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Girls I Got

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There's no shyness showing through the intro for this site, in fact, the hot babes are more than ready to display all they've got and how they use it.
Site type: Pay site, category: Amateur, Video, Hardcore
Complete review published on 01.24.2018
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Opening the tour for this site will immediately make you feel as though you’ve found the personality palace of pornography. Girls I Got is all about the lovely amateur girls, doing what comes natural, and, in some cases, maybe even a bit unnatural. They depict images of masturbation, lesbian lust, and hardcore delight as well. They promise content will be in HD quality throughout the site.

[v]Content Amount(3)Last updated on July 29, 2018.

Over 95 videos about 10 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: Partially protected
WMV (6063kb/s, 1920x1080)
Flash (1280x720)
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$24.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / three months (recurring)
$99.95 / one year (non-recurring)


It seems when you take a room full of amateurs, and then take away their clothing, there’s going to be some naughtiness kick into high gear that you won’t want to miss, and, that’s what I found from the footage aspect of this site. There are some negative points, which is always difficult to report about, especially when there are highlights as well, I wish it could all be positive. Perhaps with the right balance, it won’t feel as painful for me to write, or for you to read, so, I’ll sporadically add things as I do my review. When opening the main membership page, there wasn’t a lot of maneuvering past that point, everything they have is a continuation from one page, just keep scrolling, which, is a bit of a dark mark to their presentation. Yes, it’s simple, but, having multiple pages gives it a more “grown-up” look, and not have it carry the aura of being a template presentation.

All participants were great to watch. The amateur girls had no qualms in showing off pretty panties, stockings, a lot of cleavage, and, in most cases, complete nudity. Their playful side showed beautifully, with a few swats to another’s rounded butt for ass spanking fetish fun, in the form of foreplay, added to blowjobs, and sex toys with fresh batteries, using clitoris stimulation and penetration through masturbating scenes, group sex with lesbians in bikinis, blindfolds, foot fetish, oral sex, and of course, the hardcore presentation, yes, those and more will be held through the footage of, Girls I Got.

Many different personality types make this presentation what it is, and, there’s nothing like see who a person really is by way of erotic arousal. The smiles as cumshots splash against bare breasts tell you they’re in it for the fun, the making of memories that will keep them stimulated for years to cum. With shaved testicles and pubic area of a male lover, a hot blonde shows her skills of deepthroat excitement, going all the way down to the smoothness, while displaying her piercings and making sure the world knows, she is her own woman. A double header of honey’s share a shaft, and anal sex is certainly a part of the mix as well, keeping this footage rocking in a softcore, hardcore and even fetish filled format of footage.
Between the smoking, vibrators and camel toes, they really do offer a nice array of content, and, in going back to their origination, August, 2012, this is now the latter part of December, 2013, they were on quite a roll with keeping the footage updated beautifully. It was like a snowball effect, every couple of days was bringing more to the site that I’m sure members more than appreciated, and then, something began to change. The span of days between freshness started to widen, and even in going through the chronological date stamps, I continued to think things would improve, but, they didn’t, in fact, there’s been nothing new added since April, 2013, yes, 8 months since they’ve updated.

As quoted through intro for, Girls I Got, they do indeed carry HD quality for their video clips, in fact, that’s pretty much all they carry. Again, a bit of a flaw, no real choices to pick from, no standard for those wanting to see it, but don’t absolutely need the extreme technical numbers. They stream, which offers one format, and the same for download, with no written descriptions for the set, just sort of a, “here it is,” persona. A little razzle dazzle and updating would surely make a difference for this installment, and, would give me cause to offer more of a star count for my review. Oh, and for those that enjoy being informed about DRM, yes, it is present from this site.

Unfortunately, there were basically no pictures offered, well, nothing high resolution anyway. Nestled in with the videos are very tiny screen caps, that are I’m assuming used as a description to what the film holds, but, as I said, they’re very small and no ability to enlarge, download, or anything that way, they’re pretty much set in sexual stone.


I have no complaints in regards to the amateurs and their abilities to deliver the softcore, hardcore and fetish action of what’s held within the boundaries of, Girls I Got, they do a great job. My disappointment came in the form of across the banner of the main page it states there are weekly updates, not the case, there’s been nothing fresh for 8 months, a huge downfall. There is HD quality and only that, with one format for stream, one for download. No choices, template looking layout, and no images to speak of.
Inspector: Missy
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