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Bang Book

Singles, couples, trannies, all joined together in one place with one common goal: fucking! If that's not a recipe for good times, I don't know what is.
Site type: Pay site, category: Dating, Amateur
Complete review published on 11.21.2011
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[v]Intro promises(5)

Bang Book is an online dating community with thousands of horny amateurs in their user-base. In addition to being highly interactive, it also features over 25,000 user-submitted videos and photo galleries. Pretty impressive considering they're relatively new to the game. And you've got to admire how up-front they are on the tour, laying all their cards on the table like they have. They're so confident, in fact, that you can sign-up for free and have limited daily access to the entire site.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on March 19, 2012.

Over 1059 videos about 5 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
Flash (1100kb/s, 640x480)
Flash (600kb/s, 640x480)
Flash (504kb/s, 320x240)
Over 2412 galleries about 8 pictures each
Members amount: 10345
Free Basic Membership
Regions Served:
Model Index, Blog, Live Chat, Friends Galleries

[v]PricesLast updated on December 03, 2014.

$34.95 / one day (recurring)
$74.85 / one month (recurring)
$99.95 / one year (non-recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards


Right off the bat you know you're in for the real deal, because you're presented with a layout that's very sleek, professional, and absolutely buzzing with activity. The main at the top is separated into two sections with the search engine conveniently dividing each half, the left-hand side pertaining to members and content, the right-hand side dedicated to your personal profile and account settings. In fact, the entire page is split up this way, with your personal features on the right-hand side and member-related information on the left-hand side. The middle of the page is filled out with an up-to-the-second newsfeed, and by the looks of it, the site is booming with activity.

As I write this there are 77 users online, and while the majority seem to be from the U.S., the countries of origin still varied quite wildly. I saw users from New Zealand, India, the U.K., and Canada. Admittedly a higher percentage than I would have liked were male, but I wasn't too surprised by that. Besides, there were a number of good looking gals couples too with seemingly legitimate profiles.

If you're not a fan of the cock and believe me, there are a lot of very hard and erect dicks used as default profile images here then you'll want to go to the filter and select female-only. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be there for the "Who's currently Online?" section of the site. This is easily remedied, however, by using the search engine, instead, which also lets you filter by out offline users.

With the "Find a Date" feature, you can, by default, seek out users up to a 100 mile radius from you, and narrow it down by sexual preference, whether or not the user has a profile picture, premium access, or, as I mentioned earlier, whether they're online or not. Going into the advanced search you can narrow things down by ethnicity, body-type, and tattoos & piercings(or lack thereof) which certainly cums in handy. There's also a number of lifestyle considerations accounted for, such as smoking, drinking, religion, etc. And if you just can't date a man who eats raw sea turtle eggs, they've included food preferences, also. Of course the libido is covered as well, but who'd admit to having a poor one?

Another minor negative with the whole male dominance thing would be that, out of the 1059 videos available, only 732 are female only. However, if you factor in the 432 couples videos, it's not so bad, really. The gap with the galleries is much bigger. The total count is currently a whopping 2412 sets. Only 2,574 are female, and this time it's not really balanced out with the couple action, as there's just under 900 couples sets. So, don't be surprised to see the male population represented a tad bit higher here, photo-wise, anyway. What can you do? It's the nature of the beast. On a sidenote, they're lacking in tranny videos at the moment. So, all you chicks with dicks reading this: sign-up!

Before you've even made it to the videos' own page, you'll have thumbnail, running time, rating, number of views, and clickable author name to give you some some idea of what you're in store for. You can also organize them by gender, and if you're faint of heart, block out all the "extreme content" with the simple click of a button. The inside of the video page has most of the standard options. The only thing that really stands out is recommending a scene to your friend or even linking it on your wall. I was once again impressed with the level of user activity. It seems like every clip I checked out was rated, commented, and had a high number of views.

The clips can run anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, although the majority of them seem to be on the scant side. I'd put the average running time at around 4-5 minutes. The video is automatically streamed upon opening the page, but there's also a download option. It's the same flash file you watch in the embedded player but it's still better than no downloads at all. Quality is, not surprisingly, a mixed bag, but they've done a good job of at least keeping a fairly consistent resolution throughout, albeit not a very big one. And since this is user-submitted, don't be surprised to see lots of graininess and poor lighting conditions.

Despite their short running times and sub-optimal play-back quality, I've found gold in these archives, particularly when it comes to off-beat kinks and fetishes. There really are a lot of exhibitionists out there willing to do just about anything for feedback, and apparently a number of them are beautiful women. Conversely, there's also tons of vids with guys jerking off their huge, meaty dicks. I tell ya, I had no idea there were so many well hung guys out there until I joined this site. I haven't seen this many hard-ons since going on Chatroulette with my Grandmother.

The galleries were probably the most disappointing factor of the site simply because the average image count was so damn low. It seems most people sign-up and add only a handful of photos. Worse yet, there's a large percentage who add an avatar photo and call it quits. But in their defense, many of said individuals have uploaded videos. Still, it's a bummer, seeing so many galleries yet so few photographs. The actual page setup is near identical to the videos. There's no fancy slide-show, just your standard setup and the optional full-gallery download. Image quality, again, varied dramatically. Some sets were high-res whilst others might as well be thumbnails.

Bang Book definitely has a legit high levels of activity. In my brief time as a premium member, I've received 8 "flirts" and 5 private messages from inquiring suitors who seemed quite genuine when they remarked on my avatar and invited me to have a little private fun. Maybe this thing really does work! I mean, I never dreamed I'd be hit on by a genuine hip hop artist, but it happened.


Bang Book is a solid adult-themed online dating site. I was impressed by the site design, which featured loads of ways of both finding and communicating with your would-be lover, as well as the large user-base and constant activity. It's rare to see less than 100 people online at a time, and they're usually spread out all across the globe. I would have liked to have seen a more even male to female ratio, but I suppose that's going to be a problem with any site of this nature. Other than a few minor issue here and there, this one's pretty damn solid. But don't just take my word for it. Sign-up for free and have a look yourself.
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