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Hands On Orgasms

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If seeing pretty amateurs receiving pleasure brings you pleasure, then I think you'll fit in around here just fine. Ultra-intense orgasms await!
Site type: Pay site, category: Toys & Masturbation, Close Ups
Complete review published on 03.06.2018
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I'm always down for a new concept, and this one honestly had me intrigued. You see, Hands On Orgasms is a site where the cameraman takes part in the fun, helping the models on screen get off, usually with just his hand but sometimes a toy, too. The tour is filled with imagery of sexy unknowns in midst of orgasmic bliss not to mention promises of unlimited access to "hours of hands-on-scenes" and high-quality footage "ripped straight from Digital Video cameras." But I want to know more. Guess I better sign in, huh?

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on May 07, 2018.

Over 312 videos about 10 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (3800kb/s, 720x576)
Flash (960x720)
Android (1870kb/s, 720x480)
IPad-Mac (1100kb/s, 353x288)
WMV (2000kb/s, 982x544)
Over 312 galleries about 100 pictures each
+ Video captures
Model Index

[v]PricesLast updated on May 07, 2018.

$19.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / three months (recurring)


One of this site's big selling points, at least for me, is that it has a pretty unique premise. Normally I'm not that big a fan of solo masturbation not unless it's exceptionally well done solo masturbation. Hell, even mutual masturbation is boring to me unless it's flawlessly executed. But for whatever reason, the cameraman getting the girls off turns me on. The story on the tour probably didn't hurt. They said it all started as one big happy accident with a model asked the cameraman for a little "help." Either way, that disimbodied hand certainly makes Hands On Orgasms stand out in the crowd, and in some strange way, has become its trademark. On a sidenote, if you watch the scenes in chronological order, you should notice a definite steady improvement in his technique displayed aptly through the volume of the models' reactions. He's also aided by an expanding budget, a.k.a. more powerful toys!

Of course, another perk of being a member is that they've got a legendary model stable in the making. The first thing I noticed about it aside from the fact that it's already huge, with 108 girls and counting was what a diverse crowd it was. They've got MILFs and teens, models and girl-next-door types, porn stars and amateurs, black and white you name it! Really, the only thing they all have in common is that they're easy on the eyes.

Oh, and just in case you hadn't already guessed it, the content around here is exclusive. It's also multi-bandwidth, and can be streamed or downloaded in your choice of a large Windows Media or MPEG-4 file, as well as two distinct formats. Streaming and downloads were like a dream, with speeds holding steady around the 1.1 meg-per-second mark. The Windows Media file is definitely the best looking of the bunch, and so far as SD quality goes, looks pretty sharp. Which is important. I mean, you wanna capture all those subtle twitches and spasms that accompany "Mr. Hands" freaky work.

But as awesome as these scenes are, there's a couple of things that majorly detract from their hotness. First off, video quality here just isn't up to par with current standards there's nothing, whatsoever, in the way of HD, and what is available doesn't get any better than a 720 x 576 Windows Media file. Second, the scenes are split up into 2 and 3 minute long chunks that, frankly, are just way too short even for porn that falls loosely into the solo genre. Aside from being annoying, cutting the clips up in this fashion gives the site deceptive numbers. I mean, you kind of get your hopes up when you see there's 312 scenes, but then you find out that if they weren't split up the number would be half that. Bummer.

In their defense, the site didn't get its start until late 2011, so it's only natural they aren't sporting huge numbers just yet. But low numbers or high, I still see no point in splitting up your episodes like that. Not only is it annoying, but it clutters up the page. And if you simply must do it, have the decency to include the option to download the episode in its entirety. On that note, navigation in general here is a bit on the plain-Jane side, with features on the light side. I hate to say it, but maybe this is joint is already in need of a facelift?

One last minor negative would be the total lack of photos on the site. It's hard to fault them on this point, though, because the tour made no mention of high-res photography. But if you're really hard up for a fix, you can always check out the screen caps. Each scene is accompanied by 100 of them and, so far as screen caps go, they're actually quite nice.

One thing that might smooth over a lot of these negatives, though, is the awesome collection of 4 bonus sites: Only Zahra, Only Emma, Fem Flood, and Xs Orgasms. These sites offer roughly the same quality level content as Hands on, and also seem to still be updating regularly, which is always a plus, right?


Though Hands On Orgasms' "cameraman-helper" spin on solo masturbation might not do it for everyone, I think the site delivers a unique product at an accessible price. True enough, the site itself could do with a makeover, and the video quality is, simply put, lacking. But at $20 bucks a month and with 4 regularly updated and like-minded bonus sites it is, at the very least, worth a little consideration. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed on this one. With a little work, it could be amazing.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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