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Fart Domination

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There are some things that are normally done in privacy, for the sake of remaining lady-like, but, for these babes, they are begged to let it rip!
Site type: Pay site, category: FemDom, Smothering, Bizarre
Complete review published on 02.14.2014
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How many times have you heard, females don’t pass gas? Well, these ladies do, in fact, they’re giving the bizarre sexual fetish of doing it in the face of lovers, making sure there’s a scent in the air besides just the muskiness of moisture. It’s said quality will be pleasing to the eye, and multiple choices for sign-up in case you want to just stream videos, or download too from, Fart Domination.

[v]Content Amount(3.5)Last updated on July 21, 2015.

Over 825 videos about 3 minutes each (download and stream)
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$1 / vod 10 tokens (non-recurring)
$19.95 / one month (stream only) (recurring)
$29.95 / one month (stream and download) (recurring)


Something tells me the hot babes from this site are filling up on a menu of beans and broccoli, if not, ….the fetish they enjoy may be lost in a wisp of nothing, and, they would much rather have it be truly something. Some fetish sites will leave me scratching my head and wondering what makes it so arousing and appealing, but this site goes a bit beyond that and leaves me wanting to chuckle. There are certain things in life that are normally either done privately or ecstatically denied that it happens at all, one of which is masturbation, being taught it’s a taboo act that “nice people just don’t partake in,” when in reality, 99.9% of the population does, and the other, would be passing gas, yes, farting, tooting, blowing off steam, whatever you want to call it, this site is exploding with it.

Most people will spend hours dealing with the discomfort of stomach cramps and bloating to hold in what they don’t want anyone to hear, or smell, but, not the ladies of, Fart Domination, they not only enjoy it, but, they thrive on it. These hot babes have derrieres that are locked and loaded, with the more sound that derives from their release of intestinal air, the better they like it. Using a dominant personality, they’re assuring the male lovers will do much more than get a whiff of their toxic teasing, in fact, they’re riding their faces, squatting over their nose and mouth and then letting it rip. They’ll demand anal licking and then as the tongue darts in and out of the tight rectal opening, they cut loose with the flatulence that will leave their pornographic playmate looking a bit green and dizzy.

There are two words to accurately describe the footage from this site, and that would be, bizarre fetish. It may not be for everyone, but for those that get off on the butt burping of a hot babe, then by all means, belly up to the footage offered here and get your gas on! They’ve been ingenious when it comes to finding a spin to what could become a dry niche quickly, such as, using a toilet paper roll as a funnel, making sure nothing is lost into the environment, it covers their butthole and straight to the nostrils of their intended…I wonder if that would make it a single or double ply projection? They’re making submissive slaves of the men from this installment, and when control is achieved, whether it’s done by passing wind into their faces or across their erections, there’s no denying, these hot babes have a full tank of farting fuel and they’re not afraid to unleash it.
Besides the simple navigation that will be found when entering membership for, Fart Domination, there is also the realization of content being broken down into what they call channels. These will include things such as, Asian and Black females, blondes, bound slaves, brunettes, face farting, clothed, dick farting, interracial farting and more. They carry a nice count for content, more than enough to have you wanting to spray a little air freshener before opening the next set, and with all of the categories available, you’ll surely find a fart to suit your need. When investigating the chronological order of things, that is where some confusion oozed into this fetish review. They have for their first installment shown, the year of, 1969 as when it went online…I have trouble grasping that concept. And, for some reason, there hasn’t been anything new offered since October, 2013. They went from more than regular updating to suddenly…nothing.

The length of clips won’t keep you bound to your chair for long, but, after all, these females can only release so much wind before they deflate into the dirtiness. The average is, 3+ minutes, and, there will be standard as well as the promised HD quality to be found when streaming, and/or, downloading. Since there is an option for membership that is a bit less in cost but only offers the browser stream, it’s nice to know the quality will be high for those opting for that choice. The clarity will zero in nicely to the facesitting and other fetish filled aspects for this footage, with a couple formats available to use for downloading.

It’s a bit difficult to get the full, and smelly effect of this bizarre niche through images, a video does depict the act much better, which could be the cause for their being such a very minimal count for galleries. I will say however, for there being approximately less than 30 pictures all together, they at least offering them nicely. Thumbs are uniformed in presentation, and when clicking for expansion, I found sizes such as, 740x560 pixels, and then another click brought in, 2000x3000 pixels. These do seem to be high resolution pictures, but, there’s a smidge of blurriness, just not the ultra sharp presentation when it comes to the massively sized. I didn’t find a ZIP download link.


If you enjoy stroking on the wild side of sex, and the bizarre fetish content is what appeals to you the most, then by all means, tune into, Fart Domination, because that’s exactly what you’ll find. Hot babes, in stages of dress and fully undressed, backing up to, and sitting on the faces of their lovers while releasing some pent up gas. The quality is good, and the amount of material at the time of this review will be pleasing, and surprising for this time of kinkiness, but, it’s also been nearly 3 months since anything fresh was added to the stale smell of this offering.
Inspector: Missy
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