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Celebs 13

Pick a person you see all of the time and think about how you'd like to see a bit more of them, in a naughty way of course, you'll find it here.
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Complete review published on 01.26.2014
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It’s the Paparazzi of porn for this site. Celebs 13 is all about those familiar faces and bodies being caught in compromising positions. There are photos, movies, scandal sex tapes, unpublished material, official and unofficial content, nudity, funny moments and so much more, all carried from the camera lens of the ones that are more than determined to get the shots that will sell.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on August 22, 2014.

Over 14991 videos about 3 minutes each (download and stream)
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AVI (1619kb/s, 720x400)
QuickTime (1453kb/s, 418x234)
Over 1464009 pictures

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$2 / two days (rebills $29.85/month)
$29.95 / one month (recurring)
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$99.85 / one year (non-recurring)
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There’s something that borders on naughty when you find a site that will highlight nudity and such of actresses you’ve seen on TV or in the movies and secretly lusted after. It’s almost as if someone has crawled into your mind, found some of your dirtiest fantasies and then supplied you with a site where you can ogle and stroke as much as you like. With names that seem to go on in a never ending list, they have supplied most anything found in the media world….and outside the mainstream life that will let you enjoy their presence in either fully clothed or compromising positions, there is both found within the walls of membership to this site. And, when opening the doors, then it’s up to you – to begin the search.

I actually found myself being torn in a couple of different directions once I gained accessed into the full blown tempting sort of almost tabloid presentation. It seems that we, as humans rely on our nature of curiosity, we strive on the mechanics of our mind and how it leads us one direction or another. What kicks in our endorphins to seek deeper? I personally don’t have the answer, but I do know the old saying of it being different strokes for different folks is certainly true enough, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a site such as this one that literally carries thousands and thousands of different personalities for the world to open and explore. I had hoped the membership area would carry a sort of pizzazz, not necessarily a dirty sort of presentation, but just enough dazzle to present the goods like a marquee outside a well known theatre, but, that didn’t happen. Instead, it’s nothing but text listings of names and the amount of sets held for that particular person. And, that is the way it remains. There are links found that break down categories such as athletes, TV stars, models, singers, etc., so that does help with finding what you want, but still, a bit boring in presentation.

Of course on the flipside of that, in their defense I feel it’s only right that I should say I do understand they hold a tremendous amount of content to this site, and in order to make it easily navigated for members, there is that ability of letting one thing go to save another….and in this case, they’ve bypassed the shimmer and sign for a user friendly interface. With keeping that in mind, it’s easier for me to make my way through the content, of which, as I said, there is a tremendous amount, and unfortunately many of the show titles, and names were unrecognizable to me, but there were many that I did indeed know. Everyone is unique, so what I might not be familiar with, may be a fan favorite for someone else.
I ventured through quite a bit of material before I found anything that bordered a bit hardcore in presentation. Many of the celebrities that are linked from this site holds sets that are images much like what you’ve seen on your evening news. But, they understand that when you have a fondness for someone, whether it’s softcore or hardcore, just being able to see them anytime you want is enough. So do keep in mind there will be a lot of that sort of content. Finally I did begin to get into areas that were a bit more lust filled, boob shots, some upskirt peeking, and within the video clips, there were cuts from movies that had some bedroom scenes and such, so you are getting a taste of both worlds….but, the hunting is the major headache I found. As I said, I do understand their reasoning, and wanting ease to be a factor, but, I think a bit more may have been lost than what was found through this strategy.

I’ve been through many, many of the clips offered, and of course, the run times will vary, so for this review I will estimate a middle place in the road, and for each one I checked out, I found three formats, .AVI, Quicktime and Flash. Quality was better for some than others, but that is one of the highlights to a site such as this, it’s not being produced within the walls of their own studio, so they don’t have the control on how nice something is going to show. That just enhances the naughtiness of the niche Celebs 13 is going for, and succeeding in.

As for the images, nothing is set in stone there either, and of course there’s no way it really could be. I’m finding pixel sizes from some of the full enlargements coming under a very modest amount such as, 384x386. Nice clarity, just small offerings, but thankfully, not all stick to that format of offering. You’ll see when clicking on a picture you do have choices with many of the sets, not all, but many, and in those choices, there will be what’s listed as, “high,” and they are breathtaking with a full screen display of, 1320x1794 pixels. From that page of options, you’ll also be given, “skin types,” which means, dressed, sexy, and if applicable, nude all or nude topless to name a few, so yes, they are doing a very nice job of making things easy once you find the girl you want.


There is a mix match sort of offering from Celebs 13 in the realm of softcore and hardcore alike. None of this content I’m presuming has been captured from an undercover operation of any kind, even though that seems to be the premise it’s built upon, and there may be content within this vast library that does hold some paparazzi displays. I witnessed a lot of their material, and it seems to be images and video snippet clips taken from magazines, books, movies, etc., so much of which are things you may have seen before. The actual layout of the site was a bit blah, but there’s so much content, I tried to understand their reasoning. At the time of this review being written, they quote numbers such as, 1,458,608 pictures and 14,9991 clips.
Inspector: Missy
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