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Valentina Fetish Doll

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If you're looking for extreme and exotic, this site may be holding the content that will have you holding yourself in a masturbatory fashion!
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Single Models, Latex
Complete review published on 06.06.2018
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Itís not a hobby, itís a way of life, and from Valentina Fetish Doll youíre going to experience just how kinky the fetish goes! There is rubber and latex, role playing and oddities of all kinds, but whatís strange to one is extremely sexual to another, and even the tour area depicts a lust, passion, and power that will intrigue. Nice quality is said to be carried through the content with extras.

[v]Content Amount(3)Last updated on September 26, 2018.

Over 72 videos about 12 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
WMV (1940kb/s, 720x576)
Flash (320x240)
Over 245 galleries about 60 pictures each
+ Video captures
Message Board, Live Chat, Friends Galleries

[v]PricesLast updated on September 26, 2018.

$39.99 / one month (recurring @ $30.99)
$67.99 / two months (recurring @ $59.99)
$99.99 / three months (recurring @ $77.99)

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Clad in rubber from top to bottom Leathered babe loves to drive a car Italian Rubber Doll in bizarre suit


I have done many fetish sites in my many years of reviewing, and Iíve seen things that have left me with my jaw dropped, but, this site is one I literally couldnít take my eyes off of, sort of like an oddity that you might see along the road and even though youíre not sure about it, you have to keep watching, and thatís what I did. When first opening the main membership page, it bears a striking resemblance to tour, and then within a short amount of time, I made one quick conclusionÖ.the navigation sucks! Yes, sorry to be so blunt, but, I found myself wandering around for quite some time before understanding the method theyíve used for a non friendly interface, and once the light bulb went off, then I could find what I needed to write about.

The amount of content is actually relatively low, but I am not able to come to their defense in any manner over that flaw because they add no dates to their sets, meaning, have they been online for 6 months or 6 years? Your guess is as good as mine! And, since Iíve already began my description of, this site on a bit of negativity, but honest note, Iíll continue and then sweep you away with the fetish action itself. Click for videos, you get two on the page, which Iím assuming may be their most recent additions, but no way of knowing, from those twin installments you can either stream or download through WMV, and thatís where it stops. You can access the archives, from which youíll find clips and caps, with the opening of a very small Flash screen that streams only, with DRM in effect.

There will be a bit of fuzziness to the viewing of stream footage, but buffering will not be an issue. As for the WMV versions, they are much nicer, with a crisp clarity. So, if youíre planning on building a library from the latex filled lust of this site, think again. Not only can you do very little with the videos, the images are pretty much offered in the same respect. With video clips there will be screen grabs, but, there are also galleries of high resolution material, carrying nicely sized thumbs, varying folder counts, better than average sized enlargements, but they continue with a Flash sort of presentation for the pictures, leaving them scrolling if you so wish, but not downloadable. They pledged this site is exclusive and they pretty much have it locked up tighter than an 80 year old virgin!
Iím not sure just how extreme a fetish can go, there are really no limits when it comes to kinkiness, but this site is definitely pushing imaginary boundaries! Thereís much more than just rubber and latex here, so very much more. These women and men are clad in mostly full body suits, which will include feet, each and every finger individually, hoods, inflated breast areas, zippers at the most intimate spots, allowing the Dominant ones to unleash the genitals for whatever torture, tease or torment they wish to bestow upon them! They use medical rooms, equipped with tables unlike what Iíve seen at my gyno appointments, and then oxygen type masks that carry something for taking them into a state of unconsciousness.

They have ball gags, jaw locks, collars, ropes, theyíre injected with who knows what to enhance their erotic experience, the rubber and latex suits of Valentina Fetish Doll are like some Iíve never seen before, they truly do go all out for this fetish niche. At times they wear a latex mask that carries facial features like you might associate with an old Barbie Doll, but believe me, there is more going on behind these masks then just playing with Ken in the dollhouse!

They masturbate, perform oral sex, there is penetration, they pee, they have shaved heads, and they are just downright something from an entirely different style of life than you might be use to. I have to give raving reviews to the material itself from this site, it is of the finest action youíll view for this category, and to truly impress this reviewer to these extremes, well, thatís not an easy task! I only wish the other factors of layout/design, offerings, etc. were as well done to keep the star count where it deserves to be.


Valentina Fetish Doll has become a site where I wish I could base my entire review upon the softcore, hardcore and extreme fetish action it carries only, if that were the case, the stars would be off the chart! Unfortunately, I was displeased with their navigation, the lack of being able to download all of their content, which includes galleries and videos alike, small issues that make a large impact for members unfortunately need to be shared for a true description. But, as for the dominance, the submissiveness, the latex, rubber suits, the masks, the plots to their fetish porn, that exceeds all boundaries.
Inspector: Missy
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