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Jerked Network

You can count on all fingers and toes and still not have enough to cover all of the sites this network is offering for one price. Pump up your hand!
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Complete review published on 10.11.2014
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Sex is like food at Thanksgiving dinner, you walk up to the buffet, and you can’t decide where to start, so you take a little of this and a little of that, before long your pants are so tight, you have to unfasten them. This site is definitely going to make you unfasten your pants! A long list of sites belongs to this bundle called Jerked Network, offering high quality in images and videos.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on December 13, 2015.

Over 6551 videos about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (1900kb/s, 720x548)
MPEG (1700kb/s, 640x480)
Flash (1000kb/s, 720x480)
iPod/PSP (1350kb/s, 640x360)
Over 5831 galleries about 200 pictures each
+ Video captures, Zip archives
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites

[v]PricesLast updated on December 27, 2015.

$2.95 / two days (recurring)
$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$39.95 / two months (recurring)
$59.95 / six months (recurring)
Billings: CCBill, Epoch
Payment options: Credit Cards

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Sassy brunette pornstar peels off her jeans and top to play with her extra big boobs Hot plump bimbo hotly poses outdoors unable to hide her big tits and jeans upskirt Jerked Network / Gallery #4371031 Jerked Network / Gallery #4371030


It’s not an easy task when you have so much to offer to keep things looking neat, clean, well presented and more than easy to find exactly what you want, but Jerked Network has achieved this goal. When opening the main membership page, they show the index page (nice sized shot) of each site within the network, with a small synopsis and then the link to enter. How much easier could it be? Since there is a long list of lusciousness, I say we get right to the action!

Since I’ve reviewed a number of sites from this network before, and after scanning through some that I hadn’t had the honor of writing about previously, I can definitely tell you that they do keep high quality close at hand on this site. You have nothing but simple findings from everything involved, with screen caps and posed shots that offer a ZIP option for both, and extremely nice clarity, with the count for high resolution pictures averaging out to be 200+ per folder, so they don’t skimp. As for the videos, get ready to make some choices. The sites hold episodes in low, medium and high – and also full length features in low, medium, high and super high. These are also streaming and download, so as you can see, you really are given the ability to have it your way. I can attest first hand that the super high quality is more than a pleasure to watch, but even the low is good, so no one is getting cheated.

Just as a nookie note to what you’ll find in the line of content count from this network, many of the sites will average out to 35 installments, but I have found some that go well over 100 installments, so you won’t be deprived of plenty of material. This network starts out with a site called, “Bubble Butt Tryouts,” and this is where we find girls with booty-licious butts strutting their half moons to the tune of hardcore sex. The camera does focus on the ass-ets of the ladies, but you’ll find plenty of tits and blow jobs to go along with them. “Boobs and Bottoms” will again offer up some baby oil covered cheeks, making them shine with seduction, and then pair that up with hooters that will call your name loudly and you won’t be able to resist all of the fucking they put their anatomy through.

I’m finding the originator of this network does have a thing for bottoms, because there are quite a few sites in his conglomeration that pertains to the back door area, which isn’t a bad thing. “Solo Butts” is bringing masturbation to the forefront of the fornication here. You’ll find lovely women with rounded and desirable bodies that are allowing their fingers and toys to roam into the nether regions of moisture. One of my favorite sites to this pile of porn is called, “Tug and Suck.” Hot ladies with perfect rhythm switch between their hungry mouths and their talented fingers to give a joyful jerk and then deep throat plunges to make their men happy. “Butt Fetish” is the answer to every ass-man’s prayer for porn, they take the meat into most every orifice available, but it’s when the sphincter muscle gets stretched that will really bring you up in your chair.

“Foxy Black Butts” offers for your enjoyment lovely caramel skin colored ladies that have the body that would drive any man insane for them. They’ll spread the wealth to allow well hung men to enter from behind, pushing through the tight rectum while their faces show the anguish of the painful pleasure. Another installment from this network is, “Sexy POV,” and we all know how just the right pornographic point of view can make the difference between good sex and smoldering sex. With the camera angled from above, their wide-eyed wonderment of the inches going deep into their throats are captured on film forever, and the camera will give you the look you’ll remember. “White Curvy Asses,” brings you the ivory and ebony situation that will rock your world. Thigh high stockings frame those jiggling moons nicely while they tease and tempt the Black cock to come inside for a closer look.

This network is reinforcing their love of butts with the site, “Bottom Bang.” This is where the painful plunging is more than apparent as no mercy is shown as the heat of the hard-on takes over any thoughts of leniency – instead it’s stake the claim and plow in deeply. Everyone knows an older woman that prowls the scene for younger studs that can satisfy the horniness that just keeps brewing and boiling through their veins and that’s what we found on, “D.M.I.L.F.” They may be older and desperate, but they will rock any mans world with their experience. Bring your cuckold fantasies to this network and you won’t be disappointed. “Handle My Wife” shows women getting the hardcore sex they desire, but the hubby has to be present to view every penetration made, that’s where the heat really comes in to play.
“Mouth Drillers” keeps the same well organized look going to their part of this menagerie of meat, with everything right up front and ready for the choices to be made, be sure to stroke slowly because you’ll want to blow as the men on this site do as well. There’s nothing like an orgasm with just the right timing. This network is giving you huge dark meat feeding the hungry mouths and stretching the jaws of women that want all of the inches they can get. “Sum Dum Cunt” focuses around the pretty and petite bodies of Asian girls that can’t get enough Caucasian men driving it deep. They want it hard and powerful and that’s exactly how they get it. “Wifey Likes Black Cock” is again mixing some interracial excitement into this network. These women hold a few more years on them than a teen, they’ve tasted married life, and now they’re ready to taste what they’ve been craving for so long.

