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Flexi Girls

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When a body is able to transform itself into positions that many others find themselves in awe of, it's not only amazing but stimulating.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Nudists, Amateur
Complete review published on 02.04.2018
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I remember a song from years ago, holding lyrics stating, “There’s something in the way she moves…” Those words certainly ring true when considering the content promised from, Flexi Girls. The intro will depict the bending and stretching they profess will fill the membership area in exclusive, high quality content. It’s claimed weekly updates keep these gymnasts and contortionists fresh for you.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on April 22, 2018.

Over 240 videos about 11 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
WMV (1500kb/s, 640x480)
MP4 (4200kb/s, 960x540)
Over 310 galleries about 100 pictures each
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$19.95 / one month (recurring)
$39.95 / three months (recurring)
$69.95 / six months (recurring)


I must admit, I spent a bit more time going through the initial footage of this offering before I began typing, only because I wasn’t 100% sure the best approach on describing what I witnessed. I then decided to begin my written inspection by saying, if I tried to assume any of the positions shown through, Flexi Girls, I would need to seek immediately medical attention! I’m in awe of the flexibility and agility of these ladies, they’re turning, twisting, bending and maneuvering their frames in ways that wouldn’t seem humanly possible, and yet they do.

The next thing on my list to mention is the fact, even though this site would certainly fall under the criteria of being fetish, it’s also softcore. I found no nudity, nor did I encounter anything truly erotic in the sense of things such as, masturbation, blowjobs or hardcore acts of pleasure, no, this edition is all about the movement of body parts you would never dream could assume the positions they do, from the ladies of this installment. There will be a few sexy spins put to these provocative poses, such as the latex, spandex, stockings, high heels, lingerie, and even full body suits that are worn, which incorporates a sub fetish niche or two into the mix nicely.
There’s something about the way these, lovely contortionist project themselves that makes the act itself almost overshadowed by the great ease of their movements. There is literally no effort shown, just a simple lift of their hips or spreading of their legs and before you know it, they have parts of their anatomy where you wouldn’t think they should be. To say I’m in awe of these girls would certainly be an understatement, but to say I have a few favorites would certainly ring true.

I found myself particularly enjoying the movements of an adorable blonde by the name of, Jula. Lying on her belly, she brings her entire lower torso over and backwards, or maybe it’s more of an under and overtop, well, no matter what direction, she’ll smile sweetly as her feet rest on the floor, in front of each shoulder, leaving knees pointed upwards and her butt resting on her back, or would it be her stomach, well, you get the idea, it’s amazing and in many circles, arousing. They are literally bending over backwards from presentations, through videos offered in nice clarity and varying lengths. Stream or download, with no limits and no DRM, they’re offering crispness for witnessing the wonders of these Flexi Girls.

The exclusive images offered from well-presented galleries will not escape your desires. These high resolution stills will more than expose the talent, gracefulness and allure of the contortionists. A pleasing average of 100 shots seemingly fills the folders as you become intrigued and captivated by the ballet moves and gymnastic undertakings of these over achievers. Many of the backdrops for these shots hold a bit of something to enhance the movements, whether a color, an item, or just the type of area it is, it will play into the performance of these well-sized thumbs and uniformed galleries.


I’m not certain what might be connected to what else within the bodies of the babes, filling footage for, Flexi Girls, it seems the looseness allowing them to be contortionists speaks volumes in favor of the argument…they’re made of an elasticity while wearing latex. Lovely females, ballet dancers and such, showing the world their expertise in control of their limbs and torso through nice clarity and quality of softcore and yet fetish filled sets.
Inspector: Missy
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