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Mistress T

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Have you been a bad boy? Mistress T is ready and willing to dominate you, all the while fulfilling your kinkiest fantasies.
Site type: Pay site, category: FemDom, Single Models
Complete review published on 12.20.2022
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MistressT promises to penetrate your mind with her fetish orientated videos that she aims to make as real as possible. Fetishes range from cuckoldress to giantess and everything in between. And she has a big, round ass, blue eyes that will suck you in and cute little feet that will get you hard.

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Over 1744 videos (download and stream)
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Ever wish your girlfriend knew how to play the parts of all your wildest fantasies? For some guys there's nothing hotter than the idea of watching a well-endowed beefcake doing the nasty with their own special lady. For others, it's role reversal that gets them going: imagine a girl who is completely dominant in the bedroom, making you submit to her every filthy whim and desire. This mistress likes to portray herself as something of an all-rounder when it comes to fulfilling a man's deepest desires, and indeed, the tour page hints that she really does cover quite a range! A few of the video titles that you can currently see include Sniff Mom's Asshole, Sex Therapist Control You, and Jerk it For Your Fetish Goddess. All too often the single-model type pages can seem lacking in variety of material, but I've got a feeling that MistressT may have just found a way round that problem.

Navigating this site is a simple affair. In fact, the members page is probably one of the cleanest I've seen in a great while. Menus are situated at the top and left-hand side of page, remaining statically affixed regardless of which section you choose to explore. In addition, content is served up in a variety of ways. If organization by 9 different fetishes(Cuckolding, Female Domination, Foot Body Goddess Worship, Giantess, Humiliation Degradation, Masturbation Instruction, Mommy Fetish, Race-Related Fetish, and Toilet Training ) isn't enough for you, videos can also be browsed by popularity(most downloaded) as well as how recently they were uploaded.

As I write this, the video section houses 1744 videos. The bulk of these are, not surprisingly, in the 'Female Domination' and 'Foot Goddess' sections, but that's not to say there's still not a healthy amount of material in the other fetishes. Quite the contrary, actually. I was surprised to find there are quitea few clips in the 'Toilet Training' section, which, as you may have suspected, focuses primarily on watersports and scat. Is any subject too taboo for this gorgeous lady?

Another plus is how easily identifiable each scene is. Not only have they included a wonderfully detailed synopsis for each clip, but they've also added an animated gif, forgoing the traditional still shot or bulky sample gallery, giving the user a clearer idea of whether or not this is the sort of clip he or she would be interested in.

Scenes can be downloaded in Windows Media files with a nice resolution of 1280x720. Both video and audio quality are excellent. The sets are well-lit, and although camera-work seems to be exclusively handheld, it's well done and not distracting at all. I suspect they use boom mics, because the audio is surprisingly clean and lacking any of the hissing and pops often associated with onboard sound. I was also greatly impressed by the imaginative special F.X. used in some of these videos. While they're obviously not Hollywood quality C.G.I., they're still a great touch that you don't often see.

If you're in a hurry or just low on harddrive space? Not a problem. There's a nifty java-based option for streaming. The way the videos box expands before your eyes is a nice touch, giving the site a high-tech side I wasn't expecting. Also, and more importantly, the videos stream effortessly. There were no buffering issues and clarity was damn-near on par with the Windows Media files.

One of the most interesting scenes featured Mistress T as the concerned mother of a teenage boy who everyone feared may grow up to be a homosexual. Naturally, as any a lady familiar with the latest techniques in modern parenting, this lady decides to take matters into her own hands; showing her little guy just what's so special about a woman's touch.

First she shows off her lovely full breasts, then begins slowly jerking off his rock hard dick, all the while lecturing him on the virtues of heterosexuality pitted against vices of homosexuality. What's nice about this scene, too, is the keen attention to the detail. For instance, she is dressed in a manner reminiscent of a well-to-do lady of the 1950s, flowery dress and leather gloves, as she moralizes to her son about the importance of attending church so as not to grow into a pansy. Small details which I think help to make the scene a little bit more real, and therefore turn you on a little bit more. The scene ends much in the fashion you would expect it, too. The kid blowing his load to his mother's proud approval, and little old me left feeling confused and slightly horrified with what I'd just witnessed.

The picture section of the site is utterly lackluster in comparison to the top-notch video section. There are currently 402 pictures, which is a nice round number, but they're such a mixed-bag that it's almost not worth it. They aren't really contained in any sort of individual galleries to speak of. Instead, the pictures are just spread out over the course of 11 pages with comprehensive order. One photo might be Mistress T, fully clothed and posing boredly, the next could be strolling across the beach nude and chatting with random passers-by. Worse yet, the resolution is small and they're displayed with a pop-up java applet. This gives the user no clear indication of how to save the photos (other than screen capture).

There's really not much in the way of extras, but with so much content, you won't see me complaining. There is, however, a well written and surprisingly candid blog by Mistress T herself. I really recommend you give it a read, as some of the entries are actually pretty darn hot. Plus, I feel getting to know the woman behind all these videos adds to my arousal, making her more than just another faceless porn star.

Oh, and one more thing. I have a tip for you: Forgot the standard membership option. It has a download cap of 5 videos-per-day and doesn't allow video streaming. While the premium membership is nearly twice is high, it's definitely worth the price.


What more is there to say? In this reviewer's humble opinion, this is THE place to visit for Femdom action. But what makes Mistress T great is that it's so much more than that. It manages to cater for all sorts of fetishes whereas previously you'd only find them covered by visiting multiple sites. Not only this but the site also features some pretty outlandish (Note the special effects used on the Gigantism fetish) as well as some downright brave scenes -- a Mother converting her gay son using incest to turn him 'round? There's a real willingness to take on some of the more taboo subject matter here. The quality of the material is generally great, too. I think some of the videos I watched suffer for lack of penetrative sex but at this price I really can't complain too much. One of the best sites I've seen in a while.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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