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Twilight Women

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If you've wanted to venture into a lesbian interlude, with a twist of such reality it makes you see things from all arousing angles, it may live here.
Site type: Pay site, category: Lesbians, Amateur
Complete review published on 08.06.2017
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Itís a Twilight Women, shared from amateurs that offer an intro unlike others Iíve viewed before. It says little and yet reveals much, its common look to the world is a winning facet in this reviewerís opinion. They claim within membership youíll find a large amount of exclusive content, all videos through episodes and full scenes with freshness added weekly for constant contact.

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Over 950 videos about 5 minutes each (download)
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$30 / one month (recurring)
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Thereís almost an aura of darkness to the presentation of this site, the filming carries the look of a B classification movie youíd find during a late, late, middle of the night through the week showing. The lighting is good, thatís not my point, itís in the filming and the characters alike, they have things laid out as if itís an ongoing soap opera of sorts, where the acting seems to play an important part in their rendition, not something I would have expected from an amateur installment. But, thereís enough intrigue that grabs the moment youíre logged in that will carry you through into wanting to see more.

Speaking of which, after utilizing my username and password for entry, it seemed as if nothing truly changed. It still carried linked commands of, ďLogin Here,Ē leaving me to believe something had failed with my attempt to do so, but, thatís not the case. After multiple attempts to add user information again, I decided to begin clicking on the routing measures for, Twilight Women and found I had gained entry, even though it was not noted as such, not even resembling as such.

Once I began my investigation, I found they have things broken into categories, such as, lesbian seduction, house of shame, beyond twilight, and selected scenes, so, I basically began at the beginning and worked my way through. They do, as stated within intro, have scenes that are listed with run times and their ability to download. Iím not finding an actual streaming choice, but I have located full scenes scattered throughout as well. However, within this aura of darkness, seduction, and, mystery this site seems to exude, an ounce of humor existed in trying to click on a full scene active link, and was taken to an offer of receiving a free Wal*Mart gift card, Iím not sure how that fits into the lesbian lust Iím in search of, but, we girls do like to shop!

They make it clear from the beginning theyíre in the process of altering their site, turning videos into a higher grade of viewing, even though Iím finding the ones with technical numbers that cater to dial up users, are actually pleasant to view. The leap theyíre taking in upgrade is still going to keep them on the low end of what most sites offer, as I found when downloading one that had been re-vamped for viewers, but, just like with the lower quality, itís still good. Do keep in mind, the episodes are broken down from full scenes, which there will be quite a few full length movies offered throughout, and some of those will go over 2 hours in play time.

They quote from intro there are over 800 videos, which equals approximately 80 hours of viewing time. I would take the viewing time more into consideration, because we arenít actually getting what, by the standards of our review format 800 videos, there are actually 950 installments that I counted, and from those, there will be 12+ episodes for each one, which does bring the count high, but in episode reality from their amateur, lesbian content.

Twilight Women is definitely unique, there is no doubt about it, and the offering of their story lines and the overall structure of how theyíve depicted the seduction of woman to woman romance enhances everything nicely in a storybook type of endeavor. There will be two females partaking in everything from nipple licking to oral vaginal sex as well, even though one particular area will hold only the illusion of the more hard side of softcore sex, giving an R rating, and nicely bringing it to memberís attention. There is also going to be offered group sex in lesbian style, which youíll appreciate not only the full nudity, but the tender exploration behind the way their fingertips proceed to those nether regions. There is indeed a plot to their amateur porn, and with the differences this installment brings to my own repertoire of reviewed sites, it filters through to my senses as one of those things you canít take your eyes off of.


Twilight Women carries a difference thatís more than noticeable from beginning to end, in the realm of presentation and content. It will be those differences that may make it the stand out site for those seeking membership into a softcore, lesbian installment. Theyíre changing and updating, but keeping things simple. Sign up was a bit confusing, thatís one issue they may want to resolve, as I mentioned in the body of my review.
Inspector: Missy
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