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Pet And Pony Girls

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It's different strokes for different folks and when it comes to fetish enjoyment, there are ways of riding off into the sunset sexually satisfied!
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Latex, Bdsm
Complete review published on 12.15.2016
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The next time youíre feeling frisky, toss a saddle on your mateís back and ride your way into an orgasm! Pet and Pony Girls is actually a fetish Iíve not encountered before. Yes, it includes bondage and torture, which is always enjoyable to investigate further, but they mix it up a bit more by making them bring out their animalistic charms! They promise nice quality will be found from content.

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$39.99 / one month (non-recurring)


I find myself strangely fascinated by the fetish material of this site, not in the realm of wanting to be a willing participant, but more the fact that itís new to me and presented in a way that the realism has piqued my interest. When the main stall doors to this site swung open, I wasnít sure whether I should bring my technical abilities at evaluating the site itself or maybe a few sugar cubes and handfuls of straw for the performers! Navigation is no issue, youíll find everything quickly and with no hindrance and one thing is for sure, you wonít want to miss one animalistic adventure they offer, they will have you just as mesmerized as Iíve been.

My mind is actually going in different angles as far as exactly how I want to go about explaining Pet and Pony Girls, but my first instinct is to say there are some parts I can almost see where it would be a turn on. In the first place, when you hit your favorite porn areas, and theyíre chalk full of those seductive babes, what is it that really makes your heart skip a beatÖ.well, besides that! Itís the way they move, the arch of their back, the way their breasts puff out in front of them while their asses look so inviting at the same time, and Iíve even used descriptions before of how women carry this kitten-ish type look, that stretching and sultry position that says theyíre ready to pounce on their prey, and itís a hot thing to see, so this isnít that far out of the realm of good olí feminine know-how, well, almost.

Now allow your mind to go a bit wild with the vision Iíve just placed before you, add a sinister looking latex cat suit, equipped with a long, curling tail, pink ears and the front cut low enough that huge breasts are hanging freely for admiring, that is just a part of what this site is all about. Theyíre so realistic with their animalistic charm. The women clad as horses for this fetish also have the flowing tail, that sways beautifully as they stomp their hooves and raise their necks up and down, portraying the way a horse actually maneuvers, thatís why I say there is a realistic twist to this site that will make you an animal lover for sure. They have these girls chained in barns, making them eat from a bowl, looking so pitiful and yet pleasured at the same time.
They do an especially nice job of mixing fetishes throughout this site, not only do you have the animal scenario, where they actually get on all fours and are ridden, but there is a lot of brightly, seductively colored latex wearing, nudity, stockings, BDSM, where theyíre bound by ropes and chains within the stalls, it really will do wonders for anyone that has a fondness for the all-four sort of fornication. They have this way of mixing what looks like torture and torment through their training footage as something very seductive and stimulating. Thereís nothing like a girl roped and tied, with a muzzle on to make you want to sneak up behind her and do it doggy style!

They carry basically three downloadable formats, two that come through Real Video, which includes the MP4 distribution and then a WMV. These are download clips, and the Windows Media holds the highest technical numbers and of course the best clarity in viewing, even going full screen wonít cause much distortion at all. Again, they keep it quick and easy for the presentations. If you opt for using the video link, youíll find the galleries that go along with that particular set included, where you can either open the JPEGs through the browser, giving a very nice enlargement in full screen of, 1067x1600 pixels, or, you can download as a ZIP. If you want more images, they do exist, many more sets of those than clips are offered, and they come to you through numbered pages as the membership area first opens, Iím assuming this site was primarily picture oriented in the beginning, that seems to be where the majority of the catering comes through.


In trying to decide exactly what category Pet and Pony Girls falls into, fetish is the first thought that comes to mind and believe me, itís more than fitting, but I teeter on the edge of softcore and hardcore, mostly because itís so unusual, it could really be either-or. Navigation was a breeze, the quality is nice, the numbers are fair, and the content itself, well, lets just say youíll be ready to saddle up and ride off into the sunset with sexual satisfaction lingering!
Inspector: Missy
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