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Security Cams Fuck

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This site contains security camera footage of average people caught fucking in public places.
Site type: Pay site, category: Voyeur, Video, Nudists, Amateur
Complete review published on 06.01.2018
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Security Cams Fuck is a website that contains actual footage of average, everyday people caught on video having moments of passion in public. Youíll see blowjobs in parking garages, fucking on stairwells, anal sex in the office, and all kinds of crazy humping going on by people that donít know thereís a security camera watching everything.

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I have to admit, Iíve had sex in a restroom once or twice and several times at various workplaces over the years, and whenever I was fucking a chick in my office, I was always a little paranoid about security cameras. Hell, I humped a chick in the break room after hours one time and turned the lights out first just in case. Itís probably a good thing I did, because this site confirms my worst fears, thereís always some one watching. Of course, if your job isnít in jeopardy, some people might enjoy having an audience.

As Security Cams Fuck is a hidden camera voyeur site, all of the videos here are shot by a stationary camera, so donít expect any close-ups or changing camera angles. What you get is actual raw footage from security cameras in a variety of locations, such as offices, locker rooms, gyms, stairways, parking garages, hotel corridors, bathrooms, stores, and many other places. Sometimes itís a little frustrating not being able to see the close-up shot of what looks to be a great cumshot, but thatís the price you pay for viewing voyeur movies instead of regular porn. Itís a fair tradeoff. Also, donít expect to hear sound in every video, as most security cams donít record sound.
The quality of the videos on this site isnít the best, but what do you expect from cheap security cameras? As mentioned before, some of the videos have sound and others donít. Also, a few of the videos are from black & white cameras, although most are in color. Of course, if youíre a voyeur fan, youíre probably used to fuzzy pictures and bad camera angles. People donít come to these sites for the production values, they come for the voyeuristic thrill of seeing people have sex on camera who donít know theyíre being filmed.

Thereís some crazy shit on this site, including a video where some older chick in the office break room pees into some guys drink when he leaves the room, then we see him come back and drink it! There are also plenty of blowjobs, fucking, cumshots, masturbating, and even some lesbian pussy licking caught on these cams. Youíll see office workers going at it like rabbits, couples grabbing a quickie in public when they think no one is watching, threesomes at the gym, sex in the parking lot, blowjobs in the bar bathroom, nurses screwing their patients, repair men humping their female clients, a massage parlor babe getting frisky, and much more. Thereís even a funeral home security camera that caught some employees fucking in one of the demo caskets!

One of my favorite videos on thissite features a young, sexy brunette office worker with glasses that brings the coffee pot into the bathroom to fill it with water. She looks so serious as she rinses it out a few times, then you can see a light bulb go off in her head as she gets the idea to pee in the coffee pot. She turns the water back on to cover the sound, then puts the pot on the floor, crouches over it, and fills it up. She adds some water to the pot when sheís done, then starts giggling before exiting the bathroom in a hurry, presumably to go make coffee with her pee water. Who knows why she chose to serve her co-workers pee coffee that day? Perhaps they were being jerks or maybe she just gets some sort of sexual thrill watching other people drink her pee. I guess weíll never know. Thatís the fun of sites like this, the stories we make up in our heads to go along with the videos.


Security Cams Fuck is a great site for fans of voyeur videos as they have a large archive of cam footage featuring average people caught having sex in public places. The videos arenít the best quality and only feature one angle, but thatís to be expected with security cam footage like this. If you like seeing normal people have sex without knowing theyíre being video taped, then you should enjoy this site.
Inspector: Rictor
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