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Hijab Radicals

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They're dressed for undress, doing the unmentionable things to their bodies sure to bring sexual release, all in front of the ready camera.
Site type: Pay site, category: Ethnic
Complete review published on 06.13.2017
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[v]Intro promises(3)

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Hijab Radicals offers you a portal into their pleasure palace. A smile graces their kissable lips as yearning radiates from their eyes, awaiting the act of what’s said has never been performed before. Solo masturbation. The advertising set images display moisture gathering on fingertips while it’s said all content will be exclusive and presented in full HD quality from videos, hi-res from images.

[v]Content Amount(1)Last updated on July 15, 2018.

Over 15 videos about 5 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (2928kb/s, 1920x1080)
Over 15 galleries about 30 pictures each
+ Zip archives

[v]PricesLast updated on July 15, 2018.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)


Stepping into the main membership area of this site will bring a few things to fruition immediately, not all will be on a positive note. Before reporting on my inspection findings, I thought explanation of the word “Hijab” might be appreciated. For those that may not know, it is also referred to as a burka – a head covering, normally seen as a sign of modesty and dignity. Per the definition, this site is carrying a strong contrast, since the females are wearing the scarf as they partake in self stimulation and orgasm, which seems to be the main focal point of their presentations. I do want to make note of the fact, not all sets feature women wearing their head covering in what would be an appropriate manner, which may be what leads the feeling of some sets happening because of an almost rebellious nature.

Now, as for the “not so favorable” findings of this ethnic installment; there is a very low content count, I found only 15 sets available at the time of my inspection. Also, there are no date stamps, nothing to show when they may have entered online origination or how often they may or may not be adding new content. Also, granted this is an amateur based site, but the layout is almost too plain to be appreciative of. Each morsel is listed one after another from one single page, from which you’ll gain access to the streaming and downloading of clips and also the browser viewing and downloading of full image albums. Hijab Radicals definitely falls under the heading of being softcore, it’s masturbation only.

In some circles there could possibly be the feel of material being fetish related, given the head coverings worn and the act of self stimulation being displayed while doing so, but I’m teetering on the edge and remaining loyal to my original statement of footage being softcore only, mostly because of the fact some of the women don’t seemingly fit the bill of the ethnic group they’re striving for – even though the long descriptive write ups included with each set, they’ll speak of geographical locations that don’t match the intentions. Also, as I mentioned earlier in my write-up, the head coverings in some cases are not worn in the appropriate manner which leaves that aura of taboo-ness by the wayside, making this basically a very small site of masturbation only.
An example of one set features a female named, “Boonsri.” Her clip spans just a bit over 5 minutes in length, the normal for what I found during inspection, and in a purely honest form of reporting, this woman looked completely and totally bored with what she was doing, in fact for the first minute or so of her clip, I thought she’d fallen asleep. She barely touches herself, lightly rubbing against the outer labia while in a seated position and also on her knees, bent over, while the camera captures a position displaying rectal area and vagina. There was no orgasm, not even a muscle twitch to say she might be slightly aroused. For what little was offered in excitement, it did at least present itself in fine clarity. Hijab Radicals does offer full HD video clips as was promised through intro. As a member you have the option of streaming or downloading with only one format available for each, very limited options…making me wonder if this could possibly be a newer site?

I did appreciate the long descriptions offered with each set, but… from intro they depicted the females to be very reserved and naïve, making it seem as though they’d never touched themselves before, sex was something they’d not encountered with experience. The tour promises was a part of the allure as to what would be found within membership, however that was not the case. Nearly every set description I read had the female being, “wildly fucked” and at times promiscuous with their bodies, so they’re not as innocent as portrayed from introduction promises.

The galleries are small in size, with an average of, 30+ shots within folders. There is the ability of viewing nicely sized thumbs, expanding to 960x638 pixels of high resolution clarity, with slide show and downloading capabilities.


There was so much of this site promised within intro that seemed to crash and burn once inside membership. Extremely low in content count, no date stamps to show how often they add freshness, the twist of taboo-ness, Hijab Radicals may have been going for, was lost in translation. This site is more about posing to show nudity, except for the head covering of course. Even some of the amateurs of this softcore addition looked as bored as you might feel once inside membership. For the price of monthly membership – there are only 15 sets at this time, no bonuses, no extra anything, which does include passion and pleasure… I would have to recommend thinking twice about signing up.
Inspector: Missy
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