As the asses still hang strong on the network, they are also fans of the above the belt hanging mammary glands, and it shows. You’ll find sites such as, “Boobs Galore,” and, “Natural Boobs XXX,” which will more than make you desire a big glass of cold milk and the feeling of hardening nipples against the roughness of your tongue. “Double Bubble Butts” offer expansions of 42” across the beam, and who wouldn’t love having that set of moons dangling over their face in a “69” position?! This megasite really is thinking of what will turn their members on the most with the material they offer. “Black Cock Supremacy” is showing who is really in charge – in the bedroom. Two men in particular take on all of the ladies here and they have cocks that measure anything larger than I’ve ever seen, but it doesn’t scare the girls here.

“Ghetto Sluts” keeps the spin going on the interracial offering from this megasite. This time it’s hot blooded Black ladies that desire the pale skinned cocks that become so rigid, they can’t wait to guide them into their wanting holes. “She Likes It Big” has found young girls that aren’t afraid of size, and they can’t wait to offer themselves to the men packing the poundage. They claim this is their first time – but a bit more experience than that does show. “Asian Passions” does a beautiful job of showing off the allure these girls hold, the graceful way they tempt their prey and the way they lose control when the hormones really start to kick in and their horniness gets the best of them. If you see a pretty little number walking down the street, you could be like the men on this site, just pull over, open the door and let them into your world….and your pants. “Back Seat Suck and Fuck” show that hatchbacks won’t work to get the job done here, they want a bit more room for the wild ways and also the camera person.

Be careful not to get sand in the crack of your butt from this next site, “Boat Bangers XXX” holds flashy ladies starting out in the skimpiest of bikinis and then stripping those off for the freedom of the fresh air hitting all of those hard to reach places. There’s nothing like the thought of cum in the sun to get you through the cold winter months. “Dude’s Lucky Day” tells the tale of horny women going out on peter-patrol. If you have the stuff they want to get closer to, they’ll entice you in with their own dirty little devices until before you know it your balls are churning. This megasite also holds something for those that never outgrow their love of toys, and who would ever want to put these in a yard sale? “Extreme Fuck Toys” promises to put you into orgasmic shock over some of the things used to get these women off. Size does matter, and it’s running extremely large from this site.

High quality is coming through the walls of this megasite and it’s seeped through nicely into “Her First Anal.” This is the site where you’ll find ordinary women doing ordinary things until the first big cock that starts pushing against that sphincter and then sex will never be ordinary for these ladies again. This is just the beginning of a lot of “virgin” activity to this network, and it’s joined by “Her First ATM” which for those of you picturing her stopping to withdraw funds….no….the withdraw from this fun comes in the form of pulling from the ass and then sliding into a hot, waiting mouth. There’s also, “Her First Lesbian Experience,” which will bring the tender and tempting touch, exploration, kiss, lick and orgasm shared between ladies that are discovering the joy of same sex….sex. One more beginner for the list is, “The First Swallow,” which is where you won’t hear a woman say, “Don’t cum in my mouth!” These ladies are wanting to taste the salty spunk sliding down their throats.

Just Facials” is one of the sites from the network that does call for a warm washcloth to be close by, because these women are dripping in the dick dew left behind. “MILF Galleries” brings videos along with pictures to the scene. They have a bit different layout than the majority of this network, but you still get dial-up, DSL and broadband choices. “Real Gang Bangs XXX” creates a real porn party, with an innocent and naïve teen being joined by multiple men with swinging meat ready to show them the ropes of raunch. “Sex Tour XXX” puts a whole new spin on how you pick out this summer’s vacation destination. This crew travels the globe of gals and they leave their mark in the form of cum spots.

Put on your goggles and get ready for the gushing! “Squirt Seekers XXX” is giving up the liquid lusciousness of lasses that can rub a clit to the point of total explosion. Uhm, do keep a towel handy for this site as well. “Super Reality Feeds” is giving even more for the money in the network. From this site you’ll get 14 hardcore feeds into one interface. “Wife Bangers” seems to be women that are married to men that don’t measure up in a number of ways, so they go searching for studs with sexual desires that match their own. “Wild College Fuck Parties” happens to be attended by the usually studious students, females of course, but when given enough booze, the bra and more come off while they get it on! The last installment to this network comes in the form of, “XXX Orgy Parties,” and something tells me, no one walks away from these gala events until they’re completely satisfied. The more the merrier is the motto and these women want all holes filled at the same time.


If this review doesn’t give you enough information to make up your mind, then I’m not sure what to do, except to reiterate the fact that the quality is really nice from Jerked Network, with choices always bountiful and women that will take your breath away. The membership price definitely is more than acceptable for everything you get here.
Inspector: Missy
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