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Pee Fantasies

Brace yourself for content that seems to have the type of flow that will intrigue, entice and beckon you in as a member, for a closer look.
Site type: Pay site, category: Watersports, Fetish
Complete review published on 02.07.2016
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[v]Intro promises(4)

This fetish flows with the golden liquid of lust! Pee Fantasies promises there will be amateurs partaking in what they label as “unique,” and “extreme,” fantasies. When their bladders empty, it happens in the form of erotica, and they claim, as a member you can request saturating scenarios to make footage more personal. Nice quality, regular updating and a kinkiness you’ll appreciate is pledged.

[v]Content Amount(1.5)Last updated on June 18, 2018.

Over 51 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (5044kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (5163kb/s, 1920x1080)
Over 152 pictures
+ Fullscreen pictures, Video captures, Zip archives

[v]PricesLast updated on June 18, 2018.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$69.95 / 93 days (recurring)
$95.95 / six months (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards


When opening the main membership area, there are a couple of things to immediately keep in mind; Be careful where you step, this hot, well built brunette seems to leave pornographic puddles most anywhere, and the main character of the footage for, Pee Fantasies is a stunning female by the name of, Eva. It’s as if she transforms herself over and over throughout the sets of this amateur offering, as if she’s testing her own limits, which puts an unexpected twist of heat to the journey. The focus is never lost to the fetish this site is about, but it’s the manner different avenues it’s presented from that will make this edition stand out above the rest.

I’ve inspected and reviewed many watersport sites, I’ve followed men and women alike all around the house, indoors and outdoors as they release their urine for the world to view, but there is something a bit over the top from this woman…who I might add does look to fall into the realm of a MILF or cougar stage, close to, if not within the wonderful world of that age bracket. She enjoys pushing herself to the point of pain, where her tummy bloats with bladder fullness and she truly does her best to hold back, seeing how much she can drink and how long she can wait before, well, before she ends up darkening her blue jeans and staining the sofa with her urine.

From her self-tests she’ll slip into games, the type where she can allow herself the release of only a small amount of pee, and then she drinks, masturbates…but not always allowing herself to cum until she’s peed again, repeating the process over and over, which not only heightens the impact of her orgasm when it is achieved, but also permitting herself to empty her bladder into a cup and not have to stop at a certain amount, well, it’s like a dual edge of erotic satisfaction.
One of the wonders about this hot brunette is the fact, she really is not a picky pisser…she will go absolutely anywhere, and it seems the more shock and awe she can bring to the screen, the more stimulating it is for her as well. Staying in a motel is certainly an adventure for her bodily function, as footage will show nicely from this installment. She stands in the closet and urinates all over the floor, on the bed, on pillows, chairs, carpeting, There’s no area off limits when it comes to the fetish acts offered from, Pee Fantasies. Everything is about pushing herself as far as she can, such as, using a vibrator for solo masturbation, forcing orgasms over and over, all while thrashing about from the misery of needing to go…but holding back until the last cumfest she shares, at which time, it’s all about the wetness.

Even though this is amateur content, the quality is quite nice. They’ve been online for 8 months, and in that time they’ve managed to add mostly video clips, but there are a handful of galleries as well. From the clips, the amount of time varies, but the action is always above the level of just hot, it goes well into the fetish realm of scorching sexiness. At least one update of freshness arrives weekly, and usually there’s at least two, keeping a single format for download (with multiple levels of crispness), and also one for streaming. They mentioned high quality offered for viewing, and they held true to their word, there is HD, and also full HD available.

From the three galleries scattered through the 2 pages of material for this site, they keep things a bit minimal in folder count, approximately 49+ shots, some of which look like screen caps, while others mixed through are more of the high resolution type. They do include a link for downloading as a ZIP, and when expanding, I found sizes in full screen with, 1280x720 pixels.


Gather around this stunning brunette, and enjoy what she has to offer, but don’t get too close unless you have plenty of towels close by, when she decides to cut-loose, everyplace is fair game. Pee Fantasies is a well constructed fetish site, presenting urination material in places I have to admit, I’ve not witnessed before. The woman of the hour is truly beautiful in lingerie and sexy in soaked blue jeans, where the majority of her content is completely solo and saturating.
Inspector: Missy
Attention: this site has been closed
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