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Rugger Bugger

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There is a lot of things to be said for sports, a spectators enjoyment that holds things to watch you never thought you'd see, but it's here!
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Complete review published on 01.07.2018
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Itís that time of year again, the balls are out and the sports are on! Rugger Bugger offers a tour that shows all of those slip ups and pop outs from the athletic field, not to mention things that go on in the locker room. Itís time to view the behind the scenes sportsmanship that will sure to bring your team in as a winner. They pledge some exclusive content, high quality for your viewing.

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$39.95 / one month (recurring @ $34.95) (recurring)

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Rugger Bugger / Gallery #5366823 The picture gallery with some photos of world famous soccer player in club uniform Amazing muscular torso of handsome white haired topless boxer totally exposed Sexy sportsmen in uniform and topless in sportswear in these photos  for women


These guys know how to show good sportsmanship, and it comes in the form of those captured moments that werenít and sometimes were meant to be seen. When the main membership doors open, youíre going to find yourself maybe scratching your head as much as I am. They give a layout of increments in regards to a 1-50 system of galleries, which include not only images but videos alike. These will range to the tune of over 800, but nestled within those are more additions, so, I will be honest upfront and tell you my overall count of content for this site will be estimated. I can tell you itís high enough to make you happy, and probably a bit higher than what Iíll mark in the appropriate fields, but when you offer a layout thatís not exactly a user friendly interface, this is what happens.

There are claims that some of the content from Rugger Bugger will be exclusive, and I wonít argue with that, but I would say I donít see it being 100% that way. This site is for the female gender, and also the male gender as well, if youíve got a taste for the testicles as we babes do, or maybe just a fondness for finding your sports hero caught in a provocative moment, then you are surely going to understand whatís found here. Through the locker rooms the cameras roam, catching a bare ass here, or maybe some jacking off there, and if you take it one step further, there will even be some footage of those feel good moments after a hard game when other things now take on the hardened form. When youíve got the name, and the game, you can just about do anything you want, and lucky for us, we get to watch it.

There will be the shots of those semi erect cocks filling out the front of their uniforms, and the light plays upon the shadows just enough to give a nice outline of the package their packing, but I must admit, my favorite comes from the soccer players that while kicking their way down the field, their privates are suddenly made public, bobbing and weaving as they strive for the scoring goal, gonads and all. A lot of the names, faces I recognized, I do enjoy sports, most any type, so it was a turn on to have this bit of a peek-a-boo sort of offering from those that Iíve rooted for on Sunday afternoon and then admire their manhood on Friday evening. Itís sort of like the celebrity sites, you wonder and dream what it might be like and then when thereís footage found to confirm or blow your expectations out of the water, itís a naughty, taboo sort of turn on from a basically softcore site.
There are many galleries of pictures, some will be a higher resolution than others, and, there will even be some screen caps mixed in, but, for a site such as this, itís expected and understood. Within the folders an average of half a dozen shots, sometimes less will be found, and again, thereís no surprise to the fact the sizes will differ in their enlarged state. They do have a way of making sure you keep the feel of everything sportsman like from what you see, it is well done in that respect from this site. Iíve been through many of the galleries, but Iím not finding a ZIP download option.

Much like the pictures, videos will also carry their own persona from each presentation. I can say I watched quite a few, and each one that I opened ran less than a minute in time. Itís important though that members keep in mind these are not posed shootings, they donít show up at a certain time and then film what they think their public wants to see, these are captured moments that may or may not have been intended, but either way, theyíre teasing enough to make them stimulating. Iím finding one single format in download/stream, WMV, and of course, the technical numbers will also carry their own attributes per serving as well, some a bit grainier than others, but always following the path of the type of niche and the taboo sharing they offer.


Rugger Bugger is definitely for sports enthusiast, especially those that have a preference of what balls they get to see, whether by accident or on purpose. Itís much like a softcore celebrity site here, giving you those voyeur type of moments that youíll keep in your mind the next time you see them perform on the field, the ice, wherever they may be playing. Quality varies, but for the niche it is, it holds its own. Navigation is a bit of an issue for a reviewer to get a completely accurate count of content.
Inspector: Missy
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