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Female Wrestling Channel

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Johnny Ringo has put together his own league of scantily female wrestling legends, and he needs your help to rig the matches.
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Complete review published on 11.21.2016
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Who doesn't love a good cat fight? Well, if seeing hotties pulling hair and scratching out eyes, look no further than the Female Wrestling Channel. They promise up-to-the-minute reports and detailed first-hand accounts of women in mortal combat, including weekly matches, on video, whose outcome is controlled by the members. In between matches you'll get to enjoy over 4 years of content from two different sites. Did I mention membership is less than 6 bucks a month?

[v]Content Amount(3)Last updated on July 28, 2017.

Over 68 episodes about 35 minutes each (download and stream)
Over 17 galleries
+ Video captures
Over 127 stories
Model Index, Blog, Interviews

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$50 / one year (non-recurring)
$4.99 per episode
$9.99 per episode
$0.99 per episode


I have to admit, I wasn't exactly keen on the site at first. Simply put, the main membership page left me overwhelmed. There's no other way to describe it other than intense. Though I suppose this is somewhat understandable taking into account that the site is a conglomeration of over 4 years of content from Catfight Report and Catfight Fantasy Girls. The sites are massive. So slapping them together is bound to create a little confusion. Especially in the more fragile early stages.

The Catfight Report has over 1,300 posts, alone, with even more to be accessed via RSS feed. I'm afraid to say that most of this area of the site probably isn't going to get off though there probably is enough in the way of juicy details and steamy photography to at least achieve half a rod. But you will find a number of informative, virtually smut-free articles. But they're pretty much all content related in some way or another, so it's hard to complain.

Video footage aside, it would seem most of the action is to be found in the Catfight Fantasy Girls section. So far there are 127 entries. These buggers come in at a rapid pace, too. In fact, it's rare to go three days without a new submission. More often you'll see 500-1,000 words accompanied by tasty illustrations. Every now and then, though, there are 8,000 word, masterfully written shorts.

Of course, if you want an intense match, you need the right kind of competitors. Not just any porn star or bleach blonde amateur will do. You need ladies that are believable out there on the mat. And that's what makes makes the Female Wrestling Channel so special. They get real female professional wrestlers to participate in all the fun. I have to admit, their current line-up looks pretty damn good. They have over 25 girls, each with her rank and record clearly visible.

They even have champions. April Hunter, a.k.a. "The Prize," is a hard-bodied, no-nonsense gal who has become known for her relentless style and nasty habit of smothering her opponents with her vagina. Just like all the other models/wrestlers, she's got her own page that includes stats, a list of finishing moves, and a detailed bio. There's also usually a links to her personal website

If muscle beach babes aren't to your liking, there's no need to worry. The lineup is really well rounded, and they've even snagged a few former porn stars. In fact, if memory serves, Chasey Lain was actually featured in a recent match-up.

As I touched upon earlier, the site recently incorporated a weekly video match-up. There are 8 so far, each around 15 minutes in length, pretty much every second of which is two girls grappling on a blue mat. You'll also find shorter, more plot oriented videos, with twists and turns provided by members. Right now viewing is limited to an embedded player on the site. The picture was large and clear and it streamed smoothly. But I'd like to be able to download.

An interesting feature on the site is that, if you've got the cash($100 minimum) then you can write the script for the next match in the series. This includes dialogue, finishing moves, even wardrobe if budget permits.

The match footage I've seen so has been highly entertaining. Expect lots of back-story and buildup, with the final product being two very good looking women on a blue mat, sweating and grunting, trying for pins and leg-locks. I was actually surprised at how long the matches go on. I just finished watching the first in the series, and the two gals went it for a good 15 minutes non-stop. Toward the end, you could practically see the sweat dripping from their boxes. The drama builds with each video in the series, eventually even crossing sexual boundaries with M/F matches. Hopefully the members cook up something crazy for next week's brawl.

There's not a lot in the way of bonus material around here, but fans should dig the impressive collection of interviews with female pros. Most are text, but I'd say a good 15% are video. Though the interviews focus mostly on the business, there's usually a good juicy question thrown in here and there to spice things up.

All in all, the site does a good job of providing the fans with an interesting mix of goodies. The only problem is, the good stuff is not always easy to find. They should probably consider revamping a lot of the site. Navigation and organization of the content is, at times, downright confusing. There were redundant links, dead links on the archive page, and worst of all, banners on the main membership page. If they could just clean things up a little, it'd all be smooth sailing. As is, it's still one hell of a deal.


With weekly video updates and an archive that amounts of hundreds of short stories, Female Wrestling Channel is an amazing value at $5.99 a month. There are new entries every day, and the site is highly interactive in nature, allowing members to vote on every aspect of the match even the outcome. It's a nice mark to be sure, but I think it'll go over quite well with the hardcore wrestling crowd. The erotica collection alone warrants the price of admission.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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