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Foot Orgies

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This is the site where you're guaranteed they all put their best foot forward, and the other isn't far behind. These little piggies turn you on.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Foot Fetish
Complete review published on 12.09.2017
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Great shots greet you on the tour area of this site. If you’re a true female foot lover then you won’t be able to get enough of what you find here. Promised are, over 10,000 top quality original foot fetish pictures and several hours of online foot fetish videos, all carefully categorized for easier browsing. That will give high marks when it comes to the navigation aspect of this site.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on March 23, 2018.

Over 44 videos about 15 minutes each (download)
DRM: No restrictions
AVI (420kb/s, 320x240)
Over 963 galleries about 55 pictures each
+ Zip archives

[v]PricesLast updated on March 23, 2018.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$74.95 / three months (non-recurring)

[v]Sample Galleries

She adores her feet in pantyhose Lady kisses her fine looking feet Feet walk in to make facial fun


I’m not sure just how protected these pretty feet are, but so far I’ve had to add username and password twice, and now I’m told by Foot Orgies that it needs to be added again to access their bonus programs, but we’ll venture into that soon enough, first and foremost I want to see what this site holds inside it’s open toed sandals for us. The navigation really does seem to be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. There are links with titles such as; “Updates,” “Girls,” “Girls and Girls,” “Girls and Guys,” “Videos,” “Archive,” and “Support.” Let’s see just how much “sole” this site has!

While checking out the “Updates” area of this site first, I was a bit disappointed with what I found. First of all, the last of the updates were dated the beginning of April, and this is nearly June…? The thumbs, were different sized and disarrayed in the layout, and when opening up, they are not all bringing in the full screen enlargement, some do, some don’t. The clarity is great with all of them, and you’ll see some toe sucking that will knock your socks off, but I just wish things had been a bit more uniformed, maybe I’m being too picky, because the content once you’re in it, really is quite good. While venturing into the other areas, I found that some thumbs are laid out with more expertise which is a nice touch, but again, the non-matching just strikes a sour note with me. The enlargements, at their largest come in at 1024x681 pixels, and as I said, the clarity is pretty good here.

You’ll enjoy the “Girls and Guys” area, here you’ll find some oral sex and just everything sexy that shows you they’re putting their best foot forward on this site. I must admit this was my favorite area to venture into, who needs a hand-job when you have ten toes to massage and masturbate with. The boots may be for walking, but the feet are for fucking and they show you just how much it’s enjoyed through these sets of images on this site.

I’m not sure where they came up with the count of 48,000 images, unless that is just for the original shots, because this reviewer came up with much more. Also, when you go into the archives, these sets are dated back into 2003, and there is a category that doesn’t exist any more, it’s “Threesomes,” and it’s hot! Here alone you have 960 galleries and just so you know, there’s not much you won’t enjoy on the pictures contained here. Long legs, perky tits, painted toe nails and arches that are just made for stroking hard shafts, what more could you ask for from a foot fetish site?
Click on the “Videos” link of this site and they let you know right away that their MPEG4 format does require a certain driver to be installed. There are links taking you to the appropriate measures so this is possible. If you are not running Windows, there is another place you need to go to select the codec for your operating system. Streaming didn’t seem to work, or at least not for me, I left clicked and was taken to a Windows Media window where I entered once again, username and password, but nothing ever happened, but I’m now nearly 40% into the download phase, so we’ll see how that goes. Download was quick and the starting was even faster, it did open up in Windows Media, but the quality left a lot to be desired, all that I checked out were the same way, and the full screen viewing was pretty harsh on the eyes.

I hot footed the videos into a different player, my Media Player Classic and the quality improved by leaps and bounds. The screen was a smidge smaller for viewing and the full screen was still somewhat rough, but it was a more pleasurable visit than tip-toeing around the other choice. My own personal opinion, quite a few of the vids that I checked out looked a bit too posed for me, you can almost tell the ones that are being heavily coached as to where they want this leg and be sure you do this with your tongue now, I like the more spontaneous where it looks as though they are really enjoying the actions, reality says a lot, even in porn.

The content really is hot, especially one particular video clip Vika and Igor, that I wish had been longer, the man is very well hung and he deeply enjoys the oral he’s supplying her with, while she moistens the back of the sofa where she’s sitting. His trouser snake has been set free and her handy erotic in-step is stroking him while her heels are pushing in hard on his bag of goodie juice. Foot Orgies really does prove that every part of the body is sexual and sensual to an extreme. Unfortunately there was an SQL Error that wouldn’t allow me to access the bonus area, but I did find the titles of other sites that are offered, and those are, Feet Screen, Nylon Feet Videos, and Nylon Feet Line. I’m hoping they are indeed still available since that’s a part of what the membership fee is based upon.


I wish there had been some hot write-ups to go along with this site, that might have put it further up the scale for me, to read some naughty little toe tapping excerpts that went along with the story line of the gallery or the video clips. You do get some steamy action from Foot Orgies, and the camera does catch the parts that you want to see the most, but I would still have to give it just a so-so rating.
Inspector: Missy
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