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Phat Ass Housewives

It's time to step up to the plate, giving a little playful slap and watch it wiggle from the attention. These ladies have the derrière you dream about
Site type: Pay site, category: MILF, Hardcore, Butts
Complete review published on 10.09.2010
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[v]Intro promises(3)

Youíll want to tweak the cheeks you find on this site Ė mostly because they are proudly displaying them high into the air, down on all fours and ready for anything you bring towards them. Phat Ass Housewives donít just sit around all day on their bottoms watching games shows, they are sharing those bottoms with the men that appreciate a rump to rave about. Pictures, videos and bonus sites too.

[v]Content Amount(2)Last updated on January 20, 2013.

Over 10 episodes about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
MPEG (1500kb/s, 720x480)
WMV (458kb/s, 320x240)
WMV (776kb/s, 512x384)
Over 10 galleries about 40 pictures each
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites

[v]PricesLast updated on March 19, 2014.

$1 / two days (recurring)
$39.95 / one month (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards

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Big breasted red-haired milf dressed in pink strips before horny man fucks her snatch Blonde housewife seduces guy with her tits and peachy ass and becomes wasted Fat booty of this sultry mature makes the guy really excited and he badly drills Harlot red haired mature shows her attractive butt and takes dick in her mouth


You wonít need all fingers and toes for content count to this site, from the look of things, you are greeted by only 10 ladies that strut their butt. There are no dates given for when the material was added so Iím not sure if this is a newer site or not, but they do have more slots open with a message that youíll soon find more housewives here. They are quick to wrap things up with all of the extras your money buys here, and that could be because of how little content you get from the intended site. They keep it all organized however, you wonít be lost in the shuffle of one feed or another, which is a nice touch from them.

I like the way theyíve offered their Phat Ass Housewives in an introduction of Mrs. So and So, it keeps that thought going through your mind that these arenít teens by any means, but they arenít ready for the Geritol bottle yet either. A nice little write-up will tell you about the woman youíve chosen when you click on her pic to take you into the video area. This is where the choices really begin. Scratch your head and rub your shaft to the tune of streaming and downloadable movies, through low, medium or High Def, and either snippets of episodes or the full length movie. You can tell these housewives care about their members, with these sort of choices they are ready to cater to any desires.

I have to give high praise to this site for the quality they offer in their video play. Itís easy and the only choppiness I found was lodged within some of the lower quality plays. Other than that, itís easy on the eyes and definitely the hardcore action you were searching for. They have the rounded bottoms just made for grabbing onto as leverage while these men make the deep plunges forward. And none of them are really short changed in the breast area either, they are pretty much the total package for porn. Itís nice to watch a bit older set showing how well they can still tear up the sheets on a Queen sized bed, and this site is offering that very thing.
The stars were in alignment the day the pictures were taken for Phat Ass Housewives because they are really nice. The thumbs are given with a burnt orange border, just thin enough to be easily seen and making the images pop from the white background. Even in the smaller version you get a good view of what the image is, they offer a nice size. I was surprised the enlargements werenít on a full screen scale, with the quality being this good, but maybe they want to keep them smaller for a quicker open when it comes to dial up users. Whatever the case, they do have a beautiful look to them, the lighting worked well and you get an approximate 640x417 pixels.

They have constructed the site in a way where stories are basically told Ė which really showed itself to me in the image section. They start out with the lovely lady first, striking a few poses of her bottom, proving they have those rounded moons that will make you see stars. Then, enter the lucky male that gets to share the scene on this site and the hardcore action begins from there. Iím not sure which part of the bodies are used the most, but I can say the tongues get a lot of workout, so if youíre an appreciative party to oral stimulation, youíll enjoy what they do, while never leaving focus too long from their butts.

To make up for the fact that this site doesnít hold a tremendous amount of material yet, they are giving you some extras to help pass your time. It starts out with third party feeds, or, what they call Platinum Feeds, and this is where you find material coming to you in the form of, BBW, Butts, Mega Feeds, MILF Videos, Anal Videos and Porn Stars just to name a few. For the actual bonus sites, the count isnít overly high there, but you do get, ďMILF Boobies,Ē and, ďMILF Thong Hunters


When you see these ladies with their bottoms high in the air, youíre going to know exactly what this site is all about. They have a bit of a middle aged spread that will make you weak in the knees. Itís hard core action all through this site, and even though thereís not a lot of stand alone material to go by, they do offer some nice bonus material to keep you awake through the night.
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