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It looks to be a bit of this and possibly a lot of that, intro shows they're projecting multiple niches of sexual excitement for a reasonable price.
Site type: Pay site, category: Hardcore, Video
Complete review published on 08.03.2022
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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When the tour of a porn site describes content as being “without limits,” that's when you know it's time to sit up and take notice. Hot, hardcore happenings are depicted through advertising set shots and promises include thousands of videos from exclusive studios with a handful of updates added each and every day. looks to be a portal for your pornographic desires and pleasures.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on December 11, 2023.

Over 12227 DVD about 90 minutes each (stream only)
DRM: No restrictions

[v]PricesLast updated on December 11, 2023.

12.99€ / one month premium (recurring)
65.94€ / six months premium (recurring)
free / basic membership
0.01€ / 7 day trial (recurring)


Normally, at this point in my inspection I give a quick glimpse into what I've seen when the main membership doors fly open, and this inspection will be no different – except for the fact I'm adding two exclamation points for my next comment...Amazing!! To have the amount of material that's found here and still hold the capability of making it a breeze to navigate, yes, someone was on top of their game when constructing this site. And while I'm passing out pats on the back, allow me to add another for the fact there are so many different niches available, you'll be able to lose a load to most any lust you can dream of! Softcore, hardcore, fetish, bizarre, it's all here and they offer it in lengths that will certainly pass a lot of time – any day of the week.

Do keep in mind, the content stems from a multitude of studios, so you'll taste the flavors of different minds and their type of porn, which is a good thing. If the world all thought alike, boredom would take over and believe me, you will be kept alert and on your toes from the temptation you'll find within There are literally hundreds of pages carrying sets, I gave up on page 300, my mouse-clicking-index-finger cramped up and I decided it had – had enough of a workout. So, I counted 9,000 sets, but to be fair, it's stated from the webmasters there are over 12,000 offerings and I certainly believe them! Each one tells a story and exhibits the deep yearning and burning of sexual need and desire. I hate to repeat myself, but it truly is amazing.
I have to take a few sentences, or possibly the majority of a paragraph to share some of the categories with you. Not only do they have things broken down for easy choosing, but they even offer the amount of sets per category. Just to name a handful; amateur, anal, Asian, bareback, big ass, big dicks, big tits, bisexual, bizarre and extreme, blonde, blowjobs, bondage, collage, couples, double penetration, ebony, erotic thriller, BBW, foot sex, kinky, lesbian, FemDom, fetish, gang-bang, gay, Gonzo, group sex, hairy, interracial, Latina, MILF, nylons, old & young, POV, solo sex, spanking, sex toys and watersports. To this list was nearly just as many that I didn't dictate through my inspection, meaning you are going to have a very long list of erotic options.

I mentioned earlier in my write-up there were varying lengths, and there are. I found many hovering at the half an hour mark of time, while many others were over an hour and some even over two hours! Again, different studios, random ways of doing things but all of which will be a win-win for those signing up for membership. Now is as good a time as any to mention; you can't have a rainbow without a little bit of rain, and unfortunately the rain in this case falls from the fact...the footage is streaming only. I looked everywhere throughout the many sets I opened, I did everything but pick up my monitor and give it a good shaking, but I could not locate a link for downloading any of the footage I inspected. Normally, I would voice a few sentences of dismay over the fact the footage can only be seen from the browser, but I'm feeling such an elation and euphoria over what members receive for such a good price...I can't find the ability to type a complaint. The quality of their streaming films is definitely going to display a clarity level you'll find pleasure with.

There were no galleries ...but, this site doesn't base it's pulsating pleasures upon pictures, even throughout intro they speak of the films themselves.


I used the word, “Amazing!!” during my write up, and now that I'm concluding my thoughts, it certainly bears repeating. Adult.Re was a journey that restored my belief in there being sites out there clinging tightly to loyalty for their members. Yes, the film footage is stream only, but, with thousands upon thousands of options, a long list of niches, (bringing softcore, hardcore and fetish excitement), a simplicity in navigation, many of the offerings well over an hour in length, and high quality for viewing (without the usual buffering issues from the sets I explored), they certainly make up for the no download disappointment. They claimed within intro they update multiple sets each day – I'm not doubting their word.
Inspector: Missy
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