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Ball Busting Pornstars

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If pain is your pornographic pleasure, then hold onto your testicles because from the look of this tour area, you're in for one hell of a horny ride!
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Complete review published on 05.05.2018
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Now you see Ďem, now you donít! These men may have walked through the doors with a bit of ego instilled, but theyíll have nothing when they leave! The introductory area of this site will show and tell you that they arenít taking things lightly, there will be no mercy from their domination, humiliation and much more through pledged high quality content, the pain is apparent.

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Playful uniformed cheerleader Ashton Pierce destroys boy's balls then eats his d Jessica Valentino shows her private parts to man while torturing his dick and ba Bootyful Luscious Lopez bares it all with no shame after ruthless ball busting


Itís amazing how so much can be conveyed with so little, but when the main membership doors opened to this site, they held three pictures, for three links, and the immediate knowledge that weíre going to witness a lot of pain from the footage, because these dominating women arenít going to stop until they make sure theyíve inflicted as much punishment as possible. Everyone has a personality type, and some will lean one way more than the other, even if they normally travel the middle of the road, but you would really have to carry the gene for brutality to make you a part of this siteís sinister sisters. There are so many different qualities that youíll immediately pick up on from these Dommeís, which is in their stature, their expressions and of course the thrill of pulverizing their prey.

Whether you start with the videos or the galleries of Ball Busting Pornstars, you are in for a thrill, a pulsating, punishing thrill. Iím not a man, so I canít speak for the pain that must go along with this sort of torture to the testicles, but, I must admit, some of the sets still made me sit up straight and cross my legs. Starting at the beginning, the women are hot! They have the beauty that will warm your heart, and the boots that will make you wear a protective cup! Each one is stunning, whether theyíre in a cheerleaderís costume, a school girl skirt and blouse, with pure white thigh high stockings, or even Dominatrix type of leather, thereís a story line behind their wildness. To try to explain the way these scenarios play out, the best word I can come up with is rage.

Weíre not talking about just a few swats to the fanny and some rope tied around their balls, no, it goes much more drastic than that. These girls haul off with a powerful lunge of their leg, nailing them right in the nectarines, full force, kick to the gonads and cock, not to mention using their fingers to practically twist their dicks off from the root, and when they bring out these huge, bright sword looking knives, putting them right where the family jewels are located, I almost covered my eyes with the anticipation that it was going to be off with the member!
These hot domineering babes may start out looking sweet, innocent and seductive, but a few slides of their lubricated lips up and down the raging pole and before the guy is even expecting it, she starts digging her teeth in, biting his boner until you think for sure youíre going to see blood. This footage really is as extreme as Ball Busting Pornstars promised it would be, and then some. Itís as if someone has flipped a sexual switch and suddenly a Jekyll and Hyde persona takes over, and these men will feel more than the wrath of their fury. Somewhere down the line these ladies have been jolted and now theyíre taking out their past pain on the male gender of their future, and there will be no mercy shown.

One thing to keep in mind when going through this review is, please donít let the size of the technical numbers fool you, even though the Kbps isnít that large, and the video size is pretty good, the clarity is actually much better than what I thought it would be. Download times are quick, just a couple of minutes for my DSL connection and the action began unraveling before me. They do a very nice job of filming the females that are getting gooey with a vengeance, making sure the lens is at the appropriate spots for sexual display, not to mention the brutality that goes with it. There are a lot of facials included, not to mention other sensual acts that will broaden the niche of this site into all sorts of sub categories, but the main storyline is of course the wild rage bestowed upon these submissive males.

The only fault Iíve found from the photo section is the fact they donít show the shots directly from the browser, which is always nice for picking and choosing between thumbs, but, unfortunately, you can see one large advertising shot and then a ZIP is your only avenue inside. If it helps however, the download times are relatively quick, most of which took a bit over a minute, and theyíll even include a link for software if needed for viewing.

As for bonuses, Iím finding bonus videos, a forum and blog as promised, but no sign of the stories they made mention of in tour.


It takes a special sort of man to really appreciate these special sort of women. They have this boiling urge inside of them to hurt the male gender and they do it very well. This goes past many of the sites on the web that claims femdom action and then deliver very little, from Ball Busting Pornstars itís gruesome, real and will make you want to keep your cock covered. The quality from video footage is good, the images are download only, but the hardcore fetish action is outstanding!
Inspector: Missy
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