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How much are you willing to relinquish to live a life suited to your desires? This site may test your ability to give in and give up for pleasure.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Site Networks
Complete review published on 06.07.2017
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If youíve ever wondered where true pornographic power lies, you may just find it here. They say a person can only be pushed so far before they reach their breaking point, but, from the tour area of,, these submissive participants are thrust well over their legal limit of lust, and they love every minute of it. Nice quality to extreme erotica is pledged to live here.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on January 30, 2018.

Over 12802 episodes about 40 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
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MP4 (5000kb/s, 1280x720)
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Over 12802 galleries about 125 pictures each
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[v]PricesLast updated on January 30, 2018.

$49.99 / one month (recurring)
$99.99 / three months (recurring)
$169.99 / six months (non-recurring)
$319.99 / one year (non-recurring)


Itís stated from intro, you can gain access to sites within this network just by registering, without payment, and from there, youíll receive limited capabilities, but, the forum is on the list of offered perks, but, there will be a request for payment to view premium content. Youíll have the opportunity to choose between pay per view, pay on demand, or a membership to an individual site of the network, which can be recurring for your convenience, theyíre making sure your options are as golden as the stream of urine flowing through some of their fetish filled scenes. is one of the most well versed in torture, pain and punishment, as well as highly creative in their presentation of said type of footage that a person may have ever seen. With over 30 sites, each one carrying a different niche of naughtiness, if youíre into any aspect of the BDSM world, youíre going to find what will have your heart racing, and, your submissive or dominant juices flowing wildly. Iím always intrigued by sexual desires that are basically unfamiliar to me on a personal Ė not professional level, and when coming across a network like this one, any questions or confusion I might have still felt lingering in that part of my brain, it all becomes clearer.

Whatever gene and/or chromosome that resides within the physical make-up of a human being, that specially tweaked bit of something that makes them want to endure such abuse, or bestow it, well, itís something to nurture and use wisely. After viewing material, I could see where things can possibly get out of hand quickly, a rush of adrenaline, power, and control could be a driving force thatís hard to curtail, being caught up in the moment would happen without realization, and if it does, how does one quickly retreat, or are they even wanted to? Even through the expressions of agonizing pain, thereís pleasure, they want to be taken to that level theyíve never been before, and, they receive it from this fetish network.

Needless to say, there are too many sites to give specifics on each one, but, I will offer a brief synopsis of some, to give you a taste of what youíll receive. The first thing I want to mention is the fact that Iím very pleased to see they donít limit things to heterosexual or lesbian brutality, there will be a section for gay viciousness as well. From here, youíll find one on one, threesomes, and ďmore-somes,Ē where men are restrained to agonizing devices, such as wooden beams, steel poles, whatever can be utilized as a housing unit to their bondage elements. There will be circle jerks, multiple men, jacking off with the submissive male in the center, crawling to service the hard erections, being face fucked and used as a cum dump.
Iím finding things such as water bondage, public humiliation, degrading gang-banging, where every hold is filled, hair is pulled, and tears flow as much as their vaginal juices do. They include fetish items such as, hard punishing anal sex, fisting, spankings, enemas, there will be mature babes that show their experience through squirting and using fucking machines. This site carries trannies that will use their large breasts and eager cocks for showing a submissive male whoís boss with the boner, but of course, they include females gaining the same lack of respect, not wanting to show partiality of course. Youíll find foot fetish material, wrestling and cat fighting, an ample amount of water sports, where urine is consumed by drinking, and bathrooms are the go to place for hardcore oral sex, not to mention costumes, strap-on dildos, electrical shock treatment, spanking, and torment so extreme, it may make you wince while watching it.

That is merely the tip of the iceberg as to what youíll find from this network, and with a better than fair amount of sets per site, youíre going to have more BDSM content then you can possibly dive into all at one time. Much more. There truly will be so much material, itís a bit hard to decipher some of the pertinent information needed for my investigation. I could see a person feeling a bit lost in the lust of this network, itís something easily done, but, thankfully, easily rectified as well.

They have quite a few years behind them of history in the making for some of the most intense BDSM footage youíve ever witnessed. Their videos will come to you through HD niceness, in a downloading option, with a limited choice in format, and also, streaming, thatÖthose that I viewed, werenít quite as clear as the downloads, they were very good, but, there was a bit of something lacking. The length of footage will be more than appealing, and with the huge amount of material, you wonít have any free time left on your hands.

The images carry continued niceness and also a matching amount of massive sets for the voyeurs that will be eager to enjoy high resolution pleasantries of the pornographic nature. They depict the hardcore and fetish theme perfectly, and then offer them in uniformed, nicely sized thumbs, with expansions taking members to a nice full screen, 770x1024 pixels. A nice average accompanies each folder, along with a ZIP download option.


Whether youíre the submissive or dominant type, thereís no way you could not fall under the sexual spell of whatís offered from, Itís everything beyond the normal realm of hardcore and fetish, taking things to a limit that there may not be a return from. A massive amount of sets will derive from this network, keeping members occupied and happy. There is the ability to opt from either a pay on demand or purchase membership per site.
Inspector: Missy
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