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Take your limits one step further and let the ambiance of what's offered here test your temptation to be just a little bit different than most.
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, Gothic & Alt, Fetish
Complete review published on 02.13.2008
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[v]Intro promises(4)

Fetish folks lift your glasses, make a toast to the action youíre going to find on this site.This is a personal site of Apnea, which you may have seen her on the covers of other magazines, but not sheís bringing the gothic goods to you here. With the promise of, 8,000+ exclusive and highly stylized photos of her, (no guest galleries) and videos showing her lifestyle of, bondage, latex and more.

[v]Content Amount(2.5)Last updated on August 23, 2010.

Over 36 videos about 4 minutes each (stream only)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
WMV (500kb/s, 640x480)
Over 226 galleries about 65 pictures each
Message Board, Blog, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on July 21, 2012.

$19.95 / one month (recurs at $14.95)
$24.85 / one month (non-recurring)
$39.85 / three months (non-recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards

[v]Sample Galleries

Pale skinned glamour blonde does modeling in pink bikini, shoes and shades Blond with nice make-up and with red rose in her hair strips down to her tight corset Perfect titted glamour model with tattoos strips naked in the semi dark Foxy bitch showing her unclad boylish body Young starlet demonstrating her tiny tits and shaved slit
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The membership area to this site opens up with a fitting look, dark, monochrome colors, smaller sized text, just an overall, walk into the darker side of your sexual fantasies look. Links across the top will take you where you want to go, with a lot of margin material too. They are proud on Apneatic.Com to let you know there are no pop-ups, spyware, adware, etc., and that all material youíll find has been shot by professional photographers. Another personal touch comes in the form of her journal entries all being done by her and only her. The main membership page almost has a technical type look to it, but it really does work here.

You didnít even know that Iíve spent a large amount of time going through this website before coming back to write about it. I couldnít help it, it drew me in and I donít think Iíll ever be the same. Iím not even sure my vocabulary is vast enough to come up with the exact words to help me describe my journey here. One that immediately comes to mind is erotic, and that belongs in capital letters. Sensual, seductive, arousing, and in a strange sort of way, the word disturbing fits. This girl from Apneatic.Com has eyes that will hold you in a vice like grip and her body is empowering. Itís not that you find what I would call X-rated material here, itís not that, itís the way itís presented. The clips by the way are streaming only, with no DRM.

Very little conversation through the videos, itís more the music being played by someone on a keyboard that adds to the dramatic effect. There were places where itís almost as if the film is moving in a slow motion, like the corners of the reel are crooking up to motion for you to enter closer. I can honestly say Iíve not seen anything like this before. No, you donít get a great video size, in fact, the numbers are a bit outdated, and there were some spots where the quality wasnít the best, with variables in the length of all 17 choices for clips, some are 3 minutes, some nearly triple that. I feel compelled to share my experience in some of the clips I watched. Thereís one, labeled, ďCupcakeĒ that will give you a sweet tooth for sure!

She uses the spatula to spank her private area, of course thatís before she smears icing and candy pieces all over her crotch that will make you crave the sweetness of her V area. Her expressions in this clip, like all of the others are extremely good, sheís still, she doesnít contort her face or do anything fake, itís just a naturalness that screams to put this girl on the big screen. This site could definitely have it all. The one clip that totally blew me away is called, ďSmoke.Ē Itís down in a retro looking black and white film, which is a favorite of mine to start with, but itís the raw emotion thatís shared between Apnea and a female friend while they share hits from a lit cig that really just screams sexual. The removing of the clothing, the slow movements that want to make you moan out loud and again, the seriousness on their faces, itís just a fascinating piece to watch. I found myself forgetting about her many hair colors and wigs, her outrageous outfits and eye-shadows and just became lost in her, her expression of her sensuality.
As I said, the quality isnít always top of the line in play, but itís real and itís so enticing, I nearly overlooked the things I was suppose to be looking for. The pictures are done with a keen eye. Again, theyíve managed to capture the seductive side of this little gothic nymph. This site offers quite a few galleries with a so-so amount per folder, but each one has a hot look to it, each one even though within the same folder, itís like sheís making a different statement per picture. There arenít full screen enlargements, but they donít cheat you out of size either, offering on an average, 533x800 pixels, with a really nice clarity to it. Youíll definitely appreciate her taste in clothes and hair styles, her kick-ass high heels, and everything underneath those items with the perfect mouth sized morsels of delight topped off with hard nipples and her very feminine looking girl area that almost looks pre-pubescent.

This site takes her lifestyle seriously as youíll tell by reading through her diary of sorts. Youíll find not only great articles written by her, giving a look at the inside, but also some nice images and videos as well. Her intelligence is bountiful, and I really like the way she holds this Ö.. almost a mysterious type of class about her. Sheís young, but wise beyond her years, as youíll tell from her journal. As promised there is a message board as well, one of which she keeps up with nicely, making very regular postings. Over 10,000 things have been posted with 2,482 members, as of the time this review is being written. Apnea does do web-chats and she also offers a link to a live chat area that she says carries a ton of beautiful ladies for you.


Iím not sure how to summarize Apneatic.Com, I think Iíve pretty much tried my best to explain how much I enjoyed this site. If you have a love of artistic flair that comes in the form of raw sexuality, then youíll go along with membership to this website.
Inspector: Missy
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