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If it's going to take something really extreme to put the wildness in your mind that travels to your testicles for orgasm purposes, it's here!
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, Gymnasts, Fetish
Complete review published on 12.27.2021
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It’s like a game of Twister gone kinky! They’re putting left hand blue and right foot red, not to mention hitting a few other colors in the wheel of wildness! Zlata.de held a tour that I actually spent a few extra minutes on, just to make sure what I was seeing, meant that I was believing. It seems to focus on flexibility beyond natural acts and more in a fetish sense with pledged nice quality.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on June 30, 2023.

Over 133 videos about 14 minutes each (download and stream)
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29.95€ / one month (recurs $30.62/month) (recurring)
79.95€ / three months (non-recurring)
99.95€ / six months (non-recurring)


When opening the main membership area of this site, there weren’t huge changes in what tour held, but enough it was noticeable, along with the fact, now we have the ability of getting into the fetish content to see what we’re really looking at. They claim this is the most fascinating flexibility you’ll ever find, and I can contest to the fact that some of the images greeting me make me wonder how in the world these women can do what they do, there must not be a muscle, bone, tendon or ligament connected within their body, it truly is amazing. You’ll want to sit and stare at them before you can do anything else, in a state of awe and wonderment, so, if their intention was to grab your attention and hold it, they’ve surely succeeded with this reviewer.

I’m actually feeling some confusion after pondering and investigating my way through, Zlata.de from the layout. There is a link at the top that is titled updates, from there, I found what I thought was all of their material from origination, which was at the very end of 2008, so basically I’ll say they began in 2009, putting them just a couple of months from a 2 year anniversary. Image galleries are mixed through with videos, meaning going through to gather count, but, then I noticed another link that said, archive. I assumed by that keyword, maybe they were older and this was the content put out to pasture, however, they were dated within the same years, but seemingly different sets, so, I’m not sure their judgment in way they’ve displayed as they have, but my count will cover both links of material.

Simplicity was found immediately when I began clicking on sets for information, such as for the video installments, you can stream or download, both through the same format, the universal offering for PC users, with a couple of different tiers of quality. The clarity is very well done, which you’ll appreciate because this niche is something you’ll want each and every detail to show brilliantly for, it’s going to be enough of an optical illusion for you, so making sure they have things crisp will be a perk. For the higher technical number, download and or buffering will take some time, so do prepare yourself for that.
As for the content itself, well, shall we say that when going through the unique thing these women bring to this site, I felt like I needed someone to get out the WD40 to oil my joints and then call 911! There is no way my body could possibly do what they are able to master, but, that’s what makes the world go ‘round, all of the differences. Watching the videos, and ogling the galleries had my thoughts running rampant. Yes, this definitely falls under the heading of fetish entertainment, through the law of porn-land, but, there’s also something so very artistic about it as well. It’s as if you’re watching something from the stage, in a crowded audience where at times you could hear a pin drop, and other times, the room fills with moan and gasps of disbelief.

They make it all look so easy, being a contortionist is certainly a trait not everyone is born with, but the women here turn it into not only a stunning display, but extremely erotic as well. Will you find it sexual, yes, I believe you will, your mind will race with the sexual possibilities that come with the way these women can twist, turn and bend themselves, but the arousal may begin only after you ask yourself a half dozen times, “How do they do that?!” With legs locked through arms, head between thighs, feet positioned next to their palms, pelvic bones protruding as they don’t even look as though their heads belong to the bodies wrapped around them, like a human pretzel, it is more than amazing, it’s mind boggling.

They do a wonderful job of offering the contortion categories from this site, with things such as back bend, front bend, splits, ragdoll act, and more, but they don’t stop there. They then go a bit deeper by listing the fetishes as they see them, such as, body painting, latex, nylon, spandex, heels, boots, and corsets, etc. Yes, they have the skin tight suits that shimmer and shine and when they wrap themselves around…..well, themselves, it makes a powerful statement that is truly hard to express merely through words, this is one of those things you really have to see to truly appreciate.

As they quoted through tour, they do carry galleries, and these are high resolution shots that are beautifully done, I enjoyed them tremendously. When clicking on a set, it immediately loads onto your screen through a slideshow display, but I’m not finding a ZIP download, nor do they offer the pixel sizing, but I can say these aren’t quite at full screen expansions.

I did want to mention, even by combining updates and archives, and the mention of this site being nearly 2 years old, the amount of content doesn’t quite match up….yet. But, I think in the beginning they may have been freshening things on a weekly basis, but now, they’re making sure you have 3 new sets weekly, so the growth spurts are going to make this worthy of your fetish fist full of dollars for sure.


Zlata.de is amazing, mind boggling, bewildering, artistic, seductive, and kinky, all wrapped up into one. The contortionist of this fetish site do things with their limbs that I personally could never imagine a body could do. The sexual possibilities are of course endless, but at the same time, there’s a beauty to their movements, almost swan like in many ways, that make you want to admire them before you’re aroused by them.
Inspector: Missy
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