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Forced Crossdresser Fantasies

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From the imagination of others – manhood is being turned over and the raw, unedited stimulation of kinkiness is taking its place nicely.
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Complete review published on 05.23.2018
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When the mind travels to places shared by dreams of others, they construct a haven, a spot in the world of deviant pleasure such as where Forced Crossdresser Fantasies resides. Intro will welcome you in, shake your hand and then strip you of your ego, all while offering promises of content being illustrated with quality through a large base of comics and stories, no mention of videos.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on March 31, 2019.

Over 5100 galleries about 1 pictures each
Over 20 stories

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$24.95 / one month (recurring @ $8.95) (recurring)


Now and then I come across a site that the “normal” guidelines of what I look for just don’t pertain, the content stands alone and the description and rating should be fitting to such…Forced Crossdresser Fantasies is one of those sites. For a moment I’ll bypass the niche itself, the hardcore, fetish filled subject matter that is certainly what your purchase brings to your screen and talk for just a moment about the presentation, the talent, and the taboo nature of how the mind of Hunny B (the artist) has exhibited the erotica. This morsel truly is a labor of love with the affection falling upon the category itself. There’s been too many years invested in updates (which do remain current) and too much detail in each drawing to say they’re doing this merely for an online presence.

To have the creativity such as this person holds, they could be drawing anything and having their work hanging in a museum for people to wander, stop, gaze and admire the fineness of color usage, shading, and such realistic details, but instead, the heart and soul of what’s important within their own mind is what plays out through the footage, whether it’s individual drawings, illustrated stories or animated GIF’s, there’s no denying a piece of the artist goes into every colorful sketch. With every display of forced feminization the pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when from within your own self you associate with the domination or the submissiveness.

Each drawing tells its tale and for the many illustrations I inspected, each one carry’s individuality. Considering the fact there are thousands of pictures offered throughout this site, speaking volumes on its own accord. There was a word used throughout their descriptions, “Diabolical” and I couldn’t have thought of one more fitting. Add that to a few other choice phrases such as, “humiliating feminization and dominated sissies,” and you’ll envision scenarios that will be even more powerful when viewing them in reality. It’s hard for me to not stress the fact of each minute detail being exquisitely drawn, allowing the cartoons to come to life, to suddenly become more real than you can imagine.
With nipple clamps attached to a penis, stockings and girdles, short skirts, wigs, make-up, costume and bondage, the stories begin to unfold. There is suspension, dildos for anal fucking, latex, rocking chairs, full body suits and high heels geared for probing rectally, signs hanging from their necks depicting males as submissive sexual objects, whips and riding crops, all manifesting into brutality that’s pledged to be designed for the fullest impact. Forced Crossdresser Fantasies will quickly become something you’ll have a hard time prying your eyes from.

Their subjects are referred to as sissy-wimps, and their orientation of such is truly magnificent. As I mentioned previously there will be animated GIF’s but no actual videos per se. Images are uploaded regularly, between a week and two will find more images offered and they’re normally added in multiples which gives a bit of a boost to their loyalty – to not only the strong drive these illustrations are drawn from, but also the desire for others to share in the sinister seduction. There won’t be galleries as found from “other” sites, these are hand drawn and offered as solo entities, without an album for downloading, and not as huge in enlargements, but after all, these are home-grown.

The only part of this site that left me feeling any disappointment came in the form of layout. Maneuvering through wasn’t the easiest thing, there are archives and current, areas broken down and yet nothing done with enough simplicity to gather an accurate tally.


There are stories to tell from the naked city and not all of them are of the vanilla flavor. Hunny B is the artistic brilliance behind the fetish filled illustrations of, Forced Crossdresser Fantasies. I actually lingered a bit longer in ogling the images, not just from a voyeuristic standpoint, but an admirer of the fine art work and reality. The quality ratings cannot be based on a normal tier of other types of sites, this is unique and will be judged as such. The membership fees are more than worthy of what you’ll gain.
Inspector: Missy
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