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Sick of watching make-up caked, plastic "stars" faking their way through sex scenes? Want to experience something truly real? Then come right on in.
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Complete review published on 11.11.2017
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[v]Intro promises(5)

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There are plenty of amateur sites out there, but those of you who are after more than a mere fresh face would be advised to checkout the little German one known as Its tour page says it's ran by an "all-female team of film students and photographers" self-dubbed "The Dudettes." These "Dudettes" have made it their mission to forgo scripts, hard direction, and anything else that could potentially impede a completely natural sexual encounter that coincidentally happens to be going on in front of the lens of a camera. Which means that, if all goes according to plan, us lucky members will get to witness girl-on-girl lovemaking at its finest, real orgasms and all . . . or warts and all if it doesn't. Who knows? Maybe both. In any event, I can hardly wait.

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on August 15, 2018.

Over 1005 videos about 12 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (5000kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (800kb/s, 320x240)
MP4 (500kb/s, 704x396)
Over 350 galleries about 60 pictures each
+ Video captures, Zip archives
Model Index, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on August 15, 2018.

$35 / one month (recurring)
$45 / three months (recurring)
$84 / six months (recurring)
$132 / one year (recurring)


The membership area at has a hand-crafted, unique design that matches up nicely with its raw and improvised amateur theme. But that's not to say, however, that it is amateurish in its functionality ó unorthodox, yes, but quite user-friendly once you get the hang of it. I think you will find the main menu will serve you well, giving quick and easy access to bare necessities like the latest episodes and the dedicated videos section, as well as your own personal account settings, and, perhaps most importantly of all, the model index.

The latter is not only important because it allows to you better get to know the lovely ladies who will ultimately be your bestfriends when it comes time to get off, but more practically because it also doubles as another way to better filter and browse content.

While we are on the subject of the models, though, I must confess that I was surprised by the level of diversity displayed here. Whilst admiring the well over 300 different performers listed under the index, it became clear that Miss Pappel has a knack for finding women of a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, ready and willing to have their first sexual experience on camera. What's more, going in I was a little concerned that they would only have German models, and thus perhaps a lot of the fun would be lost in translation. As it turns out, that wouldn't have been a problem either way, but I was still quite pleased to find that, in addition to the expected German beauties, there were also models from America, Australia, and the U.K. in the mix. In fact, there is section dedicated solely to english speaking performers, of which, I might add, there are currently just under 150.

Another nice touch was that the model pages usually had extensive write-ups that, when combined with the pre-episode interviews, served well in helping me to feel as if I've gotten to know these lovely ladies, which, for me at least, only enhanced the experienced once it came time to get down to business. And I think this is one of the reason's this site's content is so damn effective. All too often, I come across amateur sites with model indexes that merely devoid of biographical info, that merely serve as vehicles to bring you to their content, scenes that jump right into the action with these nameless, orphaned women, and no matter how hot or real these first-timers experiences are ó and how do we even know if it really is their first time? ó the impact is ultimately dulled by ambiguity and doubt.

Thankfully, the aforementioned bios and pre-episode interviews serve us well in adding that much needed layer of authenticity. What's more, there are a lot of tell-tale signs that are difficult to fake. For instance, no matter how well they calm these girls before they start the shoot, you are always going to see the evidence of raw nerves, uncertainty, and timidity that, for my money, make amateur porn so damn hot. And there's plenty of that on display here. You can see in the eyes of these girls that they are doing something they never thought they'd do, and that there is no going back. They are being transformed before our eyes, and that is priceless.

After viewing the tour, I thought I was only going to see girl-on-girl encounters, but as it turns out, they have also included quite a bit of solo work, and, much to my delight, a bit of straight sex, too. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the site keeps expanding its horizons. It would be interesting to see what they would do with more out the more out there fetishes, perhaps even bondage.

Videos can currently be streamed or downloaded in your choice of two different resolutions, including a nice looking 720p HD MPEG-4. Running times are a bit of a mixed bag as the archive is a mishmash of interviews, all-in-one episodes, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Some scenes have an attached gallery and others do not, but when you do get one, they generally contain somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-70 good looking, nicely sized(3,000 x 2,000 pixels) JPEGs. They were also good enough to include ZIPs, just in case you come across a set that is a must have for your own personal collection. I know I did.

I hate to be a party pooper, but as fun as this site is, it is not without its flaws. For instance, as much as I enjoyed the layout, with its cute hand-drawn appearance and overall laid-back approach to navigation, I felt it could have been much better organized. It has certainly improved leaps and bounds since the last time our site reviewed it, what with the addition of tags, filters, and a few extra content sections, but it still has some pagination issues and overly contrived methods of reaching content that sometimes, frankly, make browsing the site a chore.

And despite those added content sections, I noticed some videos overlapped in separate categories, and others were strangely absent, as was the case with the La Petite Mort section, which seemed to be missing some of the better solo masturbation scenes on the site. More troubling still was their lack of timestamps, which made tying them down to a specific update schedule all but impossible. I can confirm that during my brief stay they added several updates, but without further data, I cannot confirm nor deny their claimed weekly update schedule.

I can deal with a somewhat clumsy design, though. I can even handle a mysterious update schedule. Hell, I can put up with a lot of things when the content is this good. What is much more difficult to endure, however, is watching such a fine site shoot itself in its own foot. What I mean is, there are a number of scenes in German that are completely lacking in English subtitles. Admittedly, these scenes are still out of context, but it is frustrating to watch them knowing they would be that much hotter if only I knew what these girls were saying.

And it seems stranger still when there are older German scenes on the site that do, in fact, have English subs. I can only hope that this was a temporary lapse in judgement, and that they plan to add those subtitles in the future. If not, this is one of the most severe cases of dropping the ball I have ever seen on a porn site.

[v]Conclusion(4.3) lived up to the mission statement set out on its tour, delivering the sort of candid interviews, as well as obviously unscripted and, at times, clumsy sex scenes one would expect from a completely true to form site. Paulita Pappel definitely has a way of setting her neophyte performers at ease that, save for the occasional holy-grail of legit hidden-cam footage, ultimately translates into some of the realist amateur action this reviewer has had the pleasure of experiencing. What's more, since Miss Pappel has obviously stuck by her promise of casting "girls that you would never expect to see on camera this way," there is also crossover appeal for fans of MILFs and BBW, too. Throw in the fact that the site is regularly updated and 100% exclusive, and you've got yourself a site that true fans of amateur porn simply cannot afford to pass up.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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