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Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 10/02/03, 06:16   Quote 

Hello all.
Please suggest sites for review here.

1) We do not guaranted review of your site. To ber revieweed it must be definately one of the best & uniques adult sites.

2) It must have a webmaster "revshare" or "per signup" program

3) You must place our button on your program site (for example in resources section). You can download our buttons here

We do not guarantee, your site will be reviewed, but if site meet our rules it will sheduled for review.


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Posted: 11/02/03, 08:00    Quote 

please review videoteenage.com a teen video site

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Posted: 11/02/03, 13:09    Quote 

hi there,
I would really appreciate if you could take a closer look on
21sextury.com's two classy websites: www.pix-and-video.com and
www.club-sandy.com .
If you are interested in writing about them, please contact me for your
free account.

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Posted: 11/09/03, 18:27    Quote 

Please review our site http://www.camcutie.com

 Captain K

Registred: 11.23.03
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Posted: 11/23/03, 20:01    Quote 

Hi. Please can you check out Kscans.com for your Fetish category. We feature Extreme East European fetish and erotica. icon_wink.gif


Many thanks

Captain K

Registred: 11.26.03
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Posted: 11/26/03, 13:47    Quote 

Hi, could you please review our three brand new sites (or one of them) icon_razz.gif :

www.placecofporn.com ----> megasite

www.smsaxxess.co.uk ---> SMS Billing

www.thisislive.com ----> mega-camsite

For more information, please check our affiliate program:


Thank you and kind regards,

Verna Web Applicationsµ
ICQ: 285474992

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Posted: 12/01/03, 23:07    Quote 

Could you guys please review my girlfriends site: http://www.littlecapri.com ?
The affiliate program pays 50/50 on all sign ups and recurring memberships. Hosted galleries, and banners are provided.
Her site features 3 live shows per week on three different LIVE cam networks. Loads of original content, pics and video, Updated twice a week. She just loves anal and loves sex on camera.

Registred: 12.12.03
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Posted: 12/12/03, 06:01    Quote 

i don't own the sites, but might i suggest

http://www.cohf.com and http://www.insex.com?[/url]

Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 12/12/03, 11:45    Quote 

Hello guys, good sites posted, we will contacting about most interested ones.
http://www.cohf.com/ - site do not exist
http://www.insex.com/ - site have no webmaster affiliate program.

PS. manwith1nipple, can you post your testimonial about our reviewed sites in "Testimonials" forum? It would be very good.

Registred: 12.23.03
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Posted: 12/22/03, 22:01    Quote 


Free - no popus site requesting review:


Site is hosted by http://www.slavepix.com/ which
would also like a review, but there are no "backdoors" or
"hotlinking" possible due to BITPASS gateway control script.

I can send a free BITPASS to anyone who cares to review the 2nd site.

Thanks for you time and consideration

-Slave Mike slavemike@slavepix.com
---HRM THIS BBS DOESN'T ESCAPE LT's and GT's when posted by users!

Registred: 01.01.04
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Posted: 01/01/04, 07:56    Quote 

Please review http://asiangayz.com/free/bangkok-gay-sex-cams/index2.htm

Registred: 01.01.04
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Posted: 01/01/04, 07:57    Quote 

Please review www.analams.com icon_biggrin.gif

Registred: 01.11.04
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Posted: 01/11/04, 04:37    Quote 

Gloryhole City icon_biggrin.gif


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Posted: 01/18/04, 16:32    Quote 

Hi, could you please review this site

Registred: 01.26.04
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Posted: 01/26/04, 04:50    Quote 

I saw your url in a GFY thread and I would love for you to review our paysite.

We have an Epoch based 50/50 revshare affiliate program but the signup url is private at this moment.


Please email me for the rest of the info: affiliate signup url, log/pass, etc.

ICQ: 175967284

P.S. Your link is already up on my partner's webmaster resource site, WebmasterVault.com.

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Posted: 02/08/04, 21:18    Quote 

Please review



Registred: 02.08.04
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Posted: 02/08/04, 22:28    Quote 

please review our site


contact email ramses@fastmail.ca

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Posted: 02/11/04, 15:19    Quote 


Registred: 02.15.04
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Posted: 02/15/04, 07:32    Quote 

Just noticed a new site... maybe it could be reviewed.


Registred: 02.09.04
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Posted: 02/15/04, 10:39    Quote 

http://www.erosexplanet.com Thank you for reviewing the site. Please give a tip Re Webmaster Signup or Revshare.

Max icon_rolleyes.gif

Registred: 02.16.04
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Posted: 02/16/04, 13:13    Quote 

Please review http://www.lindasexxx.com - Amateur site. Thanks.

Registred: 02.23.04
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Posted: 02/23/04, 04:10    Quote 

I'd love to see a review of my site:


Feel free to e-mail me for a username and password. Thanks!

Mike C.

Registred: 02.27.04
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Posted: 02/27/04, 20:10    Quote 

Review www.usbikerparties.com

Huge site, biker subculture, completly reality
These guys go to biker rallies and shoot naked biker chicks

Public nudity 20,000+ original pictures
over 4,000 mb of original naked biker chick videos.

Registred: 03.03.04
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Posted: 03/03/04, 10:25    Quote 

Can you please review my site Teen Panty site:
Teens in Wet Panties

thanks alot!!


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Registred: 03.06.04
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Posted: 03/10/04, 21:24    Quote 

icon_idea.gif defenitly not my own site but you can always go to VIP model.com to see all kinds of woman icon_biggrin.gif
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