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Alter Pic

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Just because it's different, doesn't make it wrong. Most anything can be sexually stimulating and this site shows how hot they make things for you.
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, Latex, Fetish, Bdsm
Complete review published on 12.14.2018
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One person has the keen eye and deep desire to bring content to those that truly appreciate BDSM lifestyle. Throughout intro will be descriptive words such as; latex, gas mask, sensory deprivation hoods, stilettos, body piercings and more to draw your attention. Amazing images accompany claims throughout intro for, Alter Pic, stating nice quality will reside, and updates will be uploaded weekly.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on March 23, 2019.

Over 150 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
WMV (1001kb/s, 640x360)
QuickTime (814kb/s, 640x360)
QuickTime (3028kb/s, 1280x720)
Over 228 galleries about 70 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives
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29.95€ / one month (recurring)
74.95€ / three months (non-recurring)
99€ / five months (non-recurring)

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You may feel as though you’ll hear at anytime, “The problem is not with your computer,” because you’ll view things that are almost out of this world with precision, pleasure, and pornographic stimulation once entering the main membership area. The layout itself is unique, and at times, a bit frustration, only from the aspect of wanting a bit more “insight.” The sets carry a collage of advertising images, placed with uniformity, much like puzzle pieces, along with the loaded date, the title of the set, and who it’s featuring, along with the links to begin video play or open galleries, but other than that… I would truly have appreciated a few written descriptions to assist me because I’m not sure my vocabulary is vast enough to do this content justice.

In all honestly, I’m unsure as to which aspect of this footage from, Alter Pic will be the biggest turn on, the latex suits, which many do include hoods and breathing apparatus, the full body stockings that hold everything in tightly while still exposing it beautifully, or the machinery and devices used to complete the fetish-ness, it’s almost overwhelming for a person such as myself, and even though I’ve prided myself on thinking I’ve seen just about everything….well, it’s definitely nice to know there are still some surprises in life. It’s as if I’ve wandered into a backstage area of a James Bond movie where, “Q” is introducing him to their latest invention.

They’ve made things perfectly clear – all participants truly enjoy this lifestyle, this is not a game of any sort, it’s reality sex and passionate pleasure, which makes me thankful to experience other aspects of life and lust, I never want to allow my mind to settle and feel as though this is all there is to the world of sex. As an example, in May, 2015, a set was added titled, “Air Chair Fuck Machine.” This contraption has so many wires, straps, and pivoting parts, I couldn’t even fathom how intense an orgasm would be, caused by this piece of machinery, especially when it’s truly what your body, mind, and spirit desire, it would be overwhelming in hardcore and fetish excitement.
Another example, around the same time frame is called, “Anal Gyno,” and it exhibits a female wrapped in a clear, latex suit, including face, leaving her looking almost like a doll of some sort, along with a shiny black corset, tightly binding her waist, topped off by stockings and heels, with her nipples showing, she’s bound in the usual position for examination, but, that’s where the “usual” aspect of it all ceases. A bit of masturbation and explicit exposure of her rectal region, her wrists and ankles are bound, a collar is placed around her neck that houses a metallic ball gag of sorts, leaving her with a wide-eyed look of terror before the teasing begins. Everything shines in a chrome type of manner, including the bar going from ankle to ankle, which carries a piece of silver seduction that is inserted for anal sex arousal.

They do offer different degrees of quality from their video clips, with download coming through WMV for standard definition, and MOV carrying standard and HD as well, up to a, 720p. The clips lengths aren’t set in stone, some will be approximately 10 minutes while others are 20 minutes or a bit more…leaving me to choose 15+ as my go to estimate. There are galleries carried alongside most of the videos, from which the folders aren’t exactly bulging with content, but, they’re carrying enough to be appreciated. A ZIP can be utilized for saving to your hard drive, or, on screen viewing will bring an expanded size to their shots of, 678x1024 pixels.

As a footnote, I did want to mention the layout, once inside membership is simple, but, definitely lacking in luster. They’re dating back to, 2009, but it’s merely text links, per month, no advertising sets shots to show what will be held, you have to open to find out. I kept my mind wrapped around the premise of this installment, the high-end fetish type of content it offers, and realized they may not want to be bothered with the muss and fuss of pizzazz for presentation, but still, there’s so much power in their porn from, Alter Pic, I think their exhibit could have held a stronger entrance to the voyeurs of BDSM desire. Also, after being online for 6 years, the amount of material certainly doesn’t warrant that much time, even though it shows they now are keeping something new arriving weekly.


There are so many facets to this fetish filled installment, it’s truly a trial to understand what will bring the highest level of lust, or possibly it will be the combination of it all from, Alter Pic. Words such as hardcore, kinky, imaginative and mind-blowing could certainly be used to describe, along with many others. The restraint of their body while the fantasy roams freely, the release of their self through sex is amazing.
Inspector: Missy
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