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Bent Box

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Make your shopping list and then commence to bring your pornographic purchases to the light of your viewing device, simplicity lives here.
Site type: Pay site, category: Amateur, Photographic Art, Models, Variety
Complete review published on 01.25.2018
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It’s online shopping at its fornicating finest. Bent Box introduces itself as a marketplace, being the go-between for sellers and buyers, matching supply with demand and desire with orgasmic excitement. Those with goods upload into their own personal box for you, to find what stimulates and titillates – at which time you make a purchase. It’s a haven of ecommerce erotica, a win-win situation.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on January 26, 2019.

Over 128 videos (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (2000kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (4000kb/s, 1920x1080)
Over 300 galleries about 40 pictures each
+ Video captures

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free / sign up free - varying price for purchase of sets (non-recurring)


When entering the main page for this thinking outside of the, Bent Box wonderment, you’ll find through Bitcoin, CC, Gift Card, and Bank Transfer you have the ability of purchasing Bent Bucks – from which you’ll purchase sets uploaded by private entities, each holding their own style of stimulation. Once taking my first inspecting sweep of this site, several things came to light; even the set display pages are filled with artistic flair, the majority of content seems to hold a softcore nature but not all, in fact even fetish uploads are featured with bondage, ball gags, suspension, the women present themselves in all shapes and sizes, with the common denominator being outstanding beauty, and there are males filling the footage as well, it’s not just estrogen based.

Continuing on with my findings brought me to a category list, where headings such as, “Experimenta, Pop Art, CosPlayground, Weird and Wonderful, Nude & Beyond and Male Art” will be found. From boxer briefs to bodacious breasts, stockings and erections, it’s all here to appease anyone’s specific desire. From the thousands of reviews I’ve had the privilege of writing, this is the first site of this kind I’ve been introduced to, and the result has left me intrigued. The synopsis is; images and/or videos are uploaded into your own box, with a url designated solely to you, members will then browse through and should there be something from the advertising set shot to catch their eye, they can then purchase that box and all of its content. Unfortunately, there’s not much revealed as to exactly what your Bent Bucks are going for. There’s a short description along with a notice of how many items are in the box, from there by the means mentioned above you purchase Bent Bucks to then buy the box with.

The premise made me think of an auction. If anyone has attended one, you may have seen the auctioneer place a large or small box in front of the crowd, never exposing what’s inside but beginning the bids with the winner taking all, then it becomes like Christmas morning when you pull the items free, sometimes it will be a bonanza of worth and other times, merely trinkets, it’s the sight unseen excitement that heightens the appeal. There will be hash-tag words offered such as, blowjob, sperm, gay, solo, dick, shaved pussy, ass, amateur, etc. While scrolling throughout the offered content you’ll find the majority of sets are presented with an elite nature, while others have more of the selfie type of display.
Speaking of content, my count for, Bent Box will not be an accurate tally, it will be estimated. Each box holds varying amounts of galleries and/or videos which means it would be too time consuming to add everything. My estimate I’m sure will be on the low side so please know there is quite a bit offered. Unfortunately there are no date stamps found from any of the sets I clicked on, so another uncertainly comes in the form of how often they add freshness. Since it is user submitted creations I’m assuming it would be often, but I cannot honestly report with any type of confirmation.

In checking out a couple offerings I remained a fan of their premise, but I also felt disappointment. First of all, they explain within the FAQ page, those uploading the content and creating their own box will be the one to set the purchase price, and from it will be a commission by the site owner, but in viewing my first choice that cost $13.00, there were 28 high resolution images, and 2 videos. The clips however were both less than 40 seconds in time…leaving me to wonder if the amount of what you receive warrants the price you pay for it. There is a link included with each picture for downloading, but not the entire set. As for the clips, they’ll download for opening in an MP4 format, with an extremely high clarity factor in this case, along with the ability to stream.

These are saved to your own personal area to be found under, “purchased boxes.” The other clip I viewed held a price of, $3.00 and even at that, it was overpriced. The footage was from a Snapchat session and lasted a total of 4 seconds, exhibiting nothing but a female flashing her panties and it was done with the camera filming sideways. Yes, there are better offerings, more fitting to the dollar amount, but…..


Inspecting this site was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. The idea is unique and intriguing, but also the, “sight unseen” type of purchase you have to make may leave you feeling as though you’re not getting enough bang for your buck. The content of, Bent Box is artistic in many of the sets, others will be more of the amateur-ish self shot material, but they do carry softcore, hardcore and even fetish scenarios for viewing. There were perks and disappointments along the way.
Inspector: Missy
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