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Foot Art

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A site tailor made for those who appreciate the inherent beauty if dainty toles and lush soles.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Foot Fetish
Complete review published on 05.04.2017
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Foot Art is a very classy little publication, whose sole focus is the oft undervalued beauty and eroticism of a women's feet. As I scan through the vast amount of gorgeous, high resolution teaser images, I'm immediately struck with the sense that these cats know what they're doing. And I should know, having had a strong foot fetish myself since I was mere lad. It's obvious that whoever is in charge here not only has a keen eye for feet but also a discerning and decidedly classy taste in the ladies as well. Indeed, the tour page is is practically overflowing with expertly photographed, mouth watering sole shots. There's also a long list of testimonials, from apparently very satisfied customers. While this is reassuring, I'll still have to reserve judgement until I've given them a thorough inspection.

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The design of the members area is, if nothing else, easy on the eyes. At the top there's a breathtakingly beautiful banner, showing two dainty pairs of feet, both with long slender toes enjoying the texture of dewy, freshly cut bluegrass. Other than that, though, it is a plain Jane as far as web design is concerned, anyway and, navigationally speaking, perhaps a bit unsound in a few areas.

The "Home" button, for instance, instead of taking you back to the members section as it should, takes you to what basically amounts to the tour page. I've also noticed the login appears to expire rather quickly, "appears" being the keyword. In all actuality, clicking the members link and going back to the page you originally intended seems to alleviate this problem. A bit of a nuisance, but it doesn't happen enough to really matter much. So far, anyway.

But, either way, you should have absolutely zero trouble finding your way around. The simple, straight-forward design style lend itself well to the absolute novice.
Since they're the bread and butter of the site, it's only natural I gravitated toward the models index first. Each gal's page contains a little basic background information and vital statistics, e.g., age, zodiac sign, and, of course, shoe size. In addition, the model index allows you to search girls by specific traits. They've also added a rating system, from which users can show their like or dislike for models, with scores as high as 10 stars. There are 76 ladies in total, and I've gotta tell you, they're a gorgeous lot. Not only is their beauty and overall looks diverse, but there's a great variety in their feet, too. I've seen long, slender toes, whilst others are short, almost child-like. There's also quite a few ladies with nicely pronounced arches and wrinkles. The thing I probably saw the least of rougher, less cared for feet. Though they're represented, too, as they should be. Not all foot fetishists want perfectly smooth, soft, tanned feet.

Sets often start out rather tame, even by straight foot fetishist standards. The first few photographs are usually of the girl sitting, perhaps her feet propped up, and almost always wearing shoes, socks, or nylons. Things progress quickly, however, with subsequent pictures showing one or both of her tootsies bare. I was quite pleased to see that they managed to use a variety of setting, with quite a few beautiful scenic nature shoots. It's also apparent there is great model direction happening, as the ladies seem well trained in striking provocative poses and generally just teasing the hell out of you.

I, myself, have always been a sole man, so I can tell you with complete honesty that if you, too, share that inclination, you'll no doubt be very pleased with what you find here. There's a surprising amount of variety. Lots of great toe scrunching action, wrinkly soles, and toe-pointing. I also admire how the photographer manages to take something that appears to have such an(at least initially) limited scope, and yet still manages to make things interesting visually. If this isn't "Foot Art", I don't know what is.

In total, there are 157 issues of the magazine available for download. Each is represented by a thumbnail of the cover. What really caught my eye was that newer updates are available with super high-res pictures, with a width of 5,000 pixels. I think high-quality is a must when you're doing foot fetish photography. It's all the more hot when you can see the women's feet in great detail, as if they were right up in your face. But this, this goes above and beyond the call of duty. Many of these photographs were already stunning, but they become positively breath-taking with such an insane level of clarity.

On the downside, they're so damn big that it's pretty unrealistic for most monitors. But that hardly matters seeing as how photos are served up in four different resolutions, with widths of 800, 1,600, and 3,500 pixels available as well. Better yet, the user is given a high level of flexibility for both downloading and browsing each gallery. For instance, there's a nice little script that allows you to mark choice selections and download them, in whichever resolution best suits your needs, compressed in a ZIP file.

I must say the only thing that disappointed me on this site was the video section. There's only 14 available so far, and worse yet, they have amazingly short running times. I'm talking between two and four minutes! I realize these guys are publishing a magazine, and as of such it's only natural that their main focus is photographs, but you'd think they could try a little harder in this area. The Windows Media files looked quite nice and what little I saw in the clips had me chomping at the bit to see more. What gives, guys?


Unless you're a hardcore foot fetishist, this site probably isn't your cup of tea. First off, this is erotic, and it focuses 100% on women's feet. You will not find any nudity here. And you're most definitely not going to find anything in the way of hardcore action. So, if you want gaping vaginas and footjobs, look elsewhere. If you consider yourself a purist, though, and have the ability to become rock hard or dripping wet from the mere sight of a nice set of peds, then Foot Art is a must have.
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