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Zentai Dolls

If you prefer your pornographic packages wrapped up tightly, then you're going to adore what this site is bringing to your computer!
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Gymnasts
Complete review published on 11.21.2015
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[v]Intro promises(4)

If features don’t really matter, but the shape drives you wild with passion, then, Zentai Dolls will have you warming up nicely. They’re being bound tightly in full body suits, doing multiple acts, to show gracefulness and fetish filled beauty of their being. It’s promised from intro there will be high quality videos and galleries alike, with regular updating to their claimed exclusive content.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on November 25, 2015.

Over 184 videos about 20 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
WMV (3500kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (3500kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (8000kb/s, 1920x1080)
Flash (1440x1080)
Over 225 galleries about 120 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures

[v]PricesLast updated on November 25, 2015.

24.95€ / one month (recurring)
39.95€ / two months (non-recurring)
59.95€ / three months (non-recurring)
89.95€ / six months (non-recurring)
Billing: CCBill


Even before entering the main membership to this site, I wanted a distinct definition to what these babes were wearing. Even though one look will make things obvious, I guess it was more curiosity than anything, to see if the “mainstream” of internet life recognizes the focal point of my investigation, and, they do. It’s stated these will be skin-tight garments, that cover the entire body, a full-body tight, commonly made using nylon and spandex blends, but, they can also be constructed of, cotton and wool. Personally, the spandex is intriguing and erotic, but, I’m not sure if wool would be that much of a turn on.

When crossing the threshold into this fetish offering, promised to be all exclusive, navigation is simple, but, you’ll find they not only offer content from their main hub of, Zentai Dolls, but, they also offer, a video archive from, Crazy In Public. The expressions of others seeing those passer-by’s that are clothed like …well, in some ways, like life forces from another planet, yes, I said it. I couldn’t help myself after viewing two, in full, green colored body suits, it made me think that martians had landed, even though they’re labeled as snake people. If you’re hoping this site incorporates reality in with the extreme, then you’ll be pleased, because some of the ogling received, truly is priceless.

While donned in head to toe latex/spandex/nylon suits, they give things to watch that will amaze you in almost a magical way, such as, when they wear a suit under another, it plays tricks with your mind. They’ll reach behind them, slowly unzipping the exterior wear, and you’ll expect to see bare skin, but, instead, there is yet another layer underneath, giving an illusion of shedding the outer skin and morphing into yet another type of stimulating creature. There are little things such as that – that keeps this site very unique. Of course, they do allow some sexual antics as well, such as crotchless body suits for allowing masturbation to take place, with the female gender…there are males that will be wearing the fetish allure as well.
Bright colors, patterns to the fabric, polka dots, stripes and even camouflage will be shown, as they not only sexually stimulate themselves, but, other “normal” tasks while dressed in spandex. Apparently when it’s laundry day, you grab the last clean thing available…. There are dildos and desire as bodies will move together in a sensual manner, leading to some extremely flexible positions, showing the gymnast that lives within the suits. Bare, large breasts will be exposed, but not often, and yes, there will be the shaved vaginal areas allowed to breathe while fingers, a hand held shower nozzle, and sex toys are used. One of my favorite sets came in the form of a person dressed all in black, as a Zentai Doll, lurking through the darkness and finding a completely nude and horny female, going through the motions of passion, installing an illusion that truly is exciting to watch.

There will be basically a trio of choices in formats from this site, one for streaming and two for downloading the footage. It’s a bit random here and there, as to what choices you’ll have as you go into the sets, things do vary, but, they go from a nice, standard definition to extremely well offered HD as well. The length of clips will also be different throughout, but, they’ll be long enough to be appreciated by members. I enjoyed watching the footage, especially those from the outdoor action, it’s not going to be bouncing and vertigo causing, they’ve done a very nice job of filming.

They promised from intro, their picture galleries would be high resolution, and they were telling the truth. A nice uniformity offers their spread of tightly clad bodies, wrapped in full body spandex and latex suits, with folders that will carry 120+ images, approximated. Enlargements will bring full screen joy, with pixel sizes such as, 1200x1600. The only downfall I found from the pictures came in the form there’s no way to download the complete sets, you can as individual pictures, but, they haven’t included a ZIP.

As a small footnote of information, this site originated in, 2010, this is now, March, 2014, and, with 4 years behind them, the amount of sets are fairly decent, but, their updating isn’t held to any rigid type of schedule. It seems like marking this review with an every two week freshness will fit, but, do keep in mind, there’s nothing set in stone for their exclusive content.


After watching a fair amount of material from, Zentai Dolls, I couldn’t help but find myself pulling downward on my already low cut shirt, wondering how they could possibly breathe and remain body core cool in the full suits of latex/spandex. It will make you want to take a deep breath, and for those that enjoy the fetish material offered, your breathing may then turn deeper and faster.
Inspector: Missy
Attention: this site has been closed
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