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Arab GF Videos

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Watch as gorgeous gals from the Middle East get kinky on camera, proving that repression can sometimes be the means to a gloriously hot end.
Site type: Pay site, category: Ethnic, Amateur
Complete review published on 10.08.2018
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Ever see a woman wearing a headdress and full-body cloak, and find yourself wondering what's going on underneath all that fabric? Then Arab GF Videos is the site for you. Its tour page is full of Middle Eastern women in various states of undress, committing all sorts of carnal sins.

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Over 503 videos about 10 minutes each (download and stream)
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Over 10 galleries about 25 pictures each
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Going in with the knowledge that this was a site focusing not only exclusively on Middle Eastern women, but also on presumably amateur, home movie style content, I assumed quite rightly I thought at the time that there wouldn't be all that much content. So, imagine my surprise when I was greeted with a membership area containing over 20 pages of content amounting to some 503 odd scenes. Hey, what can I say? Sometimes being wrong feels nice.

Aside from that, what immediately struck me about the content at Arab GF Videos was how genuinely unscripted and spontaneous it appeared to be. After viewing just a few video, it became blatantly obvious that this archive was primarily stocked with authentically amateur content. They only uploads that seemed to skirt the line into the realm of professionalism were the webcam videos, but I let those slide since the ladies in them were ridiculously good looking.

Speaking of the ladies, I was impressed with the variety of headdresses on display. Admittedly, there were a number of babes that seemed quite westernized(or were already fully nude at the start of the video, making it rather difficult to tell one way or the other) but there were also plenty decked out in more traditional Muslim garb. Which is why I can proudly say that I have had the pleasure of jerking off to hotties wearing hijabs, khimars, chadors, even burkas.

So far as kinks are concerned, these videos run the goddamn gamut. They have teens, MILFs, even the occasional B.B.W. just to keep things interesting. What's more, I have personally witnessed foot fetishism, anal play, public nudity, gaping, cream-pies basically, too many perversions to list in this review.

Since the primary sources for this footage seem to be home movies and webcam feeds, video quality was not surprisingly often mediocre at best.

These scenes only have one option for streaming and downloading, and so far as I can tell it is always a 360p MPEG-4 file. Scenes are often poorly lit or grainy, and non-optimal camera placement is common. I can't complain too much, though, seeing as how they advertise themselves as an amateur site on the tour. That having been said, with cheap cell phones that can take video that looks damn near cinematic having been on the market for years now, you'd think we'd start seeing some higher quality footage by now.

One of this site's weakest points is, without a doubt, its navigation. Content can easily be filtered by date, views, rating, and run times. If you want to browse by niche, though, you're going to have to pull up the search engine or piggyback off the tags from the page of a scene you're already at. In their defense, the search engine works fine, and they were smart enough to use rather descriptive titles. Still, with this little site covering a surprisingly vast number of kinks, I'm of the opinion that being able to easily browse by said kinks is a must.

Also, having to click my way through page after page of content just to get to the front or back ends of the archive was also rather annoying, and, funny enough, this irritation was only amplified by a pop-up add constantly getting in my way. I say funny because the pop-up ad leads to a survey asking if they should change their navigation. I vote yes, and I think the first item on their agenda should be getting rid of that goddamn ad.

Of course, it might be a lot easier to overlook their less than stellar layout once you remind yourself that your membership includes bonus access to 30 different network sites, a number of which that just so happen to focus on other varieties of exotic beauties.


If I learned one thing from my stay at Arab GF Videos, it's that you haven't lived until you've seen a burka slathered in man-milk. If I could have seen it in a higher resolution on a site with more sophisticated, streamlined navigation, I suppose that would have kicked the experience up a notch or two. But with new Arab amateur content coming in on a weekly basis and more bonus sites than I have time to surf, I think I'll be too busy to be contemplating those kind of "what ifs, anyway.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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