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Overworked And Underfucked

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Calling all ladies out there, this blog site was designed with your needs in mind. You are going to love this page, it's like chocolate and sex!
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Finally, a blog site that is directed towards women, our thoughts, our desires, our needs and our humor. Not to mention the very nice looking cocks that grace the page, but it’s the writing that really makes you say, “Alas, they are thinking like we really think!” I enjoyed Overworked And Underfucked very much and I know you will too, come on ladies, grab some coffee and login to this site.
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Date: 05.28.2018
...just the facts.Hot on the heels of wannabe VP Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC last night came this article by the Associated Press reporter Jim Kuhnhenn, which I feel absolutely necessary to reproduce in its entirety:Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP conventionBy JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press WriterWed Sep 3, 11:48 PM ET read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
What do you mean the feast is over? I just sat down. Everyone else has had their fill, so why can't I?...and why is my face flushed?What do you mean the dance is over? I just put my shoes on....and why does my chest feel so tight?What do you mean the show is over? I just got here....and why do my eyes sting?I've spoken often of my 90-day pattern. Days 1-30, more fun than anything. Days 31-60, read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
This one reminds me of Cold War imagery:[click to enlarge]Three words: heat-seeking missile. It's a wonderful specimen, at least, from the base outwards. If it was the complete package, I'd be swooning right now, but I had to take some major points off for the kindergarten-crotch situation. Seriously, guys... it's creepy. Manage your unruly hair, don't fire it.TECHNORATI TAGS: read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
Gawd, y'all are a loyal and affectionate bunch! Like Grampa said in the comments, I'm alive and doing alright (most of the time). Insert "focus shifts", "demands on my time", "real life got in the way" and other standard blogger disclaimers here, since one thing that annoys me is blogging about why one isn't blogging.I've got (good, bad, boring... who knows?) stories in the pipeline. I'm excited read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
In honor of the reason for my prolonged absence, here are some very funny spots:I'm sorry for the radio silence... I'd launch into a long-winded explanation of where I've been and what I've been up to, but blogging about why one hasn't been blogging is one of the more annoying blogger clich?s, so I'll just say real life got in the way and be done with it.I've got plenty of material in the works, read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
Cannot wait for this movie... LOVE her!!Edit: Now that I've seen it... meh. I mean, it wasn't bad; there were some very innovative visuals, but the storyline was paper-thin and utterly predictable, and there was not as much Angelina as I expected. read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
I think a return to normalcy is in order...[click to enlarge]...and normal it is! I must confess, though, that I'm not so much in lust with the cock as I am the composition of the shot. The colors are marvelous.Plus, it doesn't hurt that there's a bit of humor, what with the crazy farmer's tan, and all.TECHNORATI TAGS: cockbloggingwednesday, cockblogging read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
DickmatizedAs in hypnotized by the dick of one's latest sexual conquest."Seth has Eliza dickmatized."Or, as I found out recently, "driving across 2 counties at 3 AM just to get a piece of that". And hot damn, was it good!And for those of you who've had enough of the dick mentions on this blog, might I make up for the overabundance of wang-centric posts by baking you some nice vaginacakes? read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
EDIT: Video fixed.It's no Tenacious D -approved "Cock Push-ups", but it' still a pretty awesome video to watch.Just add water... watch it grow! How cool is that? And hands free, too... I wonder what this guy was thinking about.TECHNORATI TAGS: cockbloggingwednesday, cockblogging read more »
Date: 05.28.2018
Number of platonic meetings masquerading (in his mind only) as first dates: 1Number of hours of relatively pleasant conversation, cumulative: 2.5Number of Grey Goose martinis consumed: 2Number of Grey Goose martinis I paid for: 0Number of not-so-subtle attempts made by martini buyer to hold my hand, brush past my arm, graspy my thigh, or kiss me: I lost count at 17Number of offers of additional read more »
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