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Hot Guys Fuck

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If you've ever wanted the opportunity to show off your good looks and well-endowed erection throughout hardcore excitement, check this site out.
Site type: Pay site, category: Hardcore, For Women, Big Cocks
Complete review published on 09.02.2022
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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Hot Guys Fuck is basically doing double-duty, they're a resume' builder and also a boner builder, all wrapped up in one neat package. Well-hung males with handsome faces and ripped abs are taking to the screen through foreplay and hardcore action. You have the ability of signing up for membership and applying for a job all from the same site. Intro quality is pristine and professional.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on October 13, 2023.

Over 1075 episodes about 19 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
MP4 (406kb/s, 426x240)
MP4 (2011kb/s, 640x360)
MP4 (3013kb/s, 854x480)
MP4 (4035kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (8000kb/s, 1920x1080)
Over 1075 galleries about 10 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures
Model Index, Interviews

[v]PricesLast updated on October 13, 2023.

$14.99 39.99 / one month (non-recurring)
$39.99 29.99 / one month (recurring)
$99.99 / six months (recurring)

[v]Sample Galleries

Blue eyed blonde with natural juicy tits Kylie Storm having a hot time with her sexy lover Exotic hot guy with a perfect body fucks Alyssa Amythest's pale pussy in the bedroom Desiree Nevada is a well stacked brunette with a tight pussy having hot sex with a hot guy


My inspection of this site has brought me to the first paragraph and I literally have a dozen things all wanting to spill out onto the page at one time...all of which are good. Taking a deep breath I'll begin with the facts; navigation is extremely simple, there's nothing to consider a road block on getting to the hardcore action held by this installment. A drop down box will offer ways of lining up the lust, I opted for the “newest” which brought to me date stamps for this 5 year old site. Throughout their online life they've jumped between weekly to multiple times a week to where they are in more recent time, which is daily...a bit perk in star count for this review. From there, they keep the basics but with a little tweak to up their game, a nice addition that didn't go unnoticed by this inspector.

Within the video section, clicking on a clip will bring you to not only the ability of streaming and downloading, but also the main pertinent portions such as, length of clip, the ability to rate it through a thumbs up or down, the amount of views it's had, the pertaining images and also a brief intro to the models themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary yet...but when looking at the brief information about those filling the footage, they offer their name, education level, astrological sign, and many sex partners they've had. I've never seen that listed on a site prior to this in my many, many years of working in the adult realm. Kudos for that something a bit different from, Hot Guys Fuck. Not to mention the footage carrying clarity and qualities that makes me want to recommend it early on in my write-up, something I seldom do. It's hardcore and carries that, “thinking outside of her box,” presentation.

In an attempt to make a synopsis of what I could literally write pages of description about, I'll say this to begin; the more recent footage carries long videos divided into clips, with an average time throughout their material of 19+ minutes of movie, this means the segments will carry varying degrees of dirtiness and at times, content that's not so adult in nature, well, except for the fact those being interviewed may be completely nude at the time as they describe their interlude. It's all good, even sets that doesn't offer the full body contact sport of semen driven, dick hardening and clit throbbing hardcore and fetish action. Do not fear, there are 517 sets offered and the majority of which does carry the sex you're here to focus upon.
There are tags added to assist in your journey through the juiciness, with categories such as; 3-way, Asian, big tits, bareback, bisexual, big dick, Black, bodybuilder, facial cumshot, first timer, fucking, and name a few. And yes, in the bisexual section you'll find MMF footage. There's something about the content of this site that struck a positive chord within me...when looking at the number of sexual partners had by the models, it's apparent, they're not virgins in being filmed while fucking, and yet, it was so normal and natural.

From the 3-way action for example, the heat and passion are real, there's no denying that. You can tell the difference between orchestrated scenes and those where free reign and attraction take over...this is authentic. Now and then a bit of clumsiness will ensue, the awkward moments of deciding what position to assume next, things such as those that just set well with me. Also, there is reality in the afterglow moments as well. Many times sets will end with the cumshot when filmed in studios by pornstars, but from this site, they'll show the girl trying to catch her breath after being fingered for multiple orgasms, or the camera will keep running as they step into a shot shower to wash off the cumshots while still partially thick and erect. They're professionals but with an absolute, well-shot amateur feel.

Moving on to the content itself, the promises from intro held up nicely. Each big cock and hot babe – who seem to range in early to mid-twenties in age, are captured in high quality. Now and then there's a little bounce to the camera, or it may be a wee bit too slow in getting exactly on point to where you want it to be, but overall, very well done. The level of clarity spans between standard definition to HD for the streaming and downloadable content. MP4 is their go-to format of choice, along with great lighting, simple backdrops – many resembling clean and well kept motel room type settings. Close-ups are included, showing expressions during orgasmic facial cumshots are a nice touch. Everything pertaining to each set is in one place, which includes galleries. The count is small, on average 10+ shots are included per clip that are high resolution, 1920x1080 pixels. I did not see a link for downloading the albums.


I became a fan of, Hot Guys Fuck quickly and my opinion never swayed the other direction. Yes, they want/need more handsome, well-hung males for filling up the footage and you have the ability of applying on site, but with the opportunity comes over 500 sets of hardcore and fetish filled material. Quite a few aspects in presentation, quality, and information made my decision for me, and it left me with no qualms in recommending readers to check out what this site has to offer.
Inspector: Missy
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