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Dare Dorm

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When there's money involved, you will get the attention of a struggling student, and for the folks on this site, they've heard the call of the wild!
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Complete review published on 03.30.2017
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They’ve passed the stage of being homesick, they’re enjoying college life and all it has to offer, which of course comes with nudity, seduction, hardcore filled weekends and somewhere between all of those important things will be hitting the books! This is an amateur site, member submitted content by pledged real college students wanting to grab the buck for showing the fuck!

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Ok, if you, my readers were actually standing in front of me at this very moment, I would find myself taking you by the shoulders, shaking you gingerly and saying, “Look at me…look at me!” Read my lips when I say there’s going to be more to this site that I don’t care for, than what I do. The premise mixes things that should be a concoction of cunning delight, self submitted amateur material, the reality that makes the heart go pitter-patter, and then the niche of college students, feeling their oats and going wild in their first time away from home. That is always a safe haven for hot material, taking the college route to raunchiness and horniness.

Unfortunately, with a gold mine in their laps, they’ve chosen to give us the shaft in many ways from Dare Dorm. The filming itself is jumpy in many places, but, in keeping with the fact this is user submitted, I wouldn’t expect the ultimate height of perfection, so that part could be overlooked and even appreciated. But, this site is over 4 months in age, according to the dates shown as to when fresh material went up, and to only have 160 sets, that is a hindrance that is hard to understand. There are too many colleges out there, with too many students enjoying the high life of independence, and eagerness, ready to display their dirty weekend unwinding sessions for there to be that little in content count.

From there, one more negativity and then I promise I’ll go into the sparks that make this site fun in ways that will make you want to enroll for the winter quarter. I found the videos to be offered in multiple qualities, even going upwards to the top rung of high definition, but these are streaming only, no chance to download and save if you wanted to. Ok, now, enough of my discomfort from the presentation, now we’ll talk about what you will find in the line of the material itself, and from that, you’ll enjoy my notes.
The thing that stuck out in my mind the most in going through everything offered from Dare Dorm is the fact these barely legal teens are having fun, and bless their hearts for doing so! Age, responsibilities and problems will arrive all too soon in their lives, so for the freedom they’re finding in these days of their existence, I say live them to the fullest! The laughter is real, the playfulness is stemming from their true personalities and that part was just enjoyable as hell from this site. Whether it’s a smidge of exhibitionism, a trail of revenge, or just a touch of following their peer pressure, whatever the root of reasoning, the end result is they are having the time of their young lives, and watching it unfold will make your heart feel young again.

They have the pretty girls in the skimpy and sexy panties, walking around, flaunting their money-makers, sharing the mattress with other equally beautiful girls and also guys that will fuck for the crowd, just for the sake of getting their college aged rocks off and having the tales to share with their studying and screwing buddies for years to come. It all balances out for everyone, they’re having fun, you’ll enjoy the footage, and there will be the end result of an orgasm from both sides of the spectrum.

They bottom line for this site is the $10,000 that is promised to those that send in footage, and having it used for the site, those dollar signs ring up highly in the eyes of a struggling student, so yes, that is remembered, but, through the course of the foreplay, it will be forgotten and their mind’s will drift more into the warmth and heat generating from their loins. It follows the old statement I’ve heard for years, you have to spend money to make money, and this site could surely make some green, they just need a few major adjustments.

They offer a dating link and live chat, offered through the form of a third party link, and there are also some bonus galleries to one side you can utilize, but basically, this site is a loner. They have links to their sister sites, which gave me high hopes, until I read the introduction that stated you could access these, at a reduced rate, so are they a bonus filled extra? No.


There are so many hot spots about Dare Dorm, the basic foundation is a winner, and I would love to take just a month of my life and restructure things that I know will appeal to pending members, because there is that much to work with that could slide it into the category of winner, but, unfortunately, at the time of this review, there were many downfalls. Lack of content, stream only content to name a couple. Tour promises I would have to say did hold up, but now I can see the evasiveness, so they weren’t lying, just misleading. It’s hardcore, it’s fun, and it would be a good stepping stone site, but as a loner….think long and hard.
Inspector: Missy
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