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Burning Ticket

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Put your shy side on the shelf and allow your boldness to direct you through all of the dirtiness displayed from this megasite, they don't hold back!
Site type: Pay site, category: Megasites, Hardcore
Complete review published on 05.11.2017
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These babes are going to huff and puff and blow the load right out of your balls! If one site doesn’t do it, you have seven others to choose from because Burning Ticket is tickling your fornicating fancy with fetish and hardcore entertainment. It’s pledged through tour that you’ll receive nothing but high quality from their pictures and videos with updates done numerous times a week!

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Over 1635 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
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$19.95 24.95 / one month (recurring)
$59.95 / three months (recurring)
$74.95 / three months (non-recurring)
$99.95 / one year (non-recurring)

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Burning Ticket / Gallery #5788310 Burning Ticket / Gallery #5788308 Multiple guys team up to fuck two blonde bitches good and hard in this crazy gan Cum crazed chicks get their pretty faces creamed and licked in this wet gallery This perfectly sculptured brunette babe loves leather and fucking machines


Opening up the main membership page to this site I found they buckle right down to the business of porn, wasting no space on riff-raff, they are ready to please their members. This one does a nice job of displaying the logo of all sites, a link to get in and then an invisible smile that can’t be seen, but you know it’s there, because they realize just how much you’re going to enjoy the fetish material they’re offering. I’ll start at the beginning and work my way through the sites listed and together we’ll see how well membership for each installment holds up to the promises made throughout the tour area.

If anal sex has always held a special place in your….scrotum, then by all means, we’ll tackle, “Ass Bangers Ball” first and foremost. Now if you go into this site expected to see the same ho-hum horniness that leads to some anal plunging while spread across a sofa, think again. This site falls not only under the heading of robust rectal plunging, but it’s group sex as well, these girls are getting their sphincters spread by multiple men during orgies of the most anal kind. They do a nice job of offering an array of pictures per set, a nice write up, the ability to comment and vote on each set and then of course the traveling into the movie itself. From the look of things, updates are weekly, and the numbers for this parcel of the network are a bit low, but climbing.

Lilly is the brunette that’s bringing in her 18th birthday with a butt bashing good time, she is the newest installment and a good place for us to start. She won’t have the strength for blowing out any of the candles on her cake once this fuck fest is finished, they are definitely giving her a night she’ll never forget. She and a friend sit kissing one another, yes, some good old fashioned saliva swapping between gals when the camera pans back to show a room full of nude and jerking men that can’t wait to get to the poop chute part of the party. They take turns and the action is extremely hard core, you’ll have no complaints there. One thing I was a bit disappointed in from this site, and I’m not sure yet if they’re all that way, but this does seem to be a streaming only, but they offer a low, medium and high viewing, and the high is lovely in the full screen version, very little quality lost and you’ll feel more a part of the pornographic presentation.

FemDom Violations” is our next stop and just from the sound of the title, this is going to be a place where women are calling the sexual shots! Yes, my assumption was correct and something tells me after breezing through the mediocre amount of material to this site, you don’t want to piss these ladies off for any reason! Clad in their leather, latex, and tight fitting garments, with hair pulled back tightly, make up on heavily, and holding a riding crop, or some sort of pain inflicting device, these madam’s mean business! They’re strapping them down, tying them off, and squeezing anything that dangles or protrudes with domination devices that will keep these men in line! The layout is the same from our previous site, and again, streaming only for the videos. The quality is nice, but I really wish they offered the choice for download because some of these are so good, you’d want to add space to your hard drive to accommodate.

Gang Bang Arena” is going to be a cum one cum all sort of site, where the more the merrier and the most in moisture will be found! How many bodies can you fit into one area and make sure they’re all happy with the arrangement? Well, this site will answer that question. It doesn’t take up much space when everyone seems to be on top of everyone else, so when you can’t build out, you build up! There are plenty of open mouths and spreading thighs to be sure everyone is getting a piece of the action from this site, without a doubt. No one is going away from this part without being covered inside and out with cum. This is the third site I’ve visited from Burning Ticket, and the only difference I’ve found is we now have some galleries included, whereas the previous areas didn’t offer that. They do keep the same trait going as far as offering episodes, which will allow you to open up the action right where you want it, or the full length.
They have some nice ways of doing things from this site, means that you don’t witness every day and the image section holds one of those attributes. Almost as if these pictures are put to a reel and shown as a video, it’s done in Flash format, keeping it streaming, just like the videos, but not with an actual slide show effect, nor is there a way to download as ZIP. It’s different, but it’s unique enough to be appreciated. “Jizz Whore Party” pretty well tells us there’s going to be a lot of cum, not to mention the hardcore acts that will coax it from the cocks. They display these girls as if they were a trophy won at the summer picnic events, and with the spunk dripping from their faces, lacing across their nipples and piling up on their bellies, they strike a finishing pose that shows the sperm stops here!

Latex Slut Show” is going to be the proof you need that some wild will inhabit a wilder side when it comes to their sexual preferences, and even though many may never see it, in regards to those that are the closest to them, you are definitely going to get to witness their wetness that derives from the outfits, the feeling of the material, the ramming and jamming of the sex toys and the horniness they’re being driven to. There were some apparatus on here like I’ve not seen before, everything shining and slippery looking and definitely falling under the heading of fetish! This site is making sure they don’t bring you material that would be considered identical to things you’ll find on other sites, they keep an individual attack to the arousal.

Machine Sex Slaves” will bring you the best that electricity has to offer! I wonder who’s workshop was the first to hold the design for these dirty tools that were meant to keep those orifices pleasured?! Wherever they came from, these women are all thankful they’re here and they’re making the most of them. They suck the tools, they back up to them, they spread their thighs for the erotic entry and they’re not going to leave one drop of juice un-spilled in a machine fucking manner! This site, like the others hold women that could easily pass for that barely legal looking age, but then the majority seem to be in the mid 20’s to maybe even early 30’s range, which is a good choice, they’re incorporating experience with the mastermind of those behind these sites, and it comes out to be a wicked combination.

Rubber Penetrations” is surely one of the more perverted areas to this mega site. It holds a bit of resemblance to the latex clad lovers, which is good news for those that appreciate the wildness of that material, but I’m finding through the sets I’ve visited these girls are really getting some sexually explorative treatment. They are put to the test before the get…the testicles! Once the foreplay fetish fun is finished, they do get the hardcore penetration that will be the fucking finale they’ve been waiting for!

Undisciplined Subs” is another take control and let your submissive side show nicely site! By their own descriptions through some of their write ups, they use adjectives such as, “outrageous,” and “extreme,” and those words seem to work very well. I’m not sure how these girls can stand the pain they’re being put through and how that can turn into such a pleasurable experience. I know it’s different strokes for different folks and thank goodness this site will show the material that will get your heart racing and your hand pumping, but there were a few places while watching the videos stream across my screen that I couldn’t help but to say, “Ouch!”


The premise of Burning Ticket is a good one, I like mega sites and the way it feels as if you’re getting the bang for your buck that makes membership worthwhile, especially when the content features hardcore, fetish entertainment. The quality was good, the tour promises held up, but I did find myself wishing the videos were downloadable and that there was more content to each individual site, but something tells me this may be a newer family member to the web.
Inspector: Missy
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