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Tongue Fetish

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When these girls stick their tongues out, it's not a sign of taunting, but it is a sign of temptation in the sexual sense, let your mind go wild here!
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Complete review published on 10.15.2016
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It’s like a window blind that just unfolds from nowhere! Some of the ladies they are showing through the tour area of this site does make me wonder how they can even speak or swallow! This site is highlighting some of longest pallets of taste buds that I’ve ever seen, which means they can really get into those hard to reach places. Large updates to their exclusive videos twice a week.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on February 10, 2018.

Over 209 videos about 7 minutes each (download and stream)
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$5 per clip
$10 per clip
$19 per video

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No tongue depressor needed when these babes go to the doctor and say, “Ahhh,” they’ve got the length to unroll these taste bud haven areas for a look deep into their throats, in some cases, it seems you can view all the way to their toenails! I never realized there was a fetish for girls with exceptionally long tongues, but, I learned something new today, and I must admit, they found some nice, sexy subjects! Some will curl at the tip, others are wide and bulky, but they all have the tool needed for stimulation and after going through their available sets, they put them to good use!

There are a few things to mention before getting to the tease and taunting brought on by the Tongue Fetish content of this site. The main thing to let you know is they give you choices for viewing, you’re not limited to a monthly recurring fee, although with it, you gather the ability to view all of the sets, which have been present for nearly 2 years and carrying a growth in their quality, which is always a plus. Or, you can purchase what they call, “quick clips,” just buy and enjoy, without anything tying you down. There are also what they call MPEGS, which they promise carry high resolution and give you longer running times than the clips we find from the browser itself. These too are a strict buy for your boner ability. From there, they carry DVDs, which you can download to your hard-drive, but, you pay for them up front, and the prices do vary for these.

With that being said, I’ll place the focus back on what we get from this site with membership, and they have done a nice job of building the niceness through their online time. The numbers were above average in technicality when they first came onboard, but, the more recent the updates, the higher the presentation, which now has them at a HD rating. I’m not finding any images offered, it’s strictly about the movies, but, it never hurts to find that one thing and really bone up on making it as well done as it can be.
They have definitely found some babes that can unroll the Tongue Fetish for this site, allowing them to nearly lick the lingering nectar from the bottom of a glass, which they will depict through their footage, but, luckily, they experiment with naughtiness as well. There are quite a few solo installments, and they’ll flash the boobs while they lick their own nipples, and included will be a bit more nudity as well, or some will just be playful displays of what having a big tongue can do.

Mixed throughout the material will be quite a bit of lesbian lust, and when you think of how they’re orally blessed, that means nipples and clits won’t be safe from this stimulating feature. They bend at the waist to show those shapely asses, and of course the puffiness of their pussies from the rear shot of seduction, not to mention the deep tongue kissing between girls, and even sporadically there will be blow jobs offered to a more than eager cock, ready to stand at attention for some oral sex tease and please play. They do a job well done at featuring footage that all plays into the length of their tongues and what can be done with them, while making sure to give you other arenas of sexiness too, to mix with the fetish.


Some of the shots from Tongue Fetish will show amateur babes that will unroll their tongues for spectator stimulation, and it seems they could go on forever, the length and at times the width is amazing. They mix things up nicely through this fetish site to give you fun and fornicating ways to use these oral tools, with regular updates and increasing niceness in the quality, not to mention the choices for viewing what you want to see, they’re keeping this site loaded.
Inspector: Missy
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