These are clips that hold a decent run time to them and a clarity that will keep you coming back for moreÖ.and more. The title does not lie when they called this site X Rated Milfs because these women are so very naughty, they know just what to do and how to do it that will keep your fingers pumping at the speed of light! Youíll find the hardcore male/female action, along with solo masturbation (toys included), and of course the lusciousness of lesbian sweetness that can never be ignored.

Just when you thought your scrolling days for this site was over, well, not quite yet. Another scoop downwards will introduce you to actual DVDs in full length and high quality as well. These are there for the taking, with new ones added regularly. Just a click will get you started for these films that play for over an hour each, so yes, this site just keeps on giving. Youíre going to find links that will take you to separate feeds from other sites, giving you more galleries and videos, along with their intended bonus material that just keeps piling the porn on your plate, all hardcore, all different niches and all beautiful quality. From there you have some third party feeds going on that will take you into dating areas, games, etc. and there are also stories offered throughout each site from this conglomeration of sexual pleasure.


This is an awesome site! Yes, Iíll admit, upon my first journey through the membership doors I was lost enough that for the first time in my porn history, I called the customer support number, but only because I knew this site was too good to just be lost on poor navigation, and it was! Material upon material, all in beautiful quality and choices, along with extras and perks that will keep your mind reeling and your hand hopping!
Inspector: Missy
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