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How much are you willing to relinquish to live a life suited to your desires? This site may test your ability to give in and give up for pleasure.
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, Site Networks, Fetish, FemDom
Complete review published on 12.31.2023
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For going on 21 years now, has been plying its trade, perfecting not only the relationship between slave and master, but also the art of bringing such a thing to the screen without compromising on authenticity. You'll have plenty to choose from, too, with over 10,000 hours and 50+ sites to choose from.

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Over 17130 episodes about 40 minutes each (download and stream)
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MP4 (7500kb/s, 1280x720)
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$39.99 / one month (recurring)
$89.87 / three months (recurring)
$139.99 / six months (recurring)
$179.99 / one year (recurring)


When it comes sheer variety of methods and approaches to corporal punishment, I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better BDSM destination than What started in 1998 as a stellar little rope bondage site has expanded into quite possibly the finest(not to mention largest) online platform for BDSM the world has ever known. And it just keeps getting bigger and better.

Indeed, I don't remember the network having nearly this much content or sites during my previous visit. By my count there are currently over 60 sites and 27 different studios here, represented by a whopping 17130 updates. A number which, I might add, is increasing at a breakneck pace. There were 39 updates last month, and there have already been 37 published in the first 3 weeks of this month alone.

That many sites all falling under the BDSM umbrella might seem like overkill, but the folks in charge here have chosen their content wisely, selecting sites that cover a vast number of fetishes and sub-genres, upping the odds that each user's twisted fantasies will be fulfilled. Speaking of which, those looking for M4M action will, no doubt, be delighted to hear that there are 17 gay bondage sites in the mix, too.

The sites are split up into 4 different channels: BDSM, Hardcore, Femdom, and Fetish. Truth be told, though, they'd need dozens more to even come close to representing the full-breadth of kinks they're actually dabbling in. Just to give you an idea of the sort of debauchery you'll find here, I can tell you that I have personally witnessed foot-worship, interracial pairings, medical bondage(got to love speculums, eh?), fisting, and all manner of bizarre role-play.

Their methods of punishment vary wildly, too, ranging from crude slaps, spitting, and name-calling, to more sophisticated psychological methods combined with intimidating looking contraptions that look like they were pulled straight out of the dark ages. Speaking of which, they've put some creative modern spins on some of the classic medieval torture devices, so if you ever fantasized about man versus machine scenarios, you've come to the right place.

What I appreciate most about this content, though, is that they don't half-ass it when it comes to dishing out punishment. This isn't Fifty Shades of Grey. No, the doms are all appropriately menacing and their subbies are pushed to their very limits, a fact which is often exhibited both through the undeniable terror in their eyes and the grotesque purple bruises covering their bodies.

Another thing that makes these sites stand out from the rest of the BDSM pack is their production values. I can't tell you how many BDSM sites I've visited where the content was poorly lit, where camera angles seemed to be an afterthought, and where grainy footage was the norm. These scenes, on the other hand, are beautifully lit and shot, ensuring that you see every minute twitch and spasm of pain. This was particularly impressive in the flogging scenes, which reminded me of some of the more severe beatdowns I've enjoyed while watching boxing and MMA on HD TV.

Speaking of which, all of the latest scenes are available for download in 720p high-definition playback quality. They also threw in some SD formats for good measure, and those looking surprisingly clear and crisp as well.

And while the screen cap galleries didn't quite live up to their video counterparts in terms of resolution, they had a surprising amount of clarity(thanks in no small part to the excellent lighting). In fact, I found myself downloading several ZIPs for my own private collection something I rarely ever find myself doing with screen grabs.

So, what are this site's flaws, you ask? Well, considering the ridiculous amount of content in this still-growing archive, I suppose they could do with a few more browse-tools. The kink channels and advanced search function were a nice touch, but additional, easy to access filters certainly couldn't hurt.

Also, while the majority of theses sites have updated in the last month alone, which is quite the feat considering there are so many of them, some update less often than others. Captive Male, for instance, has not updated in nearly 7 months. Wired Pussy has been out of commission since early 2016, and Men in Pain has not caused any men any pain since late 2013. I suppose you could count this lack of activity as a negative, but considering the fact that out of the 60+ sites featured here, I could only find 17 that haven't updated in the past month, I consider it an overwhelming positive.


Doms and subs are assured to find something to get them off at It may have all started with one little site 20 years ago, but it has expanded into quite possibly the finest BDSM network on the net. And with so much variety, it could even serve as an excellent starting point for BDSM neophytes looking to explore their own deep, dark desires.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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