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Cathy`s Craving

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Cathy and her cuck hubby have been indulging in the swinger lifestyle for over a decade, and, lucky us, they've kept records records of the video variety.
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Complete review published on 12.17.2017
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Cathy, self ordained "horniest housewife on the net," has found it in her heart to share with us a bountiful collection her private collection, in fact of all sorts of debauched acts her and her swinger friends have partaken in. Amongst, I'm told, include orgies, complete withgirl-on-girl, interracial, and cream-pies. What's more, she's been at it over 9 years, so there's over 60,000 photos and 500 hours of video coming to a grand total of 210 gigs of 1s and 0s. And those numbers are sure to grow if Cathy`s Craving Is enough to fulfill 10 updates per week. But we'll see, won't we?

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As I look over the mountain of content produced by Cathy, a woman who, peculiar sexual preferences aside, comes off as your typical housewife. Nevertheless, her output is astounding especially considering the fact she's now a full-fledged MILF. Indeed, since 1998, she's managed to produce a whopping 4408 scenes. It's actually quite fun to watch her progress throughout the years, becoming ever more daring as time went on, eventually moving from run of the mill cuckold to wild group sex, interracial gangbangs, and even a bit of fetish working including full-fledged BDSM. And since her husband as been in on the fun since the beginning, there's a strong sense of continuity due to their mutual involvement in these installments. There's also a rough and gritty, home-made factor, particularly on earlier installments, where lighting and audio seemed to be a bit of an issue. I don't mind this so much, however, because it lends a really authentic feel to it, and a level of hotness that, in my opinion, just can't be achieved by seasoned pros. Amateur porn is where it's at, and Cathy provides some of the best.

As it turns out, she's quite prolific. On a slow month you might expect 28 updates, but it's not at all uncommon for there to be as many as 50 updates on any given month. But her output isn't just videos and pictures. No, she's also into pleasing her fans on a more personal basis. Which is, no doubt, why she chose to include a bio, diary, and personally maintained newsfeed. She was even good enough to assemble a small army of writers to fulfill those who like their smut a tad more cerebral. Altogether there's 304 erotic stories, ranging from hardcore bondage and obscene fetishes, to touching romantic encounters and gentle, first time gay experiences. Prose styles vary, as does the chose of first versus third-person narrative, but I was pleased to find that one thing that remained consistent: the excellent quality of the writing.

Most of us, though, came here to see videos and pictures of wild swingers going at it like animals. And I'm happy to report that is precisely what's found here. I checked out the photos first, and was pleased to find a large selection of surprisingly well lit and shot images. Even more surprising was the total lack of any sort of watermark. So, if you're looking for premium albeit not with the largest resolution size amateur swinger imagery, this might be a good place to stop by. I've already found several choice images for my own personal collection. Or, if you prefer to view on site, they have the traditional means as well as a hands-free, adjustable slideshow.

Also worthy of note, I''m sure you'll agree, is that video quality has improved a lot in the last decade. While still a tad shy of the more current 720p and 1080p HD, the MPEG-4 and Windows Media files presented here are well encoded and are more than watchable. Plus, the minor gap in quality iis, I think, overshadowed by the raunchy, homebrewed orgies we get to witness.

Sadly, though, the gap in video quality becomes all the more apparent once you venture back into the earliest updates. This is typical, especially for a site of this age, but the gap is still a bit higher than most. But play-back quality aside, one thing I detested about the videos was that they were often split up into a series of clips, intead of one full-length option. What's more,

But that's about as good as it gets for the videos, unfortunately. The most glaring weakness is the utter lack of any streaming video. Though steamy selection of thumbs and the descriptions accompanying each segment which, by the way, are very descriptive and well written help paint a picture, it would still be nice to be able to, at the very least, view a preview of the episode. I mean, really, in this day and age, is streaming video really too much to ask for?

Navigation is certainly one of the site's weakest points. Upon entering, I momentarily wondered if I'd wandered into some sort of time warp. The layout of the main page is more akin to what you'd see in the mid-90s, and certainly isn't fitting for a massive, well established swingers site. Finding my way to the earliest episodes, one one and one click at a time, was no fun at all. My biggest complaint, though, due only to its truly unmatched level of obnoxiousness, most definitely is aimed at that never ending loop of moaning on the main page. So, a word of advice for you: once you logged in, hit the x on that tab immediately. Also, I noticed timestamps were, seemingly at random, missing from some of the updates. This coupled with the tedious browsing makes tracking the progression of the site difficult. The only thing we know for sure is, they update quite often. So, at least there's that.

Cathy has done a number of web-shows, which she was good enough to archive. In fact, I counted 99 shows, altogether, dating back to as early as September 2004. Sadly, resolution quality and frame rates aren't all that great. But on a more posiive note, she seems to interact well with the fans, fulfilling requests, and busting out a number of toys, most of which are used. And as a bonus for those of you with 3D monitors or glasses and 3D capable video cards, her most recent webcasts will be of special interest to you.


It's said a woman's sex drive is much higher in the MILF stage, and, indeed, it would seem Cathy`s Craving are proving that to be very much the case. The site is a bit crude, as is the shooting style of some of the films, reflecting the homemade, swingers club atmosphere. Still, though, the layout could use a definite facelift, as could the playback quality of the videos. Nevertheless, the site offers a vast archive of raw and gritty, energetic sex covering a wide array of fetishes, including a few that may surprise you. All in all, I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to expand their swinger folder. Or even as a starting point for those curious about the lifestyle.
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