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See My GF

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With cameras becoming cheaper by the day and new sites to submit photos and footage to popping up by the minute, it's no wonder there's a wealth of amateur porn on the net.
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Complete review published on 12.16.2017
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The tour page at See My GF says it has "largest archive of amateur porn on Internet" thanks to a combination of teen naivité — not to mention a horde of spiteful ex boyfriends. Oh yeah, and without the necessity of fake tits or porn stars, either. Their tour goes a way to back this up, too, showing teaser-after-teaser of yummy teenage girls doing things they probably regret making it to the net.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on February 21, 2018.

Over 3845 videos about 4 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
Flash (640x480)
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MP4 (1800kb/s, 640x480)
MP4 (4000kb/s, 640x480)
Over 5550 galleries about 10 pictures each
+ Zip archives
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$1 / one day (recurs $29.95/month) (recurring)
$24.96 / one month (recurring)
$59.78 / three months (recurring)
$99.95 / one year (recurs $49.95/6 months) (recurring)

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To be honest, after the amazing claims on the tour, I was ready to be let down at the actual members area. Once logged in, however, I found a lot of their claims to be absolutely true. The first sign things may be as they say, was the fully functioning "Upload Content" button situated at the top, right-hand corner of every page. The second tip off was that, well, there's a whole hell of a lot of content here. In fact, by my count, there's a whopping 3845 scenes and 5550 sets. And, so far as I can tell, more is being added daily.

Better still, the content is rather filthy. I mean, even after the, admittedly, raunchy imagery on the tour, you still might expect nothing more than an archive made up primarily of drunken party girls lifting their shirts, and naive "cam-whores" masturbating. Admittedly, there is some of that. But there's also much, much more.

You'll also find gruesome facials, peer pressure induced threesomes, yummy lesbian sex, and enough kinks and fetishes in between to satisfy even the most burnt out of pervs — hey, I should know. In fact, they cover so much ground, they've had to throw in over 30 different categories, ranging from old standbys like posing and sex toys, to the more extreme and specific, e.g., chubby chicks and bathroom porn. There's also plenty of stuff not covered in the list. Being a foot fetishist, I couldn't help but notice the footjobs and toe-sucking action.

Of course, another huge advantage is that the bulk of this porn is, without a doubt, legitimately amateur in nature. The iffy lighting, less than stellar sets — hell, even the movies and music playing in the background — point to this stuff being the real deal. And I don't know about you, but if I'm watching the corruption if innocence, it sure helps if it's not some porn star putting on a big act. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

Of course, this sort of user-submitted near free-for-all has its drawbacks. The most obvious which is the inconsistencies in quality that are, sadly, pretty much unavoidable in user-submitted porn. As I said, poor lighting, quality, and abrupt endings are the name of the game here. And, more often than not, you can expect play-back quality and resolution size to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

Scenes can be streamed or downloaded in a single format(MPEG-4), and the average file has a decent — but far from HD, obviously — 640 x 480 resolution. Now, I can understand some or, even most, of this stuff being of fairly low quality. But you'd think that with the flood of reasonably priced killer cams on the market, some of the more recent activity would reflect this. Apparently not.

Likewise, the photos are a mixed bag in terms of clarity(though you'll find more clear & crisp pictures than movies), but don't see to go beyond a resolution size of 750 x 1,000 pixels. Which makes me wonder if they're resizing these things to save bandwidth. I mean, what are the odds? My biggest disappointment, though, came when I realized that most of these sets contain less than 10 images. I'm not asking for the world here. But 5 photos in a set on average? I guess, when you really think about it, this is to be expected when your archvie is fueled by lucky finds and angry ex lovers, but it's still disheartening, nonetheless.

A more minor bump in the road arises when simply trying to get around the site itself. Despite the immense and, apparently, still growing archvie, See My GF really doesn't have much in the way of browse-tools. Outside of a basic keyword search, user-submitted niche tags, and those categories I mentioned earlier, there's really not much else. It's not the worst I've seen, but with so much material, it could certainly be better. Perhaps they'll add a few more browse-tools in the future. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


See My GF does a pretty good job of sticking by its tour promises. I mean, this stuff is as real as it gets, and most of these girls would easily fit into the "barely legal" category. So, if you're looking for legitimate footage of ex-girlfriends and naive cam-whores, look no further. However, if you're at all bothered by the inconsistent, often low quality that's practically unavoidable with a mishmash of random amateur pornography, then forget about it. Otherwise, you're in for one hell of a treat.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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