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Velvet Ecstasy

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If you want to venture from the produced to the portrayal of reality, this is the site. They are featuring the real thing done by real people.
Site type: Pay site, category: Megasites, Hardcore, Amateur
Complete review published on 11.23.2016
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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Itís as if Velvet Ecstasy has left the curtains open for us, to feel free in wandering by and peering in, to watch actual couples turning loose their passion for voyeurs such as us to enjoy. Iím so impressed by the look of the tour area, Iím excited about the membership pages, they are promising real couples and sexy models, most amateurs bringing hardcore entertainment through pics and videos.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on October 29, 2017.

Over 1194 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
MP4 (5000kb/s, 1920x1080)
Flash (852x480)
Over 1194 galleries about 100 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Video captures, Zip archives
Over 230 stories
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites, Model Index, Friends Galleries

[v]PricesLast updated on October 29, 2017.

$14.95 22.95 / one month (recurring)
$48.95 / three months (recurs $45.95/month) (recurring)
$99.99 / one year (non-recurring)

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Girlish face splattered with cum She locks eyes to get massive load She wakes up cock for morning fuck


My mind is actually racing with adjectives I could use to describe what Iím finding within the pages of this site. It is exclusive, stimulating, sensual, realistic, provocative, charming, sexy, hardcore, softcore and the list goes on. It all makes sense when you think about the fact this is real people, and from those we get all different types of personalities and traits, so why wouldnít there be a thousand different ways to describe the action offered. Another trait that Iím enjoying is the offerings youíll find in the layout of the pages, no cookie-cutter look here.

Clicking on the ďExclusivesĒ tab will take you to the heart of the heat. They have things broken down by categories, name, title or year search as well. Since their categories are feedback features from members, they appreciate any input you would like to have upon the way this site keeps expanding. From the look of the dates, thereís nothing really set in stone as to how often new material is added, but I can say they stay on it nicely, itís frequent and itís multiple, which is always a plus for any site. Things seem to center the most around three areas, and from there, you get all of the other breakdowns, those areas are, real couples, amateur models and nude pictures.

Being the adventurous person that I am, I opted for the real couples first and foremost to gather information from. Thereís something about watching the way the bodies fall into sexual sync that always makes for a fun write up. ďFacial SurpriseĒ was the most recent addition, just added yesterday, so thatís where weíll begin. Elise and Peter are our porn players, and from the sound of things, that Elise is a naughty girl that enjoys taking a load to the face. Nothing wrong with that, itís great for the skin! I like the way lengthy descriptions are included, they really make things feel personal on this site.

Nothing could be more simple, small picture/text links will direct you to the area of what each set holds, which includes, pictures, videos, screen caps, an ability to ZIP and an area to vote for this installment. These are split into segments of the action, for example, this particular set has the introduction, main, facial and aftermath, so each episode tells a tale in itself. There is one format offered from this site, WMV, and they give this as a high or low resolution, through streaming or download. Both offerings youíll find to your liking as I did, and not just in the clarity and quality, but in the action itself. Elise and Peter enjoy their sex and they also enjoy sharing it. They were so into the action, they didnít rush anything, when he started to lick her pink folds he took his time, he stimulated her with a sensuality that you find the first time you make love to the one youíve been desiring.
Just to give you an idea on how the high/low resolution plays out through the numbers, you have the comparison of, 137MB to 35MB, so there is a good bit of difference, but as I said, theyíre both good in my opinion. Since each installment does have a varying time element, Iíll estimate in my technical write up on the length, just know some will be a bit shorter while others are a bit longer. I just have to interject here that Iím pleased with the way this site has held up to their tour promises, not so much on the content amount, things of that nature, but more the realism they pledged, it really is here. You donít have that feeling of just sitting and watching porn, itís more like viewing scenes of seduction when the people donít even know theyíre being watched, itís justÖ.natural.

I am really enjoying the way this site has put together their picture pages. Keeping the white background for one gives the naughtiness a clean look, plus, when you click on a pic for enlargement, youíre given side frames of smaller shots, to access at any given time, and then the main feature in the center. An arrow link will take you to this shot opening in a separate page and expanding to a more than full screen 1600x1200 pixels. There are things I noticed through the images that I missed while viewing the videos, things that expressed the realistic side of things even more to me. For example, Peter leaves on his socks, they arenít sparkling white on the bottom, you can tell they were put on early that morning and kept on because he was being himself, nice touch on my part. Thatís what Iím trying to make a point about, nothing is orchestrated here, and I really enjoy the presentations. Just as a footnote to the nookie, the facial shot at the end of the lovemaking between these two is very good indeed.

As if Velvet Ecstasy didnít hold enough material of its own, which it does, they are bestowing upon you a long list of specialties that will make this site the only one you might desire Ė it holds so much. Under the link of, ďFriendsĒ youíll find a long list of different websites, all holding multiple niches and most being single model sites. And that my friends, is just the beginning. If you enjoy stimulation starting through text, then be sure to check out the story section to this site, here youíll find hundreds of written tales to taunt, tease and satisfy you.

As the last part of extras youíll find as a part of your membership fee to this site, there are bonus sites included. They have things broken down into different categories for easier browsing, those areas are, the websites themselves, just galleries, live chat and E-zines.


If it were totally up to me, I would have to recommend this site to everyone, I really enjoyed the time I spent here. They gave me some of my favorite things, which includes realism, and that played out through the entire site in my opinion, it wasnít just real, it was actual and intense and captured nicely. There was a long list of galleries, matched by the videos and plenty of extras, along with a great and easily navigated site and the ability for members to partake in being a part of the action. Velvet Ecstasy is getting a thumbs up from this reviewer.
Inspector: Missy
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