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California Beach Feet

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G. Guy Neighbor cruises the beaches of SoCal, in search of hot babes with fine feet. In terms of size, quality, and a knack for getting ridiculously hot candid foot shots that borders on supernatural, this site is unparalleled.
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Complete review published on 11.02.2018
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If you've got a serious foot fetish, chances are you've already seen some of G. Guy Neighbor's stunning sole shots. In 2004 he invaded the California beach scene, and immediately started smooth talking gorgeous babes out of their shoes. Luckily for us, he decided to share, putting all the choice shots on a little website called California Beach Feet. Which, by the way, is one of the largest collections of candid foot shots on the net. This is probably the best source out there for candid, amateur foot fetish photography. The tour doesn't try to reel you in with countless promises. Instead, Guy decided to let his pictures do the talking, and I think that was a wise choice.

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Outdoor chicks take off their shoes and sandals to show every inch of their bare These girls go crazy about displaying their soles and neat feet in the sun These outdoor chicks believe that nothing turns men on more than their beautiful


Upon my initial login, I was taken aback when greeted with a very old school, very bare-bones layout. You won't find an array of navigational gadgets and fancy scripts at California Beach Feet. There's no search engine or menus, either. They've narrowed it down to just two links: Photo Gallery and Video Library. They were good enough to organize the content by year, at least, but given the sheer size of the collection, I would have like to of seen a hell of a lot more. By my count there are 2329 videos and 2827 photo galleries. With the photo galleries, for instance, there's probably an average of 200 added each year. With all those galleries listed on a single page, that amounts to a whole lot of scrolling. I really hope they consider updating the layout. Just a few minor tweaks here and there would do wonders.

Navigational issues aside, I have to admit that I was quite excited when I found out I'd be doing this site. It has quite the reputation, and having sampled the goods, I can honestly say it's well earned, indeed. California is known for having a superior class of woman, and that reputation, too, seems to hold true. At least when it comes to the beaches of Southern California. Keeping in mind that these videos are truly 100% amateur, it's stunning the caliber of women he seems to reel in day in and day out. Even the ones in the background, more often than not, are real lookers. What's more, the diverse mixture of the areas he frequents provides for an extremely versatile model selection. In addition to beach bunnies and bikini models you might have expected, there's more than enough emo, goth, and hipster chicks to keeps fan of alternative models happy.

Beautiful or not, the fact that these girls are amateur can only heightens the thrill. If you're reading this, you probably have, at least once in your life, watched a woman walking down the street, secretly wondered what her tootsies look like. Unfortunately, not all of us have the balls to just go up and ask, but Mr. Neighbor does, and we get to enjoy just the same. Unfortunately, we're not really provided any sort of model index, so what little information you find out about the girls is through the video. This is understandable, however, given the circumstances. I'd imagine it's hard enough just getting these girls to take their shoes off.

Since this site has built its reputation on providing some of hottest, highest quality foot fetish pictures on the net, I decided to save the photo galleries for last. Although the site got its start in 2004, they didn't start adding videos until May of 2006. In an effort to make up for lost time, however, over 240 videos were added that first year, and they've been going strong ever since. One new 3-5 minute scene is added each day, and as of 2011, they're all available in 3D. With all the "in-your-face" sole shots and toe-pointing happening 'round these parts, 3D is a natural fit. You may not be able to lick or smell them, but it's still probably the next best thing to smothering your face in them.

Each episode can be downloaded in three separate, band-width friendly files. The 1080p HD files looks killer, and the more recent incarnations are sporting a massive resolution and gorgeous play-back quality. Surprisingly, I didn't find video quality diminishing that much once I'd gone further back into the archive. Even the earliest HD files play at over 6000k. On the downside, there is no streaming video available here.
Worse yet, aside from a few thumbnails and a time-stamp, you're given virtually no information about the scene. I understand these are short, candid videos of people he me the street, but that doesn't mean no synopsis is necessary. I would understand this if the videos were all alike. However, I've seen enough unique, memorable scenes here to know that's not the case. Just the way he varies his approach from girl-to-girl warrants a description.

I went into the photography section of the site with a great deal of excitement. Even so, after hearing nothing but great things about this site, a part of me felt it could only be a letdown. It wasn't. Truth be told, the work on display here exponentially exceeded my highest expectations. This is, without a doubt, some of the best amateur photography I've seen. The majority of the earlier pictures were big enough to fill the average monitor twice over, and the latest photos are served up in a mammoth 5,616 × 3,744 pixels. The level of detail is absolutely mouth-watering.

What's more, the galleries seem to have only gotten better and better over time. I found the earlier updates to have too many close-ups for my tastes. While I love to see girl's feet in epic detail, it's nice to be able to see her face as well. I'm sure many would agree me on that point, and perhaps nagging from his fans has something to do with the recent change. Still, you can hardly blame the guy. He is clearly partial to soles, evident by his frequent use of "the pose," not to mention thousands of other sole shots on the site. In fact, it's not uncommon to find four girls in one shot, giving us the view of a lifetime.

Fortunately, his work points to the fact that he is all too aware that not all of us share his preference. He's always willing to mix in great shots of the tops, and often caters to fans of toe-pointing and wiggling. Similarly, he's not at all picky when it comes to the condition of the girl's feet within reason. Although I'd say the overwhelming majority of these cuties take good care of their feet, you'll see the occasional callous and bunion. Suffice to say, if you like rough feet, there's more than enough floating around here to keep you happy.

My single complaint in this category would be that, just like the videos, the photo galleries contain no additional information. I personally didn't mind the lack of a slideshow, but a site of this caliber should probably consider adding one, anyway. It's always nice to have a little "hands-free" browsing. Some may complain about the lack of a lower-res option, but again, I don't see the problem. If you're looking for low-res pictures, you've cleary come to the wrong place, my friend.


California Beach Feet is a genuine must have for any serious foot fetishist. If you consider yourself a purist, then you'll feel right at home amongst all the sweaty, delicious soles and toes on display here. Admittedly, the site's overly minimalistic layout and lack of navigational tools are is a major flaw, but this is surprisingly easy to overlook in the face of some tremendous content. Mr. Neighbor has a real eye for feet, and seems to have an uncanny knack for getting the kinds of shots real foot men want to see it doesn't matter if you're into high arches, wrinkly soles, or toe-pointing. And it's all presented in crystal clear, über-high-resolution glory. Simply the best.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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