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If your plans are to put your feelings to film, the aching and itching felt within your loins, then by all means, make each shot count with sexiness.
Site type: Pay site, category: Hardcore, Video
Complete review published on 11.10.2017
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[v]Intro promises(4)

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It’s all in the perception, even porn, there’s a good way and a better way to capture those cock filled moments, and, from POVauditions.com, they’re promising the camera will be at the angle for arousal. Oral sex is being depicted from intro, where a tight grip on the shaft and lipstick spreading over the head is on the agenda. They promise nice quality and extra bonus sites for membership.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on December 30, 2017.

Over 4320 videos about 14 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (6942kb/s, 1280x720)
iPod/PSP (1113kb/s, 872x480)
Flash (920x516)
Over 6522 galleries about 60 pictures each
+ Zip archives
Bonus Sites, Model Index, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on December 30, 2017.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / two months (recurring)
$69.95 / three months (recurring)
$119.38 / one year (non-recurring)


This is the second site I’ve reviewed from this network, and, quite frankly, they do a wonderful job in some respects on keeping a pattern flowing, which will make it very nice for members, but, there is also another recurring trait that I’m not feeling much fondness for. With its sister site, I thought there might be something I was overlooking or not quite understanding in the layout, even though, like this installment, things are pretty cut and dry, simple and easy for maneuvering, but, now I’m convinced, my assumptions were correct, now that I’ve seen the membership area of this installment to the network.

Allow me to put on the brakes for a moment, to say the niche offered from, POVauditions.com is an amazing one. There’s something about seeing a blow job from the angle of the male, where he looks down upon the big, bright eyes looking back at him, all the while a sliding, hot and talented mouth encompasses the many, engorged inches of his cock, applying the oral sex that will assure an orgasmic ending. The glistening of saliva shows where the sucking stopped, but the desire continues. These amateur, hot babes do know their way around fellatio, but of the handful of clips I watched, I didn’t find one that held the ability to take the girth all the way to the gonads, there were some that came in close though, meaning, the oral sex will be stimulating, especially when filmed in the fashion it is.

There will be full dressed hot babes, those that are partially stripped, showing deep cleavage from the center of their bra cups, and also, lust filled females that are going all the way down to the bare essentials, assuring their lover they will be completely nude while offering a blowjob. With mascara place meticulously on every eyelash, giving them the long luster that will enhance the already apparent beauty of these amateurs, the camera is going to come down close, so as a member, you’re going to feel it through the filming. They call this footage hardcore, however, from the sucking, I would hang on a bit tighter to softcore as the category, but, with the mixture they’ve tossed in, yes, this site definitely falls under hardcore as well.
Not all of the sets directly pertaining to the title of, POVauditions.com will be offered in HD, but, quite a few will be and they’re clearly marked as such. They, like their sister site, keep the amount of formats very minimal, basically teetering being MP4 and Flash, with your mobile device listed as well. The clarity is nice, even in those that are a bit less than elite in presentation, the clarity will say they know what they’re doing here. I only wish I had – had as much to boast about in regards to the overall addition of content. There is freshness coming through multiple times per week, which is wonderful, but, after the first 4-5 pages of the available, 200+ for videos and 300+ for galleries, there will be an immediate changeover.

Since I am familiar with this network, I can say with complete certainty, many of the sets offered past those first initial pages are from their other sites, meaning, yes, you may still have oral sex segments along the way, but, it’s not going to be the specified niche you signed on for, but will also contain more hardcore installments, which can be a good thing, but in the opinion of this reviewer, a bit deceitful as well. The material is nice, all the way through, but, be honest in presentation, show exactly what fits the title of, POV Auditions, don’t beef it up with sets from the network, because members will be watching nothing but repeated material no matter what site they go into.

From the video clips marked at, HD, they most clarity seems to be found from the streaming installment, but, downloading does keep a nice standard definition, with technical numbers that will show, disappointment won’t be felt when viewing. The average amount of time these morsels run will be 14+ minutes, and each second seems to be filled with naughtiness. They’re exposing the world to over 4,000 video clips, again, they’re feeding from the entire network, and an even higher count is available for galleries, where the browser expansions are a smidge smaller than I thought they’d be, but, still nice at, 667x1000 pixels, and, a ZIP download is included.


POVauditions.com carries a nice that could be a true winner on the web, the way they film down the belly of the body that’s being blown, while a beautiful amateur babe licks and sucks his erection into an orgasm, but, there is one major issue I found from this installment. There are hundreds of pages offered for their content sets, but, only the first 4-5 carry the actual POV type of footage, the rest happens to be sets drafted in from their network of sites, making this a softcore, hardcore, and a bit deceitful presentation.
Inspector: Missy
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