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Girls Got Cream

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If you enjoy your girls to be not just dreamy, but also creamy, then you are going to really enjoy this site. The intro page opens to full holes.
Site type: Pay site, category: Cum Shots, Teens, Anal Sex
Complete review published on 05.02.2018
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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If you had any doubts as to what this site was all about, after opening the tour page that will be clarified for you. With legs spread out and up you can see the left- overs of some hard loviní oozing out of their holes, close up shots take you practically internally on these models. Dripping and drenched are the introduction images, so be prepared to be gooey and pleasured here.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on July 19, 2018.

Over 179 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (1200kb/s, 640x480)
WMV (3000kb/s, 960x540)
MP4 (8000kb/s, 1920x1080)
iPod/PSP (1024x576)
Over 179 galleries about 280 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Video captures
Bonus Sites, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on July 19, 2018.

$29.97 / one month (recurring)
$59.97 / three months (non-recurring)
$2.95 / one day (recurring)

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If the intro page is any indication as to what the membership area is going to hold on this site, then this will be a site youíll dive into. The pictures shown for advertisement are great close-ups, dirty little acts and then the remnants of, with goo dripping from each hole along with pictures of penetration, even anal this is going to be some hard-core, hard-hitting, cum dripping pages. Come on, every man likes to stand back and admire is work, so why should sexual deposits be any different? With shoulders back, tummy sucked in and dick thatís now drooping from the lost load, watch as it reappears from her rear, and other areas.

This seems to be a pretty cut and dry website, not a lot of advertising of anything else besides what theyíve got dripping out of them. The images on the memberís page are great, they have a nice size to them and the colors are soft, nothing to brass or loud to take away from it all. Itís clean, itís sharp and itís definitely messy!

There is a model index of sorts on the first memberís page, showing a huge image of some puddles being made under their rumps while a smaller shot gives the face that the rump belongs to. With a short little write up telling you about the girl, and the naughty things that she enjoys doing, youíll feel like you know them all intimately in a short amount of time. I really enjoy the lay-out thus far, itís nice to have such large pictures showing you the area that has been invaded, you donít have to squint to catch the pussy pouring thatís going on, itís right there for you to enjoy.

There is a limited amount of links to this website, which to me is always a nice feature, when you have to search through the sex for exactly what youíre looking for, you could go soft before you find what really turns you on the most. But not on Girls Got Cream, here you are greeted at the top of the page with ďStills,Ē ďPics,Ē ďVideo,Ē ďSupport,Ē and Live Cams, canít get much easier than that folks. You are offered 14 ďStillsĒ to choose from here, but clicking on each one will open an array of images that have been ripped from the flicks and given to you in motionless form. The pictures are great, the camera has zoomed in on just the right areas, giving you exactly what you want to see the most. And I like the way the models donít look posed, itís natural and itís hot. These stills measure out to 200x150 pixels, and they will enlarge to, 508x381 and then even larger to, 640x480 pixels. The lighting used turned out great, nothing is lost in the shadows on this site at all. There is a lot of oral sex on these Stills and some doggie-style doinsí that are captured during their throes of passion. They sure do make it look real on here, I wonder how many girls actually got off? With the male models thereís no question, it all oozes back out to greet them. An average of 100+ images were contained in each of these 14 ďStills.Ē
Again, 14 seems to be the magic number here, because thatís how many galleries that are offered in the picture section. Under each image is the choice of small pictures or large pictures. Of course we checked out the small ones first, and these folders seem to be loaded with hot, horny shots that will make you have wet dreams. The pixel sizes for the thumbnail versions, (smaller pictures) is, 83x125. The largest they go after clicking on them is, 533x800 pixels. The larger picture area starts out with the same size in thumbnails and the initial enlargement, itís not until you click that one more time that it expands to a full screen version of, 853x1280 pixels. Very clear, very nice blow up, no quality is lost at all and it really brings you in to the girls and their playmates. These pictures also show how the young models gracing these pages can suck a mean dick, they do all enjoy oral you can tell. Each of these 14 galleries on this site hold approximately 200+ images, so the content count again for this area, is very nice.

Would you like to take a wild guess on how many video subjects there are? Yes, youíre right, 14 of them! Well, it sure makes the count easy on this website. Girls Got Cream has really done their homework in regards to offering a nice video page. This website even though itís basically a pretty simple one, has really impressed me with itís content and the layout of. As you click on one of the 14 choices, the page opens up to a multiple amount of episodes, that you can either download separately or the entire video at one time. My count will consist of the 91 clips overall and then Iíll let you know as well that itís episodes too. They do however give you a warning that the whole video for downloading at broadband connection is large, at, 304.37 MB. The clips run approximately 5 minutes each, so even that is a good time limit for a clip. You have options for your viewing such as, dial-up streaming, DSL 256 kb/s streaming, DSL 512 kb/s streaming and then the large screen for broadband. These clips are offered in downloadable version or streaming, and you must have the latest version of Windows Media Player to view.

Donít forget that this site is loaded with a live chat area, chat rooms with all sorts of girls to choose from. You have 41 choices under the heading of, ďFree Chat-rooms,Ē where you can either pick free chat or private chat. Then scrolling down further we find another 80 girls that are listed under ďNude Chat Rooms,Ē where you can choose from nude chat or private chat. There is a link available to click on a complete list of models.


These Girls Got Cream will allow their holes to empty right in front of the camera, sharing what was just deposited either inside or along the outer rim. They say itís good to the last drop and the images and videos this site holds will show you most ever drop.
Inspector: Missy
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