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Gord Comics

These are the comics you keep secret, they're not for the kids nor are they for those that can't appreciate the true artful arousal that's portrayed.
Site type: Pay site, category: Hentai & Cartoons
Complete review published on 01.27.2007
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

The tour alone gives a fantastic look at the talent youíll find, and if you donít like it, well, you might find yourself hanging from shackles. The promises sum up what youíre getting, bound babes, boondoggled, shanghaied, tormented, trussed, clinched, gagged and helpless. Gord Comics offers art that will bind you to their site. There are weekly updates and a guest art section to show off in.

[v]Content Amount(1.5)

Over 75 galleries about 25 pictures each
Over 3 stories

[v]PricesLast updated on July 08, 2009.

$15.95 / one month (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards, Postal Mail


They let you know the membership area has been laid out to be an easily navigated travel for all that venture in. Updates to the left, and main headings to the right with some illustrations that will make you want more. This site is run by two men, the one with the artistic abilities, the other with the mind-set to bring the art to life, his imagination seems to never run dry, with the next thought to be as perverted if not more than the one before. Itís amazing how a blank screen can take such life form, and when itís a fetish form, itís that much more impressive. The dimension, the depth, the detail, itís all so very realistic and makes me envious of their talent.

I am in so much awe of what this site holds, Iím not sure where to begin on everything. The first category is labeled, ďClub Gord,Ē and here youíre shown through illustration of hard-core sex, in the form of BDSM, featuring male/female and female/female. Bound to pulleys, strapped into contraptions, chained, tied and tantalized by superiors that are wanting the pleasure all for themselves, however the submissive characters are enjoying it just as much. They feature items on this site such as a magic licker, this machine is like a huge tongue lapping up the juices of a restrained woman, while the written captions of dialogue are showing the little splatters hitting the black and white checkered floor as the drippings from her pussy. Everything is so bold here, not just the material and the acts of Dominating desires, but the colors, the backgrounds, the skin tones, the hair colors, everything is done with such an expertise itís just swept through me with total admiration.

The thumbs are nicely sized, but you donít get the real look at whatís offered within those blue borders, you must enlarge the images to really be blown away by whatís offered. Itís when you enlarge that youíll receive pixel sizes of, 800x800 to really bring the delightful detail to life. This site has captured the world of Dominating sex in such a way, if this sort of lifestyle has never crossed your mind before, youíll definitely think about it afterwards. You really do have a hard time remembering these arenít flesh ridden people, but yet the design from a drawing board that has been thought up by one half of this terrific team. Theyíve combined forces to bring different aspects of BDSM to life, the classic style of bondage, which includes the days of high heels, stockings, garter belts, etc. all are reincarnated through the section called, ďSadie Savage.Ē And believe me, this woman knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.
The modern bondage and fetish features your latex, leather, pvc clothing, diabolical devices and restraints. Club Gord, another section of this site brings this to life, zeroing in on cruel and unusual punishment. This area, like all the others holds the unique way of the images following a story line, it really is fantastic. The Subduction Zone is where they stretch their limits of imagination and abilities. You travel through the future, outer space and again, diabolical machines as well. One of my favorite areas to Gord Comics is a section called, ďBeyond Bent Artwork,Ē where Davo and his artistic abilities shows off some of his creepy and sadistic artwork that will take your breath away.

Always wanting to support an artist, I had to see what the guests have brought to the site and again, Iím overwhelmed. My artistic abilities seem to be limited to cartooning such as Disney characters, etc. but these folks have a raw talent and a mind to match the two that keep this site alive and well. There is amazing work done throughout this entire site, which includes the story section, which is virtually just beginning here. You have parts one through three of ďStepford Bound,Ē which holds great reading and some small illustrations to border the top of each new page of text.


This site had a strange affect on me, I was so caught up in the art work and how well itís all done that it slowed down the seepage of realization of the sex that was involved, but once it all caught up together, it was just a fantastic swoosh of sensation that made me appreciate the work here that much more. Gord Comics will make you want to bow your head and be drawn into their scenarios of sex, submission and sensation.
Inspector: Missy
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