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Maggie Loves Dolls

If everyone in the world were alike, oh what a boring place it would be. This girl is showing her difference through dirtiness and fun!
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, RedHeads, Lesbians, Gothic & Alt
Complete review published on 05.06.2010
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Difference will equal desire when it comes to this site! Maggie offers a tour unlike anything I’ve seen before, which is good! Different colors to her hair, with a crimped look like what you would do to your favorite doll, she is expressing herself through erotica that covers topics such as, BDSM, lesbian sex, anal toys, fetishes galore, and it’s all exclusive and pledged high quality.

[v]Content Amount(2)Last updated on August 15, 2013.

Over 15 videos about 10 minutes each (download and stream)
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WMV (2750kb/s, 720x576)
Over 45 galleries about 65 pictures each
+ Video captures
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$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$69.95 / three months (non-recurring)
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Maggie Loves Dolls / Gallery #6366059 Girl rips her revealing blue pantyhose to show her bald spot after exposing her Sweet chick Maggie with unruly red hair gets completely nude then slides fingers This shameless tender filly is fond of posing naked and blowing soap bubbles


The first time entering into this site made me smile to myself and wonder just how many personalities really do reside within this young lady. One look at her will tell you the age is young, she’s legal, but not much over that threshold and yet she has such a handle on horniness and fetish abilities, she is either a true natural at it all, or, she was trained by someone that truly knew what they were doing, and she is a quick learner. She has the contours to her shape that says everything mixed well through the chromosome placing process; she truly is a sight that will twiddle its way into your senses and your sexuality. There is a lot to be learned about this young girl, most of which is self professed, but even without her offering the synopsis, her content will tell the tale.

Any of the familiar adjectives I can think of to attempt in describing this girl just won’t do the trick. She’s not gothic, which is one that came to mind, so instead I’m just going to say she’s unique, her own person, doing her own thing, living life as it’s meant to be experienced and kudos to her for all of the above! Her wild child sort of hair-dos gives her that self expression, along with her piercings and tattoos, and yet at the same time, even when her mind has slipped into that mode of control, there is still a softness that oozes from her aura, telling you she’s a girl, but one that knows to get what she wants. She wants to be bisexual, but she also wants her personal site to carry only solo and girl to girl action, which is where the title, Maggie Loves Dolls comes from, she appreciates the time spent with her female companions, and as hot as things become, why wouldn’t she!

Most everything promised through the tour area will be delivered within membership, unfortunately there’s just not a lot of it. However, allow me to add this does seem to be a newer site, but as to the exact age, I don’t know because a log isn’t kept on when new material is being added. One of the pledges made that I find a bit hard to swallow is when they said there are three new updates per week….I don’t see that happening. For what is here however, I’m enjoying it very much, which makes me want to send a letter of support begging for more material and quickly! There is no denying this girl has a lot to say and show, and once you see how well done it is, you’ll want to hear and see all she has to offer.
There is the distinct assumption from her content – this girl has a very wide Dominant streak within her. The way she takes over the sexual situations not only with her girlfriends but even herself shows that it’s her way or no way. She is open and free with her thinking, she enjoys experimentation, anything that looks like it might feel good, then she’s all in for trying. The clothing she wears will have her at times in over the knee striped socks, holding something that gives her that little girl look to base fantasies from, and then the next will have her in a tightly clinging thong and lace top thigh high stockings, her personalities adapt to all sorts of dress up and role play sorts of scenarios, which is part of the heat generated by this site. She has no qualms about forcing her nipple and breast into one of her gal pal’s mouth and then using a thick dildo to plunge within them over and over again, guaranteeing there will be multiple orgasms before she ever stops.

They’ve done a bang-up job in supplying props for Maggie Loves Dolls, things that will push the heat meter all the way to the right. She has a passion for veggies as well, which means her horniness comes in a healthy form! Bananas and cucumbers are some of her favorite solo toys, and she even offers a list of why those are better to bed than a man at times. She is definitely getting her daily allotment of vitamins, and there’s no doubt she’s taking them internally, as the footage will show. Speaking of which, there aren’t a huge amount of formats offered, but they keep a nice quality alive in what’s there, nothing really HD, which is a shame, these could be great in the most crispness of presentations. You can stream or download, and choose between episodes and the full clip.

As for the images, the galleries hold a bit over fair count per folder, and enlargements are nice, through high resolution display, but unfortunately there is no ZIP option, which did surprise me. They are surely hot to look at, and once you experience each facet of this female, there will be no turning back or expecting anything less. She looks like the conqueror of all cunning acts once she slips into her strap on, tying her girlfriends down while she fucks them like an animal at times, and anal sex is definitely not out of the question.


Maggie Loves Dolls and with good reason! Her female friends are almost as pretty as she is, and I use the word “almost” only because Maggie herself is so unique, her differences are a large part of the charm found. She is a wild child, there’s no doubt about it, and now she’s found a place to call home in unleashing her urges and sexual desires. This site would basically fall under a softcore heading, but it’s also high on the list in fetish content as well. Most tour promises held true, but there is a need for more material, formats, and just a bit of tweaking here and there, otherwise, it’s amazing to view!
Inspector: Missy
Attention: this site has been closed
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